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    1. I'll harness them up," he said

    2. " He was getting the big harness down

    3. His keda by the name of BobbingTwo saw the harness coming out and strolled over toward it with his eyes dancing on their stalks

    4. Estwig was making enough noise dragging the far end of the big harness out in the direction of the Rockasaur that he could hardly hear a shout at that point anyway

    5. " He wondered how much of that pronouncement was due to the fact that Estwig was moving to this end of the harness and could be listening

    6. doostEr picked up the wagon end of the harness and dragged it to the rockasaur's tongue

    7. BigThree walked in the middle of the completed harness but without a rider

    8. Alan pulled his harness off and while doing so the last thing that he saw before Alan killed the channel was a quick view of that girl's nude body as she looked toward Alan

    9. Storm: An omen of imminent danger; it also means that you have great power inside you, which you have to harness and use correctly so as to succeed in life

    10. Her knotty black hair was cut shoulder-length and she often wore a harness of shoulder-pockets but never anything else unless she was ashore in town

    11. If you want to harness the power of the most powerful creative

    12. "It is likely the natives harness the power of the tides in them

    13. For clothing she had on a harness, leg socks and sandals

    14. Her bag was tied over her shoulders sideways on the harness

    15. ‘You can affix it to the harness

    16. of the safety harness, unhooked,

    17. I take hold of Adamant’s harness, anticipating some resistance, but without turning a hair, he majestically stalks along the deck in the wake of his counterpart

    18. Duncan needed a way to harness her abilities and control her unpredictable nature

    19. to harness that power properly

    20. It was already tonguing at the harness

    21. “When I heard about that rock,” she said, getting up from the harness, “I knew I had to come back here

    22. “Why does he wear that whole big harness with all that stuff on it?” she asked as they sat there waiting

    23. When they lowered the harness, Jim put it around her waist first

    24. Desa and Marcue each gave a tug on a harness at the same time, but that was more symbolic than any percentage of the effort they exerted

    25. With two experienced humans it took only a few minutes to get them all back in harness and in a train as they would be on the road

    26. Knume saw it was time to move, so, with Larneh at the harness he waved his crooked fingers forward and shouted, “Off then you critters, give a heave there, ON TO HAZORPEAN!”

    27. ‘Tell Flitter to use his pocket knife on the traces and harness

    28. Flitter managed to cut the harness from the wagons and the beast joined in to the rout

    29. Nerissa would dearly love to see this poet who had such skill to harness Gods as well as

    30. harness their huge amount of existing traffic

    31. On either side, there were also a chariot, a yoke and harness, a spinning wheel, a flute, the things that She’d invented

    32. You can harness the power of your natural desire for happiness, and aim it directly at what you seek

    33. You harness the power to choose by being present in the current moment

    34. That last day as we crossed the Plain it was almost more than I could manage to harness my impatience

    35. The expansive silicon intelligence – they have hitherto been able to harness – is the thing they fear above all else

    36. But to harness such immense power

    37. Always though you could hear the tramping of boots, the rattle of curb chains, the creak of harness and the clatter and rumble of wheels that never stopped day or night

    38. Around us we could hear the creaking of harness and the rattle of curb chains and smell the horsey smell that marked either s supply of artillery unit that had stopped beside the road

    39. “However, he has proven himself most useful when attempting to harness them for

    40. The wreckage of the radio strapped to Jacob’s back by the same harness holding his weapons and

    41. A wielder’s ability to harness the Power will grow weak after a certain amount of exertion, for example, while the Guardians are fuelled by an everlasting source of the Power

    42. She did not wait long before belting on her sword and fastening the harness of her bow case over her breasts

    43. They showed him all that they were striving for, the research, the earth's elements given up to them to harness and the general feeling of the city and its need for secrecy

    44. Pie paid me well for the harness,” slipped in Timmo

    45. With that, the rotten-hearted Man and Halfling trudged off and began shackling the younglings back to the harness, including Cheeryup and Rowdingle Parfinn

    46. ” Cheeryup was still bound about the neck to the awful harness, but she’d found a comfortable-enough spot to sit and was actually enjoying the early morning sun before it became beastly hot

