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    fundamental principle

    1. Once you have accepted the fundamental principle that

    2. This is not some recent phenomenon, although it may oftentimes appear that way in light of the many enhancements that continue to emerge without reprieve, but a cross-generational work in process, rather, that often assumes different sizes and shapes yet whose fundamental principles remain constant

    3. It needs to be clearly understood as a fundamental principle

    4. It is set of fundamental principles with new applications for the economic, social, human and political sciences and science of the computation

    5. fundamental principles Sharon and Bush II rule over Israel and the United States

    6. The fundamental principles of technical analysis are based on the Dow Theory with the

    7. The mystery of numbers is intriguing and mystifying, as it is a fundamental principle from which the whole objective world proceeds

    8. the fundamental principle of not giving answers, but because of

    9. any man, these are the three fundamental principles of love which will

    10. fundamental principles of love

    11. The bible verse above is the basis for the three fundamental principles

    12. The fundamental principles of

    13. It is for this reason that the first fundamental principle of love is think

    14. can obey the three fundamental principles of love is a perfect man and

    15. the three fundamental principles of love and this will be explicitly

    16. A fundamental principle of magic, both black and white, is being completely non-reactive emotionally; not permitting any dart of desire to escape

    17. fundamental principle of morality, namely that good consists in maintain-

    18. This is what gives me the fundamental principle of morality, namely that good consists in maintaining, promoting and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring and limiting life is evil’

    19. The fundamental principle underlying the sharia is the idea that God is the Ruler and we human beings are His subjects

    20. ideal life on the basis of these fundamental principles

    21. All that is required is an understanding of certain definite fundamental principles and their proper application

    22. There are those who seem to think that by force of will they can coerce this law; that they can sow seed of one kind and by “Will Power” make it bear fruit of another, but the fundamental principle of creative power is in the Universal, and therefore the idea of forcing a compliance with our wishes by the power of the individual will is an inverted conception, which may appear to succeed for a while but is eventually doomed to failure, because it antagonizes the very power which it is seeking to use

    23. One of the fundamental principles of Jonathan Jacobs’

    24. he states the fundamental principle of his revelations ‘‘the

    25. And it will be absolutely all for nothing! Because there is not and cannot be any “Hierarchy” in the Creation that I briefly described, as it would contradict the fundamental Principle of Existence of the Creation itself — the single-moment-simultaneous interdependence of ALL!

    26. # Only the fundamental principles of Spanishversification will be noted here

    27. new age spirituality, hold as one of their fundamental principles the interconnectedness of all

    28. That is, the whole energy-information Essence, fundamental principle (causal relation) of “karmonations” that structure the vibration range characteristic of the visual manifestation of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us originates in “the future”, in the Worlds of the 4th-5th dimensions

    29. Since the entire earth's population of humans are not willing to seriously question the fundamental principle which capitalism is based upon: it is equally not willing to face or address the negative effects of this over-consumption: waste

    30. Imperfection is the fundamental principle of “beingness”

    31. JOHNSON: “Does the doctrine of endless punishment harmonize with the fundamental principles underlying God’s government that the hopelessly wicked, the incorrigibly wicked, shall be blotted out? Trace his dealings with the nations through the centuries

    32. This void we can see as a fundamental principle, "fabric", on which the manifested Universe apply like a pattern

    33. The Internal Plan (Spatial Fabric) – this is a fundamental principle and the store of all sorts of information about everything that ever was, is, and will be performed in this Universe, and that it was within this "Fabric" and what happened with it yet before this version of the Universe arose

    34. Buy low and sell high is the fundamental principle that will keep you

    35. It will now be time, I said, for us to return to our State and see whether this or some other form is most in accordance with these fundamental principles

    36. Unfortunately, both the judicial and executive branches keep ignoring this fundamental principle

    37. The one thing we have to hold fast to is the fundamental principle of State employment or National service

    38. Trend continuation plays tend to be high-probability plays because there is a verifiable, statistical edge for trend continuation; these plays are aligned with one of the fundamental principles of price behavior

    39. For a discretionary trader, this is a useful illustration of quantifying a fundamental principle of price behavior through the structure of an indicator

    40. A discretionary trader is someone who trades based on a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of price behavior

    41. This is how we build trend lines dynamically, whilst simultaneously holding a position in the market based on Volume Price Analysis and the fundamental principles of VPA breakouts from sideways congestion, as we can see in Fig 8

    42. Such a procedure would appear directly consonant with our fundamental principle that straight investments should be made only in issues of unimpeachable soundness, and that securities of inferior grade must be bought only on an admittedly speculative basis

    43. establish whether he or she understands the fundamental principles of investing as they are outlined in this book

    44. Packet filtering is one of the fundamental principles used by network connection devices to regulate network traffic

    45. Another fundamental principle of Unix is the use of small, simple tools that perform specific functions and that can easily work together with other tools to provide more complex functions

    46. One of the fundamental principles of Active Directory is that it provides users with a single network logon capability, meaning that one authentication procedure can grant a user access to resources all over the network

    47. In their hunger for a single statistic to measure risk, however, they forget a fundamental principle: It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong

    48. Although in most cases the correlation reaches its maximum under the longest period, such approach does not comply with one of the fundamental principles of trading systems development—to refrain from using excessively long historical intervals to avoid over-optimization and other adverse effects of data fitting

    49. The open/close principle is one of the fundamental principles of Object-Oriented design (the O of SOLID)

    50. The fundamental principles of value investing, if they make sense to you, can allow you to survive and prosper when everyone else is rudderless

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