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    governing body

    1. However, when he suggested that David would be an asset on the Governing body, she didn’t turn him down

    2. had a self-governing body that dealt with

    3. In light of these blessings, I’ve decided to make a few personnel changes here amongst the governing body

    4. Salary payable by the governing body, no bureaucrats involved

    5. Choosing to work with the most challenging children - those apparently hopeless ones who needed to “come alive,” Maureen and Audrey had persuaded the governing body to establish this Special Unit

    6. They need to be severly reduced to, in affect, become an advisory rather than governing body with limited administrative / support staff and enforcement bodies, with the understanding that size and duties are to be reviewed ‘from time to time’ by a Convention of the States

    7. He retained his position as chief of security for the entire organization and the Board of Twelve continued as the governing body

    8. They reasoned that the Roman rulers would not do such a thing secretly and without the knowledge of the highest governing body of the Jewish nation

    9. “Lieutenant Hammersmith, for the purposes of this intelligence exercise, for this is only an exercise, prepare an analysis of what would happen if we made it to the planet’s surface and met with the local governing body, but once we arrived they found out what we really wanted and we had to shoot our way out

    10. governing body created by the Maccabaeus

    11. The governing body was under attack again and Napoleon was approached by Seiyes, a member of the governing Directory, to implement a military overthrow

    12. In 1979 he was appointed to the Politburo as a candidate member and received full membership in that most important governing body the following year

    13. The working of ZTA’s parallel governing body was the top secret that remained buried within the hearts of top ZTA leaderships

    14. She is a member of the International Coaches Federation, the governing body for Life Coaching

    15. play any social game, shouldn't we ask, “What is the purpose of the governing body?” and “How can we utilize it to achieve its or our goal?” If the governing collective is a state, what do we name it? Is it a union, a communion, a nation, or an empire? How we name the State helps define what is the purpose of the State? If we call it an empire, then its purpose is to expand, dominate and 'Be #1'

    16. Ten Commandments that were never legislated by any governing body

    17. resolution passed by the Governing Body or the Managing Committee of the club/

    18. The Cretan Tourist Board rejected the first designs that took weeks to complete, on the grounds they did not meet the rules and regulations required by its governing body

    19. Even clubs and bars here were subject to this governing body’s rules, since they were all part of the tourist industry

    20. have to institute some form of central governing body

    21. Necessarily, the custodians or the governing body of this common property would be

    22. They instituted themselves as the governing body of the west coast, in place of the former control of the nation by the elected heads in Washington DC, which was now nothing but a ghost city

    23. In accordance with the FIA, the international motorsports governing body, the car was randomly selected off the Saab production line

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