    47. “Somewhere down in that throng are two dozen of our younglings, bound together by a neck harness

    48. Said harness was created for Esmond Pie, ostensibly for the management of a herd of goats, or at least that’s what he told its fabricator, our own Mr

    49. Somewhere along the line, its purpose was redirected as a harness for the cruel domination of children

    50. I asked him what the problem was and he said he feared his goat harness had been created for duplicitous reasons

    1. with the torque of harnessed horsepower

    2. Two of these horses were then harnessed via saddle harnesses to a pair of D-rings that had been hammered into the Jag’s coachwork

    3. animals and the vehicle harnessed to them) out of

    4. What lies within is great energy yet to be fully understood and harnessed

    5. With a little help from Kazowskis, Colling managed to get the little mare between the cart’s traces and harnessed, but rather than immediately driving the horse to pull the unfamiliar cart, Colling chose to instead lead the little mare by the bridle and walked beside her back to Karol’s

    6. Atot’ain released the dogs from the sled and tied them to a stake still harnessed together

    7. retained and harnessed, it lifts man to the levels of a genius

    8. the camp of the heathen, that it was strong and well harnessed, and encompassed roundabout with horsemen; and these ones were

    9. at the two parts of the host giving them signs what to do, and being harnessed all over amidst the ranks

    10. 23 The morning cock had just crowed, and Hermon, having harnessed the brutes, was

    11. Greatchen harnessed Sunni into modelling, and finally into small bit porn, and when Marilee protested, she was invited to view the houses and shows, and was berated for being 'out of touch' and 'old fashioned'

    12. 39 And he answered and said, Now that the children of Israel know that I am ill, they turn and scoff at us, now therefore harness my chariot for me, and I will betake myself to Goshen and will see the scoff of the children of Israel with which they are deriding me; so his servants harnessed the chariot for him

    13. 22 And Pharaoh rose up and harnessed his chariot, and he ordered all the Egyptians to assemble, not one man was left excepting the little ones and the women

    14. 18 But God led the people about, through the way of the wilderness of the Red sea: and the children of Israel went up harnessed out of the land of Egypt

    15. harnessed on top and there were two planks ready to move to create

    16. access to the big guns he had harnessed to his legs

    17. Red sea: and the children of Israel went up harnessed out of the land of Egypt

    18. 39 And he answered and said Now that the children of Israel know that I am ill they turn and scoff at us now therefore harness my chariot for me and I will betake myself to Goshen and will see the scoff of the children of Israel with which they are deriding me; so his servants harnessed the chariot for him

    19. 22 And Pharaoh rose up and harnessed his chariot and he ordered all the Egyptians to assemble not one man was left excepting the little ones and the women

    20. It called him “a harnessed hurricane—not like Hazel, of course, but with enough force, appeal, and insight to team up with famous foodman, Duncan Hines, in a business venture now topping $50 million a year

    21. 7 And they saw the camp of the heathen that it was strong and well harnessed and encompassed roundabout with horsemen; and these ones were expert of war

    22. 38 As for the remnant of the horsemen they set them on this side and that side at the two parts of the host giving them signs what to do and being harnessed all over amidst the ranks

    23. 23 The morning cock had just crowed and Hermon having harnessed the brutes was stimulating them in the great colonnade

    24. connected them to one another and then harnessed himself to

    25. Then I noticed Trieste, an animal harnessed to the wagon

    26. A short horned elk had been harnessed to that wagon

    27. State ownership is the full, deadweight burden carried by a labor force that is harnessed to the demands of central planning

    28. There are daemons and beings far more powerful that have been awakened by the erratic energies harnessed by this glass

    29. The Harad Ghul harnessed what few Lykanthros remained as steeds

    30. harnessed mules to spin the great log around

    31. If this energy is not harnessed in a relatively short space of time, it could easily gravitate back to the old state of de-motivation

    32. However, do you recall the word ‘flux’? Also spoke of earlier, consciousness in flux prevents humans truly standing still, which means that if the energy of motivation is not consciously harnessed, then yes, there is a possibility it could listen once again from the sub-unconscious, and gravitate towards de-motivation

