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    1. I don’t do glossy, brother

    2. Being distracted like that, it was then that I surprised a mystical pomegranate tree, her bold round fruit already ripening amongst long, glossy leaves and she actually tried to trip me amongst her roots, lying like stiffened serpents around her base

    3. She was famed throughout the elite echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the most eligible young men, and all of it was done in the blaze of paparazzi flashbulbs and on the glossy pages of celebrity gossip magazines

    4. Its simple woodwork painted glossy turquoise blue

    5. The very next day Burberry read about a famous film star and his wife in one of her favourite glossy magazines, a couple who had been happily married for over forty years and even had a barbecue sauce named after them

    6. It is blessed when you anoint your glossy tresses

    7. his wife in one of her favourite glossy magazines, a couple who

    8. Welcome to the glossy Good Life

    9. Glossy black shells covered the

    10. They had to take snapshots and look up many of the megastructures on glossy maps, leaving the natives with a lot of the paddling

    11. two gray headstones that were now weathered by time and less glossy than he

    12. Ted looks into Mickey's eyes and sees the glossy shine of expectation

    13. There were high-speed photogravure printing presses in full color turning out millions of copies of glossy publications to millions of consumers basin-wide

    14. His eyes were red and glossy, as if mesmerized by the burning Northern Tower

    15. Her hair, radiant, glossy yellow curls, covered her face as she stopped tugging on her slacks and looked up at Alec with her twin pupils of white

    16. His hair was glossy, immaculate

    17. leaves, thick and glossy

    18. He recalled the glossy waxed grey stone floors that today were dull, dingy and covered with leaves and branches

    19. Herbs work inwardly by restoring, strengthening and nourishing the whole body and therefore help create a naturally glossy coat and healthy skin

    20. When chips turn glossy, spread evenly with spatula

    21. Stir until well mixed and glossy

    22. Add sugar, salt and vanilla; beat until stiff peaks form and turn glossy

    23. She knew she was pretty - not beautiful in that glossy, magaziny kind of way - but nether-the-less pretty

    24. Tufts of hair would show where they rubbed against the trees, removing unwanted, scruffy last-season fur; to make way for the glossy new coat of autumn

    25. I obeyed and found myself wrapped in a fluffy white robe and hustled over to the dressing table chair, where she trimmed and shaped my short nails and covered them with a pale, glossy pink polish

    26. They were a uniform white material, almost porcelain-like and glossy with a smooth reflective quality

    27. Vincent ordered all their helmet liners to be repainted a uniform glossy olive drab, and he had produced from somewhere, decals of the 61st Division patch to be affixed to the sides of each liner

    28. Another, who also had a revelation, however says: "No, I saw God, and He is red, smooth and glossy" -of course, it describes Him this way because it was on the body

    29. He was a funny little man with a bald head, and not just going bald or horseshoe covered, this guy was glossy bald with slight bulges along the sides of his scalp that made him Cloud

    30. Mituri began her career as a print journalist while in school and continued to work as one while completing her university education in journalism, writing for a variety of local papers, university publications, online materials and glossy magazines

    31. Ahead of us stands the grand, glossy entrance of the restaurant

    32. purchased a selection of glossy magazines and a couple of newspapers to read on the journey

    33. He was apparently fit and apparently in good health, apart from the dreadful scars that crossed the left side of his face, and the slightly puckered skin around the largest of them, along with reddened, glossy areas on his neck that appeared to have been caused by fire

    34. lived in houses like this, at least not outside of the glossy magazines

    35. The rest of their coats were glossy midnight black

    36. As soon as the picture was processed, Shawn sold it to a wire service from where it was picked up in all its glossy 8x10 glory by most major newspapers in the U

    37. I pinched a clump of the glossy sheets and turned to

    38. glossy pages, which had obviously been taken from a book

    39. along the glossy surface, as if she’d wanted to feel its texture, her

    40. over the glossy coating to collect around me again, lapping

    41. into the glossy shade where she rested:

    42. Unmistakably from a glossy picture skimmed over too many times

    43. " And, much more lithely than Calvin would have expected, the Harbinger rotated until a small glossy black ship was in view

    44. [tosses glossy 8 x10 on table]

    45. Curiosity getting the better of his instincts to throw it in the bin he opened the envelope to find a glossy brochure from a new clinic and adoption service located in a remote part of the Caribbean

    46. His hair was combed back and was glossy smooth and chocolaty-dark

    47. Her hair was glossy black, woven with strands of

    48. she’d let her hair grow out so that it swept over her shoulders in a glossy

    49. Themistokles strode to the glossy, obsidian base of his Queen’s Throne

    50. All three held glossy black fishing poles but none of them had yet dipped their lines into the water

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