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Glooming в предложении (на )

Did I not always see some hard fiber in her nature? Did I not, even at the time when I was proud to obey her behest, feel that it was surely a poor love which could drive a lover to his death or the danger of it? Did I not, in my truest thoughts, always recurring and always dismissed, see past the beauty of the face, and, peering into the soul, discern the twin shadows of selfishness and of fickleness glooming at the back of it? Did she love the heroic and the spectacular for its own noble sake, or was it for the glory which might, without effort or sacrifice, be reflected upon herself? Or are these thoughts the vain wisdom which comes after the event? It was the shock of my life.

She had helplessly gloomed at the upper regions.
I left the pavilion and walked into a recess gloomed by firs.
The weather of the world remained fair and the wind held in the west, but nothing could waft away the glooms and the sad mists that clung about the Mountains of Shadow; and behind them at whiles great smokes would arise and hover in the upper winds.
She would be sensible, and shake herself free of melancholy; or, if she couldn't shake herself free of it, at least rejoice that being an unattached woman she could be as melancholy as she liked in peace, without involving a husband or children in her ill humour--helpless persons who couldn't get away, and were bound to suffer when the wife or mother had a fit of the glooms.

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She blinked in the gloom.
Science and gloom met there.
Engulfed in the smoky gloom.
This puts us in a gloom and.
In the gloom of her mourning.
The mate peered into the gloom.
Saddened with a heart of gloom.
Away with depression and gloom.
Our voices only broke the gloom.
He fairly glittered in the gloom.
His temporary gloom had vanished.
Her face was ghostly in the gloom.
Gloom was apparent on every face.
The gloom had disappeared from it.
It was an evening of peculiar gloom.
Then gloom settled heavily upon him.
In place of glint, there was gloom.
He plunged resolutely into the gloom.
I have waited in the gloom of night!.
Across the gloom of heaven would sail.
There was no point wallowing in gloom.
She felt the gloom wash over her again.
Her face was a pallid oval in the gloom.
The gloom deepened around Jean Valjean.
In the graying gloom Ma sat up suddenly.
In the gloom, I can see Berndt is swaying.
He knew the hardship and gloom in prison.
Pieced the gloom, inspiring concentration.
Slowly, their eyes adjusted to the gloom.
Gloom descended on the group by the hillock.
Gloom settled still more heavily on Pippin.
The heavy overwhelming hand of deep gloom.
He was standing by the window in the gloom.
Heaviness washed over him, a weighty gloom.
She turned in the gloom and looked up at him.
The remark plunged Harald into further gloom.
And the gloom began to weigh on his spirits.
In the sweet gloom above the brown and white.
In the gloom she did not mind speaking freely.
In the gloom he looked very much like a dwarf.

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