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    1. In preliminary experiments at his research greenhouse in Hilo, Hollingsworth applied a 2 percent solution of caffeine in water as a spray to the coconut husk-chips material in which orchids are grown

    2. She and Yorthops had grown remarkably close in these two local years

    3. The confusion, however, is not entirely over, for rather than accepting the carefully deliberated recommendations of the National Standards Board, Glickman declined to definitively prohibit three practices being used in producing organically grown foods

    4. The fields are grown over with weeds, the farmhouse is falling apart, and the fences are collapsing all around

    5. The best to use is Organically grown without chemical additives

    6. They’ve grown out more than she’d like and it gets in the way of her dancing

    7. You can have that perfect show rose grown organically and stay healthy to enjoy it

    8. An added benefit is that roses organically grown are more disease resistant, & they last longer!

    9. Commercial rose growers are not organic and therefore when you first buy your roses they have been grown chemically! Don’t Panic! Given time your roses will love being grown organically

    10. What varieties are being grown in your location?

    11. For best results take 1 cup dried tobacco (use only organically grown tobacco if possible), ••• cup garlic powder and mix into this 1 cup compost

    12. Naturally grown is always the best

    13. Suddenly the night has grown

    14. But he’s not a kid of seventeen now … he’s a grown man of forty-five, I remind myself

    15. He used two complete floors of his structure for his work barn in doing it, but now that it was grown, it was well worth it and gave his residential space a loftier view

    16. She was so blown on the native elixir that she just sat there and wondered on the intricacies of all the grown and grafted wood that went into the room in which they sat

    17. She had grown used to it those few days in his android, she knew how to call it up now and animate it like it was herself

    18. She was sitting in a rather large hall, grown from rows of trees that joined together high above

    19. three daughters, grown up and married when the fevers came and took his wife

    20. His interest is first shown in Exodus 2:11 - “And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their

    21. The night was long and we were young and this was an occasion for a special bottle or two, for the saved and revered whisky, a drink that I had slowly grown accustomed to during my residence, and one that always left me feeling as though I had spent the night with my head next to a camel’s rump

    22. "Oriah, don't play your games with me! I've grown tired of your rhetoric over the years

    23. As soon as they were awakened back in 2332, he was aware that Brasil had only grown stronger while they slept between the stars

    24. All of them, the grown stone and the shaftwood, had vine covered balconies on almost every floor and the blooms were a deep magenta and last year's pods a rosy mahogany where they hadn't been picked already

    25. The data on JJ stated that he lived with his adopted father near Taunton where he had grown up; the mother had died a couple of years ago

    26. Sons’ eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness and it hurt to look at the

    27. "Even though it's down over seventeen hundred feet since the break-out, and most of it's grown over by wildhull swamp since then, there's a thousand miles of open water around Darceen and that's a mile or two deep

    28. He had grown too fond of his horse to eat it, so

    29. He had three daughters, grown up and married when the fevers came and took his wife

    30. who had grown to a man

    31. In the four days since she'd talked with Alan there hadn't been a good opportunity to continue what they started back in week Zawmathii and her desire had only grown since then in spite of her worry about Alan

    32. No!!! wait, she had grown

    33. She had grown so weak and looked so frail but yet there

    34. A little more grown up and bushy but certainly still wild

    35. Maybe this was the way it would have to end up, Desa would shake him loose as a mother turns a grown son out into the world and Luray would be his first real relationship? Could he stand that? Did he have a choice? Should he discuss this with her?

    36. Most of the live fronds were on the next generation of archwoods that had grown up in the gardens and courtyards of the former homes

    37. you and I both knew what it was; instant family grown out of

    38. It was probably two hundred pounds at most, instead of two thousand like a full grown theirops

    39. There were plenty of paths to enter the village, all of them lead to a public square under the three grand houses grown from the central trunks of the original archwood clump

    40. Now that Nuran was grown, she was following him on his once-a-decade trip to the city

    41. Sparrows chirp in the ivy that has grown up

    42. Their shapes are grown,

    43. She knew that from magazine pictures, a city with two rings of glass and grown towers, miles around, sweltering in the jungle, with lemphs running in cages turning big slow fans that hung from the ceilings

    44. ‘Berndt, you never told me she had grown so like her grandmother

    45. “A small karga, hardly half grown

    46. "They should be grown men by now, they’ve both seen divorces before, Elmore's had one

    47. The bastards had grown bold, and smart; they had another camp we knew nothing about and they attacked without warning, Valotin and I fought thru 20 of the beasts, but they were everywhere

    48. A few months previously, when the kitchen had a very bad experience with the government catering suppliers, she had shown the head chef some her uncle’s home grown fruits that she was going to have for her lunch

    49. You can’t have grown those plums”,

    50. ‘I don’t think I’ve grown out of that one yet

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