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Glowing в предложении (на )

  1. It was still glowing red.
  2. I told Mary these glowing.
  3. She was glowing in the dark.
  4. In his hand was the glowing.
  5. She could see their glowing.

  6. This mass of glowing crystal-.
  7. A beast with red glowing eyes.
  8. The glowing cat sat down and.
  9. Glowing red eyes met her gaze.
  10. His eyes were glowing slightly.
  11. The woman is positively glowing.
  12. She swears his eyes are glowing.
  13. Not large but green and glowing.
  14. A full moon was glowing brightly.
  15. I knew the culprit: glowing algae.

  16. He was glowing with the glory of.
  17. Look, Bob, they are still glowing.
  18. It is glowing brightly from within.
  19. The boy’s eyes were glowing blue.
  20. His blue eyes were almost glowing.
  21. His eyes were still glowing a deep.
  22. A glowing ember landed on the wizard.
  23. Joey looked up at the glowing streak.
  24. Your mouth is glowing, she says.
  25. A glowing mist hovered just above it.

  26. He held something glowing in his palm.
  27. She was glowing with self fulfilment.
  28. The glowing molecule also disappears.
  29. The eerily glowing storybook beckoned.
  30. He was glowing with hope and radiance.
  31. A glowing smile spread across her face.
  32. They were both glowing an angry yellow.
  33. She could see it now, glowing blue in.
  34. She looked again into the glowing embers.
  35. He winked, his face flushed and glowing.
  36. Her screen’s glowing with approbation.
  37. Her body looks like a glowing spinning T.
  38. Jared’s eyes changed to glowing crimson.
  39. The mark on her neck was glowing as well.
  40. The fire had died to just glowing embers.
  41. The glowing silhouette threw the butt of.
  42. The forest in the light of a glowing moon.
  43. He looked closer and saw a pair of glowing.
  44. When Jesus finished praying He was glowing.
  45. Glowing insects flickered all over the place.
  46. The asteroid was glowing as it fell deeper.
  47. She smiled, glowing and said, Keep reading.
  48. The scar! It glowing! He be the thief!.
  49. The dashboard is alight with glowing numbers.
  50. And it had the glowing, orange eyes of a wolf.
  51. Glowing wine on his palate lingered swallowed.
  52. There were only glowing sight on their faces.
  53. She is so radioactive that she is glowing.
  54. She looked at the necklace and saw it glowing.
  55. A lime glowing green weapon forms in his hand.
  56. I should have stopped when it started glowing.
  57. Rose was glowing as she walked down the aisle.
  58. The tombs were glowing with the codes of Baja.
  59. She could feel her cheeks practically glowing.
  60. Joey’s hand stopped glowing and he lowered it.
  61. The walls, ceiling and floor are glowing white.
  62. The usually rigid, almost sad face was glowing.
  63. Every night the sun set in a glowing red blaze.
  64. I was pretty sure that was why she was glowing.
  65. Glowing, sticky stuff landed on him and Heliri.
  66. A glowing white road stretched outside the gate.
  67. Their eyes were purple, glowing orbs in their.
  68. It seemed to move under her pale, glowing skin.
  69. Rather, a red, glowing coal was taken from the.
  70. Big ornate gates, glowing white, with a marble.
  71. I looked and saw something was glowing up there.
  72. The forest was lit by glowing lights and flowers.
  73. The young man’s eyes were glowing with the wine.
  74. The glowing coals were all covered up with ashes.
  75. Salem, with glowing red eyes, appeared beside us.
  76. Something glowing red was growing in front of it.
  77. It shows a glowing bush or short tree as a Pope.
  78. It was a shape, glowing in the moonlight with an.
  79. Glowing, molten metal pooled around the threshold.
  80. She painted the city in glowing terms, gratified.
  81. He was sweating, his face glowing and eyes bright.
  82. Then he saw the eyes: strange glowing yellow eyes.
  83. Peggy, all glowing and rosy with the wind, stood.
  84. Glowing hieroglyphs spiraled around him like the.
  85. There’s a glowing red dot blinking in one corner.
  86. My weary eyes caught something glowing in the dark.
  87. It was filled with a glowing mass of red geraniums.
