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Guild в предложении (на )

  1. The Guild was a family.
  2. But they loved the Guild.
  3. Let’s start with the guild.
  4. He introduced me to the Guild.
  5. Morel joined the Women's Guild.

  6. She told me about the Writers Guild.
  7. The Authors Guild of Western New York.
  8. He’s also Speaker for the High Guild.
  9. That’s the prerogative of the guild.
  10. All the same, he’s not in the guild.
  11. I’ll appeal to the carpenters’ guild.
  12. Much easier to include them in the guild.
  13. The guild has no power to restrict the.
  14. My father is alderman of the parish guild.
  15. Damn it, the guild is providing the money.

  16. Had he complained about this to the guild?
  17. Prize of the British Guild of Travel Writers for.
  18. I’ll need to talk to the High Guild about this.
  19. Maybe it’s a hired from the Assassin’s Guild.
  20. He ’s probably in the basement of the guild hall.
  21. The Guild Master himself met them when they landed.
  22. She is connected with the Catholic Players' Guild.
  23. Back in the Guild Hall, Grossin was still deep in.
  24. Writers Association, and the Christian Writers Guild.
  25. The Entertainers Guild goes from strength to strength.

  26. The Guild of Assassins thinks highly of themselves.
  27. The Guild Merchant’s Hall in Troyes was an imposing.
  28. The High Guild has its main administrative centre there.
  29. Very sad; a great loss to the Guild and to the Huntress.
  30. As a senior member of the guild he was privileged to sit.
  31. National Guild of Piano Teachers and by his constructive.
  32. He has to be present at the parish guild meeting tomorrow.
  33. I’m alderman of the parish guild! Edmund protested.
  34. THE MEETING TOOK PLACE in the guild hall on the main street.
  35. The guild was about to pass judgement on his bridge design.
  36. It started with his victory over Elfric in the parish guild.
  37. The Guild Master suddenly realized that they had it all wrong.
  38. And the guild hall was comfortable in its unostentatious way.
  39. You’ve been performing publicly without a Guild license.
  40. I’m sorry about what happened at the guild, she said.
  41. However, Merthin and the parish guild were unable to stop it.
  42. John Baret entered the refectory of the wool merchants' guild.
  43. Denalin made her required report to the Guild and sent it off.
  44. And only a few of any Guild ever attained such a lofty status.
  45. I mean, I never agreed to pay the tolls to the parish guild.
  46. Star Guild and one of the few guild members Iratus could trust.
  47. The priors had always refused permission for a guild merchant.
  48. Guild of Organists in New York City, at which she was the only.
  49. And that is just a matter of Guild record---classified records.
  50. With increased prosperity, the parish guild could build a wool.
  51. They fell silent and their guild leader stepped forward and said.
  52. No one could do business in a town without belonging to a guild.
  53. After all, the Guild had been doing much better in recent weeks.
  54. Listen, do you think the parish guild will want the island?
  55. Merthin said: The guild has the power to close the city gates.
  56. The parish guild elected Merthin as alderman in Elfric’ s place.
  57. That afternoon, Elfric was re-elected alderman of the parish guild.
  58. The centre of the market was the old guild hall, a tall and square.
  59. A meeting of the Guild had been held that evening at eight, and Mrs.
  60. Master Merthin is wanted at the parish guild meeting, he said.
  61. Each class, each Guild was taxed equally according to their station.
  62. You’re depriving good Guild members of pay! We can’t have that.
  63. This…this still doesn’t quite explain why you’re in the Guild.
  64. You have three groups to win over: the guild, the monks and the nuns.
  65. The parish guild has argued that the town will be more prosperous, and.
  66. A Guild spokesman said ‘Nobody in contemporary fiction can touch him.
  67. She had been to Ivarstead before, while passing west for Guild business.
  68. Kevin, Kevin Guild, he almost killed his own mother during a drunken rage.
  69. At Naria's insistence he became the official Guild Representative to Aura.
  70. However," he scratched an ear thoughtfully, "perhaps the Assassins' Guild.
  71. There’ s a gold candlestick missing, a gift from the chandlers’ guild.
  72. Suppose the priory were to grant the parish guild a lease on the bridge.
  73. At the Saturday-night banquet that opened the fair, the guild honoured Caris.
  74. He was in the same mood after the meeting in the guild hall, she could tell.
  75. Edmund said: But how would the guild recoup the cost of construction?
  76. And through concentrated glances, she studied the Guild Master’s movements.
  77. The Guild had always required detachment and squarely focused business acumen.
  78. The Guild Master just shifted his weight as he stood, sneering as was his wont.
  79. Rick Silvers, the head of the jewellers’ guild, said: That would be the.
  80. And he made his way back down to the Guild with his gaze lowered to the ground.
  81. In England, there arose craftsment’s guild whose members made these rosaries.
  82. Merthin said: The Kingsbridge guild will back Claude – I can guarantee that.
  83. Wearing heavy cloaks, they walked up the main street to the guild hall for the.
  84. Tomorrow’ s meeting of the parish guild was the least of Mark’ s worries now.
  85. He did not want to put the resolve of the guild to the test quite so dramatically.
  86. Meanwhile, the parish guild gave Merthin the contract for the repair of the bridge.
  87. We represent the Bonnechance County Entertainer’s Guild, the first man said.
  88. He was never a member of the guild because he did not finish his apprenticeship.
  89. He said to Edmund: Is the parish guild in agreement with the prior on this?
  90. He picked up his bag of props, which he had dropped when the Guild bravos braced him.
  91. It was a face she’d seen before … yes, in the hallway at the Guild offices ….
  92. Before I can reply, Wiesse materialises, accompanied by two of the High Guild members.
  93. The master mason was dressed in the robes of his guild and looked very distinguished.
  94. The parish guild was dominated by the older and more conservative of the town merchants.
  95. The parish guild had been formed hundreds of years ago, when Kingsbridge was a small town.
  96. But it’ s against the rules for anyone to employ a carpenter who isn’t in the guild.
  97. Nowadays the guild met in the Cloth Exchange, a large new stone building on the main street.
  98. The guild has ruled that plague victims and their families will be confined to their homes.
  99. His personal preference was for a mug but he always drank from a tankard when at the guild.
  100. Elfric said: With due respect to your reverence, that is for the guild to decide, not you.

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