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    1. The closest thing that I could hear to the cry of a gull surfing on the edge of the land was the habitual shout of the guard after I had showered

    2. When the time came, when the door opened and the habitual scrape of the tray announced wash time, I sat there in morose silence, staring at the wall

    3. Once the euphoria of the meeting subsided a little, we four settled into the habitual comparisons that dominate male conversation, sharing our stories of capture, and gabbling away ten to the dozen in a mixture of Arabic and English about our shared experiences in the hostage hotels

    4. And if you suffer from that most distressing and common complaint, varicose veins, nothing could be more helpful than the habitual practice of the Shoulderstand which I described in chapter four

    5. hangover, much later than was habitual for him

    6. Gehring's habitual inspections

    7. Harry was becoming well-informed, but more importantly to him, Kaitlyn was exerting herself beyond her habitual passive nature and carrying Chloe along in her train

    8. calm of a moment before was replaced by his habitual

    9. confirmed the impression of habitual insobriety

    10. She came from a much richer family and was a habitual

    11. He especially liked to wallow in the water or mud with others of his kind since this kept his body temperature within an acceptable range and didn’t allow his fair and sensitive skin to dry out under the raging rays of the sun during the hottest months in his habitual habitat

    12. It was an extremely frustrating and exasperating experience, as you can imagine, but she could find no way to avoid these habitual detours that left her totally exhausted by the time she finally slipped the key into the front door of her estranged house

    13. thought patterns and habitual way of feeling) and change

    14. boy thing, not sexual, just habitual whether on the telephone or

    15. Bush‘ presidency (mercifully) winds down, I am reminded of the wasted opportunities squandered by this Administration over the years including Social Security and Healthcare reform and advancing a Comprehensive Energy Program design to reduce our nation‘s (habitual) dependency on foreign oil

    16. He sipped his coffee a moment, and made a habitual patting motion at his shirt pocket, then remembering where he was, looked pained

    17. Until this way of thinking and acting becomes habitual for U, U will be stuck in this limited Reality, with its limited horizons and limited energy

    18. Not only may we be unaware of our intentions, we often are not even paying attention to the action itself, hence we may be propelled by habitual patterns into actions that bring painful results

    19. Over time, through habitual modes of thinking, the mind develops habits and patterns of thought

    20. It reveals the causes of our present experiences and the prospect for our future lives if we do not gain mastery over our habitual negativities

    21. In addition to throwing or reproductive karma (also known as weighty karma), there are three other kinds of karma that can operate at the time or moment of death: proximate, habitual, or random karma

    22. Random karma refers to all the actions that are not included in the previously mentioned three categories (reproductive, proximate, and habitual karma) as well those actions quickly forgotten

    23. If there is neither weighty nor proximate karma operating, then rebirth is determined by the karma of one's habitual patterns, that which one has done over and over again, which comes naturally to the mind in the dying moment

    24. comes from self; habitual activity that is evil and has been taught that way to others; action arrested by fire

    25. children, and other habitual residents in a believers home

    26. M: What harm is there in making automatic, what is habitual

    27. Questioning the habitual is the duty of the

    28. goes on its habitual ways; the new lets the old be, but does not

    29. the habitual and the spiritual? What is the attitude of the new self

    30. from the habitual tendency to create and perpetuate conflicts?

    31. ―Oh, that‘s a very valuable realization,‖ Corinne had said in her habitual tone of sweet envy

    32. M: It may be the habitual state, but it need not be the normal

    33. was that I lost all my habitual certainties

    34. Making the change, whatever it is, may mean the upsetting of one or more habitual ways of going on that

    35. It’s just an action that becomes habitual

    36. ƒ Utilize the service of a good credit counseling service to assist you and deal with your habitual over-spending and shopping addiction

    37. (This is habitual sinning

    38. It is the habitual

    39. “It is the habitual thought

    40. It is his habitual thought-form

    41. They are habitual liars

    42. I learned to deflect his habitual and predictive bossism and served as a buffer between him and regular targets such as Bob Burns, Dave Feldman and his son, Roy, Jr

    43. Waiting for them were two SF troops, wearing their standard and habitual uniform consisting of tiger suits with green berets tilted slightly forward and to the right on skulls nearly shaven clean

    44. automatic and habitual cycle of fear that keeps you stuck

    45. adopting its habitual solutions, which are generally three: to differentiate the

    46. Trask chose to enter without knocking, a minor rebellious act of the type habitual with him

    47. You need to make it habitual

    48. Leonardo was taking the face of a few friends and I began imagining that this was his habitual expression

    49. In a deployment of his habitual amiability, Americus asked about my history

    50. Soon, Leonardo turned into a habitual client

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