  88. Her face was always shining and glowing with beauty.
  89. Pulsing, glowing tubes ran everywhere between them.
  90. Their glowing blue halos flooded the area in light.
  91. Mesmerised by the hot embers of passion glowing in.
  92. The eyes glowing within the whirlpool paralyzed me.
  93. There was this red lamp glowing on the control-panel.
  94. Jaden zooms out and he sees Andromeda Galaxy glowing.
  95. He could only make out the glowing tip of his cigar.
  96. There, like a white flower glowing, was the baseball.
  97. The contents hardened into a glowing sphere of light.
  98. I was beaming and glowing and could not stop smiling.
  99. Sage appeared in the room, her eyes a glowing yellow.
  100. Rafael stared at her with glowing eyes that made her.
  1. They glowed at his touch.
  2. Liam glowed with the words.
  3. My body glowed and tingled.
  4. His eyes glowed with malice.
  5. A fire glowed in their eyes.
  6. They glowed with a strange.
  7. The crystal glowed with the.
  8. For Mary glowed with parties.
  9. Again the giant screen glowed.
  10. My sapphire sparked and glowed.
  11. His snapping black eyes glowed.
  12. A light glowed in the distance.
  13. She glowed as she spoke of him.
  14. And midnight stars that glowed.
  15. Atlas's eyes glowed with hatred.
  16. It glowed a little in the dark.
  17. His palm glowed with a summons.
  18. But how that one picture glowed.
  19. The tip glowed almost white hot.
  20. It glowed in every word he wrote.
  21. The clock next to me glowed: 2:15.
  22. And suddenly he glowed with shame.
  23. Kay glowed with pride at his words.
  24. The stop-sign at the corner glowed.
  25. The magical artifacts glowed with.
  26. Protection runes glowed like torches.
  27. It would not do—the pillow glowed.
  28. That would be super! She glowed.
  29. Phoebe glowed in intense colour.
  30. Jesus glowed right after He said that.
  31. His black eyes glowed with good humor.
  32. The hem of a cloudbank glowed copper.
  33. The red eyes of the second head glowed.
  34. Her collar glowed as she started the.
  35. The wall and floor of it glowed white.
  36. His mom’s face glowed with happiness.
  37. The spark in her chest glowed stronger.
  38. Above each a red or green light glowed.
  39. A purple light glowed and the machine.
  40. Her face glowed, her eyes were shining.
  41. OK? Uar glowed with a sense of purpose.
  42. Light glowed beneath his palms, making.
  43. The insensate fire of love still glowed.
  44. They glowed with fealty to inhuman ways.
  45. It was a bug that glowed as if by magic.
  46. She was my new moon that glowed so bright.
  47. Hebrew letters glowed on the small screen.
  48. White light glowed from inside her eyelids.
  49. Only a few still glowed or flashed weakly.
  50. You glowed brighter when you said that.
  51. They glowed every time she looked at them.
  52. His face glowed with the light of the pit.
  53. His teeth glowed whitely in the dull light.
  54. The thoughts that burned and glowed within.
  55. His eyes glowed too but they also changed.
  56. Deep within its center a light dimly glowed.
  57. Victor glowed with power as he focused all.
  58. It glowed blue and it constantly shimmered.
  59. She glowed to think she had not understood.
  60. Already red, Hilario’s nose simply glowed.
  61. He glowed and stretched like a burning leaf.
  62. His fiery tail glowed like a candle in the.
  63. O flames that glowed! O hearts that yearned!.
  64. Whose purple luster glowed against the view:.
  65. The wal glowed red and I felt warmth course.
  66. Inside was a vacuum chamber that glowed blue.
  67. The atmosphere of sickness glowed within them.
  68. I glowed as I eagerly satisfied her curiosity.
  69. As he pushed them down one by one, they glowed.
  70. Her heart glowed; then she was sorry for Clara.
  71. Her body glowed with a reflective silver sheen.
  72. Her silk robes glowed faintly in the starlight.
  73. The Palace torches glowed lowly and cast soft.
  74. Liam glowed with the words that Aiden said and.
  75. They just glowed and vanished without exploding.
  76. His torso glowed with the lobster colouring of.
  77. His bald head glowed brightly in the blue bulbs.
  78. It was covered in symbols that glowed and moved.
