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    give out

    1. If the senior citizens can resist the temptation to give out advice, they would find many willing ears

    2. “Merry Christmas” said Fred as he started to give out drinks

    3. give out a short, piercing scream

    4. At the end of the report, they give out a telephone number for anyone who has family or friends in the region to call

    5. God does not give out authority easily

    6. After running to the point that her lungs might give out, she stopped to catch her breath

    7. times did you give out of your heart? You gave because you wanted praises

    8. ’ His legs were beginning to give out, he had to find a chair

    9. This made her smile and give out a laugh that nearly became a girlish giggle; it was so endearing to him, something he hadn't heard for such a long while

    10. He said, “I would never give out a number without her permission, all I can say is that you’re on your own and unless you want to buy something, I’d prefer that you leave

    11. night comes or the clothes give out and her patience is

    12. Since there will be much less candy to give out under the mechanism, there will be much less money available to run campaigns

    13. They give out of a sense of charity and a willingness to vicariously put themselves in the same position as the victims

    14. When he had risen to give out the hymn his hands were trembling and his pale face was flushed

    15. At last Henry died and his uncle and aunt give out he died in one of his fits and that was all anybody ever knowed, but everybody said Tom had just up and killed him for keeps at last

    16. Who says I don’t give out useful consumer advice!

    17. give out the correct answer, but we humans always find the best solutions in the

    18. mention to the nations; see, publish against Jerusalem, that watchers come from a far country, and give out their voice against the

    19. Even hearts of healthy marathon runners can give out unexpectantly

    20. Which eat carbon and give out oxygen

    21. I came across an article at RWW (read write web) which states that more and more teenagers tend to give out their passwords when they are in love

    22. But one cannot forgive out of weakness

    23. Clarity noticed he was kicking the coke machine, which was refusing to give out a diet coke after it had received more than a dollar in coins

    24. before you give out your email id, check whether the business has a

    25. Don't give out all

    26. I must admit this is a bit surprising for me, as she doesn’t usually give out her number

    27. “Do y’all give out rewards,” Richard asked as an amused grin crossing his face

    28. `I don't give out my trade secrets!' she sneered at him and turned to the book

    29. `I think we should give out a discount for the jeweleries from now until two weeks after the festival

    30. work goes on and will give out the

    31. not give out information freely

    32. give out immediate solutions

    33. Know yourself better, so that you can give out answers that would impress her

    34. He felt as though his legs were ready to give out on him

    35. Some cruise lines will give out free playing cards in the

    36. 2) Those required to give out accurate messages

    37. stones that started to glow that give out a soft tone as if they were given to her by the

    38. I’d never give out this information to anyone

    39. Internet, you give out more than you think

    40. Those parts of the body give out powerful odours in

    41. The banking companies and saved insurance companies, meanwhile, give out bonuses to their upper echelon managers, who know and are part of the game, and the American public is “shocked and awed “, and out of homes, and out of work , and out of negotiating capability because of the idle force available

    42.  Give out information, articles and updates to your clients with your links in it

    43. Give out special offers and

    44. I then turned and walked down the steps of the stone platform, the crowd silently parted for me, my mother and sister, as was customary, following behind as we walked home, even though Yaotl continued to give out challenges to the remaining candidates, I noticed that the carnival atmosphere had evaporated and there were no sounds of rejoicing as there had been on numerous past coming-of-age ceremonies that I had witnessed

    45. His legs give out

    46. “I can’t give out that information which performers made in the millions,” Diane D says, “that information is personal

    47. They had been trained that should artificial gravity ever give out and come back on, they should avoid landing on their feet, favoring a martial arts tumble

    48. The way out of it is to give out unconditional loving kindness and thereby feel this reflected back

    49. In this situation you will give out no positive energy

    50. If the thrusters or Hyper Drives give out, that’s where our techies do the repairs

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