    33. Yet, once aware of this human dynamic, it can be harnessed, and used to its highest potential

    34. ones own talent or as a piece of luck harnessed by the

    35. Curiosity is a powerful tool that can be harnessed with a question title

    36. It is necessary to understand that it is not a mystical concoction, it exists just as air, water, and soil, it is in an amount within the atmosphere but it is only harnessed and channeled by those who seek to use it, and that is not many

    37. It can be harnessed and used as how the user desires, and therefore is a part of that living organism’s body

    38. could be harnessed to improve the individual and their

    39. harnessed to the law of Moses and all its rituals

    40. Who Harnessed The Wind: Creating

    41. I should add that there is no place in the world where solar power can’t be harnessed

    42. With the help of Bryan Mealer, he authored The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: Creating Currents Of Electricity And Hope, his journey of determination and hope

    43. The breeze is everywhere so there is no place where it can’t be harnessed

    44. William Kamkwanba and Bryan Mealer – The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: Creating Currents Of Electricity And Hope (2009: William Morrow)

    45. ‘The discontent was harnessed by a friend of mine, Harry Thuku, a post-office telephonist, whose formation of the East African Association attracted the support of the Indian community of Nairobi and farm workers from the rural areas

    46. and a spirit of cooperation are successfully harnessed to the accomplishment of

    47. question of the power that can be harnessed to accomplish it and the issue

    48. He accepted that, and he co-operated with God's plan, harnessed his desire, and provided all the resources

    49. In a sense, Modi is perhaps closest to Indira Gandhi in his personality-driven leadership style, an imperious attitude that ensures that institutions remain subservient to the individual (even Teachers’ Day has been sought to be harnessed to the cult of Modi)

    50. However, Al’lah the Almighty has harnessed and subjected the whole universe for such helpless creature, providing him with health and strength and guiding him to what helps him earn his living

    1. They draw pistols from shoulder harnesses, point them toward Russ and John

    2. ‘The Gotteshouse is formed in such a way that it harnesses the power of the stones … don’t look so confused, Lintze, I’ll try to explain

    3. The carriage occupants were too shaken to help themselves, so it fell to George and Jameson, Belle, Titania and Hipolyta to send for the doctor, rescue the driver and passengers from their now very crumpled carriage, extricate the horses from their harnesses, right the nearly overturned carriage, remove the damaged carriage and still unhurt horse to the livery and lead away the injured horse

    4. All the guys had pants and shirts, a couple had harnesses over them

    5. Two of these horses were then harnessed via saddle harnesses to a pair of D-rings that had been hammered into the Jag’s coachwork

    6. Probably ten foot by five foot, each with a set of harnesses for two horses

    7. jingling the bells on their harnesses, because they were so eager to be

    8. The caravan was arranged in a circle, with the wagons sitting end to end to form a wall of wood and harnesses

    9. Bare feet shoved into open rubber sandals, the Nungs carried M-16s and wore combat harnesses with hand grenades

    10. harnesses had their names printed in gold and the saddles lay flat against their back

    11. He picked up the four wiring harnesses from the floor and said, “I hope you were wearing protection when you did this

    12. Where are the wiring harnesses, by the way? It’s not a big deal, we can get new ones, but it would be nice to have them

    13. quickly unsnapped his shoulder and lap harnesses

    14. "I said then that we would all need safety harnesses just like the airplanes if Bob was the pilot!"

    15. They put on climbing boots and harnesses and made their way back to the shaft

    16. The way to go is to fuel the low end of the economy with jobs and wages to up the demand for production of peacetime goods and services which automatically harnesses the rich into money making

    17. He harnesses the power of electricity

    18. When you get there, locate one of the security harnesses that are fastened to the wall of the bay, and put it on

    19. off their harnesses and headed for the galley he was suddenly stricken with a

    20. However, Al’lah the Almighty harnesses and subjects the whole uniVerse for such a helpless creature, providing it with health and strength, and guiding it to what will help it to earn its living