  79. His eyes glowed yellow even in the light of day.
  80. Down below the river glowed with the morning sun.
  81. Her mother's eyes glowed with passionate emotion.
  82. The machine glowed for a second and then nothing.
  83. His pink eyes glowed through the shadows of the.
  84. Her reassuring smile glowed through the darkness.
  85. The screen still glowed, but there was no signal.
  86. She glowed at the memory of Caleb taking them off.
  87. The fire in his eye sockets glowed a little hotter.
  88. The grey windows disappeared as the house glowed.
  89. The grass glowed with bright and fragrant flowers.
  90. Actually, it was kind of weird how they glowed.
  91. Runes glowed like a thousand stars inside and out.
  92. Its scales glowed orange and red in the firelight.
  93. The enchanted object glowed with tiny, faint runes.
  94. Red hand-marks glowed on white thighs and buttocks.
  95. Her brown eyes glowed with love as they met halfway.
  96. Candles glowed from sconces along high wooden walls.
  97. She picked up a bow that glowed silver in moonlight.
  98. Aren’t I? she said and glowed with happiness.
  99. And the way they’d glowed, what was up with that?
  100. It got really hot, even the steel chimney glowed red.
  1. Now she glows with the moon.
  2. The glows were out here, too.
  3. A treasure,that glows and shines.
  4. The red glows were some sort of hint.
  5. Moon with its stars appears and glows;.
  6. The moon glows behind a haze of clouds.
  7. That the forest glows and tr-r-rembles.
  8. The projector glows blue against the wall.
  9. The glows that had been on the other side of.
  10. Your face glows as if it were the sun itself.
  11. The wood beneath glows a deep orange at his touch.
  12. The nanoeye near Jaden turns towards him and glows.
  13. Not only that, but it was dark and glows of light.
  14. His close-cut crop of blonde hair glows like a scary halo.
  15. The light glows green and the lock makes a whirring sound.
  16. They must wear a suit that glows, that’s what it must be.
  17. Love is the candle that brightens up life and glows forever.
  18. Glows didn’t fail often, and this seemed convenient timing.
  19. As he speaks, the air outside glows and crackles more fiercely.
  20. His shirt’s open at the chest, which glows like molded brass.
  21. Jess followed her into a small, plain anteroom lit by amber glows.
  22. The kiss glows in his heart, but the old man adheres to his idea.
  23. She wears Amity yellow instead of red, and it glows against her skin.
  24. Even at this late hour, in the quarter-light, it glows a majestic blue.
  25. Autopsy shows his body glows with enough poison to pile-drive an elephant.
  26. His right calf, I notice, glows brightly on my camera’s infrared display.
  27. The elevator opens and Floor 3: Docking Platforms glows on the opposite wall.
  28. We may all see it in the sunshine; and it glows like a red flame in the dark.
  29. The whole street was quiet, though in other houses glows burnt here and there.
  30. Your body has filled out to perfection and your hair glows with a lustrous sheen.
  31. In the dark, starry background, the Kairos supernova glows a fresh shade of orange.
  32. The red glows were taillights, the variations in intensity were when brake lights came on.
  33. The glows turned lower, and his eyes adjusted to pick out the soldiers arrayed around them.
  34. Their faint glows grew stronger and they attached themselves to the ceiling of the cavern.
  35. A trio of outer islands bear low stone forts; a green lantern glows on the tip of a jetty.
  36. All I know is that when I sincerely think of forgiving my father it glows brighter, see.
  37. She points to the screen in my lap, where the light still glows around my mother’s words.
  38. They extinguished their glows, because ahead was a barred gate, and cloudy, dying daylight.
  39. The corrugated iron of the canneries glows with the pearly lucency of platinum or old pewter.
  40. There are no candles or orbs set in it: the whole thing glows, casting a glow like moonlight.
  41. The steersman had switched on the riding lights, which now threw out soft red and green glows.
  42. Within that form there glows a point of power which vibrates not as yet but shines as light electric.
