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Gunpoint в предложении (на )

1. Parker at gunpoint.
2. We were held at gunpoint by men who work for.
3. You had to crash? You were forced at gunpoint?
4. Enough to hold me at gunpoint so she could die for me.
5. They held us a gunpoint while they hanged your brother.
6. I hear they held the Maynwarings at gunpoint while.
7. In those cases, it was really easy to be robbed at gunpoint.

8. Collard had dragged Katrina into his shed at gunpoint then.
9. He was alone with these two strangers and being held at gunpoint.
10. Two other men had broken in, with one man holding the boy at gunpoint.
11. There was a witness who saw her being forced at gunpoint to go inside his car.
12. According to the police, Max was taking bags of money out of the skip, at gunpoint.
13. He breaks into my house at gunpoint and threatens me because I testified against him.
14. And with that, under gunpoint, we enter the private Reader community of Sheepshead Bay.
15. This, for Scott, was a far worse kind of torture than being bound and held at gunpoint.
16. You then hold Terry Bullock captive at gunpoint, after you had already shot him twice.
17. Before it was over, the engineer from the train thought I was robbing the guy at gunpoint.
18. The townspeople were put at gunpoint in order to force them to tell the whereabouts of the man.
19. You know, we finally got the best of that work boss, the homicidal one who fired you at gunpoint.
20. Hackett went to visit him very early in the morning and walked him out the building at gunpoint.
21. Darren still had him at gunpoint, and it was his voice that carried through the morning stillness.
22. However, he was sufficiently aware to realise that he was being directed at gunpoint to disembark.
23. Our country seeks passive solutions, but not when it comes to holding two of their own at gunpoint.
24. She remembered the crazed Chinese man who had held her and Smith at gunpoint on a boat in the North Sea.
25. Today the simulation was the same as yesterday: Someone held me at gunpoint and ordered me to shoot my family.
26. He stayed even after a purse-snatcher struck his wife, and, on another occasion, a man robbed her at gunpoint.
27. DS Burrows was directed at gunpoint towards a large room with a long, mahogany dining table at the centre of it.
28. Yes he loves me but people do crazy things out of a broken heart, I once held him at gunpoint thinking he cheated on me.
29. That is not all, last night after the party at the police station she was with Mauricio and a man took him away at gunpoint.
30. We were prodded at gunpoint down to the water where we were roughly pushed into boats, which were then shoved out into the surf.
31. After a few minutes of conversation, Quan returned to his seat looking like he was just robbed at gunpoint for everything he had.
32. Every day, at gunpoint, Louie was forced to stand up and dance, staggering through the Charleston while his guards roared with laughter.
33. Most recently a young woman had butchered seven men before holding Smith and Whitton at gunpoint at a caravan park in Robin Hood’s Bay.
34. I ended up there one night, when a group of Parchami soldiers marched into our house and ordered my father and me at gunpoint to follow them.
35. The laughing had stopped and just as the thugs were about to fire, Rani held Jagu at gunpoint and warned the other thugs by pulling back the trigger.
36. She would be kept available to answer questions; probably sitting there at gunpoint in case our friend asked about Uncle Pierre’s hemorrhoids, or something.
37. In the nineteenth century, Britain and France had forced China at gunpoint to open up to outside trade, mostly so that they could carry on pumping opium into the country.
38. So far I’ve had a gunman break in on a Saturday afternoon, my secretary was assaulted at gunpoint, my place was robbed, I was shot at, and my assistant was beaten senseless.
39. As Joe drifted into sleep aboard the Manhattan, the first light of dawn crept over Berlin, revealing small groups of men, women, and children being marched through the streets at gunpoint.
40. After seeing Pon being led at gunpoint in their direction, towards an elevator, Bewildered, Spock and Stu were unsure what to do, moved away from the ledge and up against the dark cave wall.

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