    21. Three white stallions the color of sea foam and wearing harnesses of gold halted before her, hurling a current of water all about her

    22. Through the silence of the long flat road and the jingling of the harnesses, Mary found her attention hovering over a vague feeling of unease; as though something in the symmetry of the clumping hooves had been lost

    23. Their belts were actually full harnesses, and attached to the harnesses was a tightly wound thin, strong, climbing wire

    24. We quickly started removing the two harnesses with the belts on them

    25. The horses leaned sharply into their harnesses and the wagon moved briskly out of the livery stable and at a trot the horses pranced their way up the street towards the train maintenance barn

    26. lieve in those harnesses where a ski instructor can

    27. harnesses we need along with the cable and helium balloons to raise the cable up to 500

    28. I laid the bow down, reached over my shoulders and pulled my twin sabers free of their sword harnesses

    29. It is now safe to remove safety harnesses

    30. My thoughts were interrupted by the ship’s voice letting us know that arrival was imminent and that we should fasten our safety harnesses

    31. We had taken off vertically and apparently that was how we landed too, only now we faced down and hung against our safety harnesses

    32. Now the pressing question was, would the torpedoes fire from their modified firing harnesses?

    33. Muslin prints, silkdames and dowagers, jingle of harnesses, hoofthuds lowringing in the baking causeway

    34. But studying the application form, Joe had noticed that there were higher pay grades for certain jobs—especially for the men whose job it was to dangle from cliff faces in harnesses and pound away at the reluctant rock with jackhammers

    35. Charlie had told him that they would pull until their harnesses broke or their hearts burst

    1. Berndt is harnessing the ggs and, as soon as he sees me, calls me over

    2. Coming back to the question of harnessing your thoughts – your intelligence has developed like that little cloud that was animated with the desire to go way beyond its current state

    3. Then, harnessing the power of the ruro material in his chest he beamed Orb across to Jodie

    4. Below: Harnessing water and wind for the benefit of those who live on the High Plains is part of the past as well as the future

    5. by harnessing water, wind, and dust

    6. Harnessing the Power of HGH

    7. If the intelligent unconscious can intervene in our consciousness and life processes (as discussed in Chapter 3) is it not also possible that this could account for its intervention in Nature? How does a bee construct its mathematically precise honeycomb, how does a spider spin an intricate web, how does a badger construct its dam? Given that the consciousness of these animals may not have evolved into self-consciousness to a degree evidenced in human beings, it is possible that they are harnessing the intuitive and computational powers of their brains (which are normally associated with our right brains)

    8. depressants in order to promote a building up and harnessing of this acclaimed power

    9. ~~~ Harnessing the power of the atom is explanation

    10. The Director uttered a harnessing incantation

    11. Gilead, the Key Mage of Coermantyr, assailed the specters with a harnessing spell

    12. everything he could find on the ancient art of harnessing

    13. He auctioned off his roosters to the highest bidder, recruited men, bought tools, and set about the awesome task of breaking stones, digging canals, clearing away rapids, and even harnessing water-falls

    14. While she is aligned with the truth, she flows with its power, harnessing the power of nature

    15. How is he even harnessing any of that?

    16. Not to be ignored is the potential of harnessing the power of the oceans and rivers

    17. capable of harnessing it

    18. businesses are harnessing the power of emerging

    19. The world's largest corporations spend billions of dollars in harnessing the power of a good word alone

    20. but increase the value of your company and website by harnessing the power of

    21. Most of the nearby planets suffered some minor level of damage, but the primary destructive force of the chalkboard was being aimed at Glassvess by the harnessing powers of the devastatingly precise Sound-Board of Gorgolosh

    22. The other option, recreation from revolition, harnessing our creative energies by integrating them with a heart for all, requires enlisting love to tutor both the artistic passions and intellectual imagination in the service not of art for art's sake, 518

    23. Our perspective, if healthy and positive, will have far-reaching consequences in harnessing it for our gains

    24. Responding with awareness as the situation demands is harnessing the strength of anger

    25. Your sincerity, honesty and hard work remaining constant, what would make the difference in your life is the ability of your preferred country in harnessing and recognizing your qualities