  43. The reflection of the red sky glows on the paintwork of the wall … yes, a very good omen for the future.
  44. When it’s filled, it glows and no one can pass out of it again until our blood makes contact with it again.
  45. The setting sun glows pinkish-orange through a low cloud hovering above us, casting a red-shifted light upon us.
  46. On the other hand, many of them had spelled items with them, indicated by small and concentrated glows of power.
  47. All the glows had been extinguished, and when Jess tapped the first one, which should have raised the rest, they stayed dark.
  48. She is invisible to those around him, but in Loki’s eyes she shimmers and glows, as does the arrow protruding from her back.
  49. That’s how straight it is, and what’s more is that it glows, like the earrings his daddy bought his mommy for her birthday.
  50. The adults were just a mass of black shapes on the short dock, but lanterns swung and cast haphazard glows around the circle of faces.
  51. When our intention is sincere, it glows like a beacon and it is always something that resonates with our hearts and that of others too.
  52. Sage sat on the sofa in the great room, setting out lotions and masks, sugar glows and bottles and tubs of things Cami couldn’t identify.
  53. Although sometimes after sunset or before sunrise the blob glows brightly, so brightly in fact that it’s the brightest thing in the sky by far.
  54. Sudden glows in the darkness lit up everywhere and half turning I saw that they were pairs of watching eyes of at least one hundred individuals.
  55. Step4: Switch On the circuit probably in some dark room, bring a light torch over to LDR and see if the LED glows and melody circuit generates some music.
  56. As usual the thick, musty fog prevented him from seeing much farther than a few houses, from which faint orange glows flickered in living rooms and kitchens.
  57. Uriah said that he would come here early to turn on the generator, and sure enough, when I touch my finger to the elevator button, it glows through my fingernail.
  58. Here the marble floors are white, with a black Candor symbol in the center of the room, and the walls are lit with rows of dim yellow lights, so the whole room glows.
  59. He would find her a short distance from the boundaries, looking toward Ivarstead and captivated by its flickering lanterns and their glows dancing on the waters of Lake Geir.
  60. Certain flashes can only proceed from certain souls; the eye, that vent-hole of the thought, glows with it; spectacles hide nothing; try putting a pane of glass over hell!.
  61. Under starlight the earth glows selling out the nature of these pits, the bottomless black of a flooded volcano, red arteries showing the seeping magma at the heart of the system.
  62. And, mother, the old dame said that this scarlet letter was the Black Man's mark on thee, and that it glows like a red flame when thou meetest him at midnight, here in the dark wood.
  63. The more the tongue repeats it, the more the words kindle the light in the spirit, and the more this light increases and glows, adding new witnessing to the witnessing of the spirit.
  64. Orb first noticed that what little light there was in the library was provided by the occasional electric glows that passed like water through the thread-like veins on the ceiling leaves.
  65. The gigantic open ground where the troops had now formed into precisely uniform lines by their carriages had gone quiet now … so quiet that Jess could hear the hum from the glows that surrounded the stone field.
  66. Richard puffs on an ebony pipe with gold inlay, its bowl glows with embers as you stand at the threshold to your family property line, the mirror finish of his sunglasses grant you surveillance over your shoulder.
  67. The iron clangs and his hands lacerate and his six-day beard glows white with dust, but Werner can see that Volkheimer makes quick progress: the sliver of light becomes a violet wedge, wider across than two of Werner’s hands.
  68. The children didn’t know what time it was when they finally gathered outside Fenton’s house, just out of sight behind an overgrown hedge, but it was very dark already, and the glows from the lanterns inside the house looked extremely inviting.
  69. After a last look at the Eastern horizon, where the first glows of twilight had appeared, Ingrid lit up the navigation lights of her UH-1 DOVE light helicopter as a signal for the rest of her helicopters assembled and waiting in fields just outside of Lyons.
  70. When individuals are finally presented with the truth and take just a moment to question the reason for all the unnecessary suffering, and their own role in the world, an epiphany occurs: something clicks, a light finally glows in the mind, and one finally asks What am I doing, and why am I doing it? And what can I do to stop needless suffering?
  71. As I sat there in that now lonely room; the fire burning low, in that mild stage when, after its first intensity has warmed the air, it then only glows to be looked at; the evening shades and phantoms gathering round the casements, and peering in upon us silent, solitary twain; the storm booming without in solemn swells; I began to be sensible of strange feelings.
  72. Sometimes I rambled to pine groves, standing like temples, or like fleets at sea, full-rigged, with wavy boughs, and rippling with light, so soft and green and shady that the Druids would have forsaken their oaks to worship in them; or to the cedar wood beyond Flint's Pond, where the trees, covered with hoary blue berries, spiring higher and higher, are fit to stand before Valhalla, and the creeping juniper covers the ground with wreaths full of fruit; or to swamps where the usnea lichen hangs in festoons from the white spruce trees, and toadstools, round tables of the swamp gods, cover the ground, and more beautiful fungi adorn the stumps, like butterflies or shells, vegetable winkles; where the swamp-pink and dogwood grow, the red alderberry glows like eyes of imps, the waxwork grooves and crushes the hardest woods in its folds, and the wild holly berries make the beholder forget his home with their beauty, and he is dazzled and tempted by nameless other wild forbidden fruits, too fair for mortal taste.
  73. Yet now I ask: what could be more curious and strange than the Cycle of Child-bearing, the Phases of Pregnancy? There is, for instance, the First Phase, when one wishes to quite undo the Babe, because one feels its Presence as an Invasion at one’s very Centre; then the Second, when one feels the first delicate Stirrings of Life within (as if the Tail of a tiny Mermaid had brusht against one’s Heart and all one’s Inner Being were a gentle Sea with small Waves lapping); then the Third, when the Child grows bigger and ’tis very like a Puppy wiggling, tickling, e’en licking within; then the Fourth, when it grows the Size of a great Melon and causes one to make Water four Times an Hour, and indeed wakes up just when one lyes down to sleep, and falls to sleep just when one walks or rides or goes abroad; then the Fifth Phase, when the Child becomes a true Burden, heavier under the Heart than Lead and yet, for all its cumbrous Weight, more lov’d as well (for now it seems real rather than fanciful to the Mother and so she can better bear the Discomfort of its Heaviness); and then the Sixth Phase, when the Mother begins to grow immobile, fearful of Death in Childbed, (with Nights full of Dreams of Monsters, and Days full of Dreams of Childbirth Horrors); then the Seventh, when the Pregnancy grows long as the longest Day of Summer and the Mother forgets she hath e’er been slender of Form or will e’er be again, and ev’ry Step is an Effort not to make Water by Chance in the Street, and ev’ry Motion causes Pain and ev’ry Night is sleepless (because turn as she will this way and that, the Child cannot be accommodated whilst it kicks her Lungs and butts its bony Head against her Bowels); and then the Eighth Phase, the Phase of Immense Impatience and Weariness, when she believes the Child will ne’er be born (and she is glad, for then she may not dye but only endure Pregnancy for all Eternity!); and then the Ninth Phase, when the Moon is full as a Bladder of pale Wine, and the Sea glows with its rotund Reflection and the Mother fears Death more than e’er before; and then, at last, the Tenth Phase, when the Waters break and the Pains begin, slowly at first, and then tumultuous; and she knows she has no Choyce now, but must give birth or burst; for she cannot turn back, cannot take another Road thro’ the Forest, another Canal to the Sea, and she, like her Babe, is pusht headlong into the Dance of Life and Death, turning, whirling, moaning, writhing; and whether she shall live or dye she does not know, but the Pain grows so terrible at the Last that, i’faith, she does not e’en care!.