    26. At nearly the same time the sons of the furniture maker Ingmar Olsen, Evian and Glorth, were harnessing a horse to their double bench seat wagon

    27. They’d both spent years studying the ways of nature, honing their skills by harnessing the Tree’s deep magic, but never had they witnessed such raw power firsthand

    28. away from the energy that they are harnessing

    29. On the individual level, most of ritual magic is about harnessing the power of such cultivated habits

    30. At this hole the two demi-damsels posted themselves, and observed Don Quixote on his horse, leaning on his pike and from time to time sending forth such deep and doleful sighs, that he seemed to pluck up his soul by the roots with each of them; and they could hear him, too, saying in a soft, tender, loving tone, "Oh my lady Dulcinea del Toboso, perfection of all beauty, summit and crown of discretion, treasure house of grace, depositary of virtue, and finally, ideal of all that is good, honourable, and delectable in this world! What is thy grace doing now? Art thou, perchance, mindful of thy enslaved knight who of his own free will hath exposed himself to so great perils, and all to serve thee? Give me tidings of her, oh luminary of the three faces! Perhaps at this moment, envious of hers, thou art regarding her, either as she paces to and fro some gallery of her sumptuous palaces, or leans over some balcony, meditating how, whilst preserving her purity and greatness, she may mitigate the tortures this wretched heart of mine endures for her sake, what glory should recompense my sufferings, what repose my toil, and lastly what death my life, and what reward my services? And thou, oh sun, that art now doubtless harnessing thy steeds in haste to rise betimes and come forth to see my lady; when thou seest her I entreat of thee to salute her on my behalf: but have a care, when thou shalt see her and salute her, that thou kiss not her face; for I shall be more jealous of thee than thou wert of that light-footed ingrate that made thee sweat and run so on the plains of Thessaly, or on the banks of the Peneus (for I do not exactly recollect where it was thou didst run on that occasion) in thy jealousy and love

    31. Hivert was leisurely harnessing his horses, listening, moreover, to Mere Lefrancois, who, passing her head and nightcap through a grating, was charging him with commissions and giving him explanations that would have confused anyone else

    32. " I added this saving clause, in the moment of rejecting four richly caparisoned coursers which I had had wild thoughts of harnessing

    33. Levin was vexed both at being hindered from shooting and at his horses getting stuck in the mud, and still more at the fact that neither Stepan Arkadyevitch nor Veslovsky helped him and the coachman to unharness the horses and get them out, since neither of them had the slightest notion of harnessing

    34. He went to the inn, where he hired a trap, and could hardly wait during the harnessing

    35. Hivert was leisurely harnessing his horses, listening, moreover, to Mere Lefrancois, who, passing her head and nightcap through a grating, was charging him

    36. Harnessing these renewable sources of energy is beneficial for a couple reasons

    37. For instance, the cost of harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity is extremely high and requires massive commitments of capital expenditures

    38. Governments around the world are in the process of announcing massive infrastructure spending programs dedicated to harnessing the sun’s power and turning it into electricity and other forms of energy

    39. Harnessing the energy of the wind sounds like a great idea that makes logical sense to many, including myself

    40. As wind energy evolves, AMSC hopes to be on the cutting edge with harnessing the full power of the wind through innovative electrical systems that will maximize the wind farm

    41. Amid the smoke, deafened by the incessant reports which always made him jump, Tushin not taking his pipe from his mouth ran from gun to gun, now aiming, now counting the charges, now giving orders about replacing dead or wounded horses and harnessing fresh ones, and shouting in his feeble voice, so high pitched and irresolute

    42. By doing this, you accomplish three things by harnessing the benefits of the early buyback:

    43. Before dawn the next morning Polikey was up, and after harnessing the mare and looking in his hat to see that the money was all right, he started on his return journey

    44. Amid the smoke, deafened by the incessant reports which always made him jump, Túshin not taking his pipe from his mouth ran from gun to gun, now aiming, now counting the charges, now giving orders about replacing dead or wounded horses and harnessing fresh ones, and shouting in his feeble voice, so high pitched and irresolute

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