  74. The cigarette glows as ash forms,.

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1. The act made him glow.
2. It too, began to glow.
3. And the moon will glow.
4. Leivers in the warm glow.
5. You did have that glow.
6. In the rain or the glow.
7. A warm glow infused her.
8. Its faint glow all but.
9. The red glow on the trees.
10. Its tip had an evil glow.
11. And her bum, did it glow.
12. The moon casts a new glow.
13. He could see the glow too.
14. Tam, he has a glow about.
15. Was it the glow of a star.
16. I will glow with the moon.
17. In fact, the exotic glow.
18. You have a nice glow today.
19. You begin to glow or have.
20. Only the dull glow of the.
21. I love the growing glow of.
22. A glow encircled the cloth.
23. The brief glow fell upon a.
24. It was more than a glow now.
25. There is a glow in that area.
26. Cloned cats glow in the dark.
27. The moon bathed her in a glow.
28. The Sun’s warm summer glow.
29. The sun seemed to glow in a.
30. What could cause such a glow?
31. One by one the stars the glow.
32. They have a green glow about.
33. Yet again he felt his old glow.
34. Olgarsson saw the orange glow.
35. Your luminosity is a dull glow.
36. The glow of the swal owed sun.
37. They begin to glow with energy.
38. There's a glow off the pavement.
39. A sacred glow filled the tavern.
40. The house seemed to glow inside.
41. The milky glow spilled into the.
42. Ralph felt a glow of satisfaction.
43. Ashen green was not the glow of.
44. A soft glow with lots of warmth.
45. Now his smile comes on, full glow.
46. His eyes lost the peaceful glow.
47. When a resolve or a fine glow of.
48. All around the glow of a campfire.
49. Portrays a glow deep in the night.
50. The book continued to glow eerily.
51. A redder glow lit the river-mouth.
52. She could see the glow in his eyes.
53. She received the kiss with a glow.
54. Later, they lose the glow, so to.
55. I know all about that sort of glow.
56. They appeared to glow on the wall.
57. Or over the moon and into the glow.
58. It cast a warm glow over the water.
59. Should make the shirt glow brighter.
60. I can see the glow of your power.
61. In the warm glow of the candlelight.
62. A glow just came over her, Pat said.
63. He had a beautiful glow in his eyes.
64. They are so white, they almost glow.
65. The place seemed to glow with warmth.
66. They can glow quite bright in space.
67. It was always this hazy orange glow.
68. A subdued blue glow filled the room.
69. In a moment the glow began to abate.
70. That was, how to make the globe glow.
71. There was a strange glow in her eyes.
72. Then the glow brightened and a vast.
73. I hold shining of your ardor the glow.
74. All around me was a cozy, sunset glow.
75. She had a fluorescent glow around her.
76. He smiles and his eyes glow with humor.
77. All turned their attention to the glow.
78. He was illuminated by a seraphic glow.
79. A weird glow burned through the trees.
80. He sees a far off glow in the distance.
81. Next, I tried to see any glow of light.
82. By its feeble glow she dressed in her.
83. His face had the glow of boyish charm.
84. The tip of the cigarette began to glow.
85. Irad fairly glow as he told his friends.
86. At nighttime in the moon’s fair glow.
87. They glow with some kind of phosphorus.
88. Centauri suns, giving it an intense glow.
89. Of the glow of pride in your eyes for me.
90. Molly's ring had that strange glow again.
91. She stood in the dancing glow and smiled.
92. The sun-kissed California glow all gone.
93. Everything had an dream-like inner glow.
94. A fairy drenched in the glow of tomorrow.
95. All the glow and uplift went out of Faith.
96. He then exhaled, and a white glow shone.
97. All the Coveits lumbered toward the glow.
98. The moonlight was making everything glow.
99. Such an ambiguous thing, this little glow.
100. He felt a glow in him as Diane shuddered.

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