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    1. Mortars are composite heterogeneous materials which differ from concrete only by absence of coarse aggregate and poured as a rule on the basis with thin layer

    2. The palatial residence destroyed in the last campaign has been replaced by a heterogeneous collection of well-built wattle huts of enormous proportions and barn-like appearance

    3. Addendum to the above: On the other hand, were a heterogeneous society composed of a number of distinct groups able to achieve a

    4. It was easier to rule masses of subject peoples by promulgating a one-size-fits-all code to cover a vast heterogeneous (multicultural?) empire

    5. As a ray I left behind tombs, branches, trees, flowers; to my eyes everything was fuzzy like a heterogeneous diffuse mass

    6. Those who believe and have reported that they have been abducted are a heterogeneous group, widely dispersed along demographic and cultural lines

    7. The same disorder prevailed all through the house: all the doors were open, and from where she stood in the kitchen she could see the bed she shared with Elsie, with its heterogeneous heap of coverings

    8. All the delegates without exception expressed themselves in the strongest possible heterogeneous terms concerning the nameless barbarity which they had been called upon to witness

    9. He soon manifested his familiarity with the ponderous and imposing machinery of antique physic; in which every remedy contained a multitude of far-fetched and heterogeneous ingredients, as elaborately compounded as if the proposed result had been the Elixir of Life

    10. They rode four abreast, mounted on confiscated Campo horses, clad in the heterogeneous stock of roadside stores they had looted hurriedly in their rapid ride through the northern part of the province; for Pedro Montero had been in a great hurry to occupy Sulaco

    11. Of all the heterogeneous mass of people who had poured

    12. During the siege, it was converted into a vast military storehouse and filled with a heterogeneous mass of goods

    13. Makers of manufactured goods sold under advertised trade-marks must generally be regarded as belonging to heterogeneous groups

    14. The analyst must be most cautious about drawing comparative conclusions from the statistical data when dealing with companies in a heterogeneous group

    15. CNS effects of NPY are mediated through Y1, Y2, Y4, Y5 heterogeneous G-protein-

    16. In the past decade, disagreement models showed how differences in investor beliefs can influence financial markets through several channels: gradual information flow, limited attention, and heterogeneous views

    17. • The Hong–Stein (1999) model relies on the interaction between two not-fully-rational investor groups—newswatchers and momentum traders—under conditions of heterogeneous information

    18. Lerner–Schoar–Wongsunwai (2007) present intriguing findings of heterogeneous investor success in this field: PE funds with endowments as limited partners outperform the average fund by nearly 14% (and this can only partly be explained by their earlier exposures)

    19. Heterogeneous trading horizons and limited capital lead to clientele effects in which short-horizon traders focus on the most liquid assets while long-horizon investors focus on less liquid assets

    20. In general, a heterogeneous ecology of investment approaches would make financial markets more balanced and robust than what we have seen in recent years

    21. However, even universal criteria show heterogeneous suitability for dealing with different tasks

    22. Comparison of heterogeneous strategies

    23. A simple comparison of realized gains and losses is incorrect because risks and profit potentials of heterogeneous strategies are different

    24. However, the effectiveness of different criteria is certainly heterogeneous

    25. Although this method is rather simple and quite rough, it is still the most appropriate one when conducting heterogeneous statistical studies requiring results comparability

    26. Tactical Groups are for the most part heterogeneous in that their three component squadrons will be of the same tactical type, that is fighter or bombardment

    27. The preacher who can touch and affect such an heterogeneous mass of hearers, on subjects limited, and long worn threadbare in all common hands; who can say anything new or striking, anything that rouses the attention without offending the taste, or wearing out the feelings of his hearers, is a man whom one could not, in his public capacity, honour enough

    28. But rhythm, especially in the broader Formalist interpretation of the term, was admittedly a heterogeneous notion

    29. The essential conditions of all instruction consist in selecting the homogeneous phenomena from an endless number of heterogeneous phenomena, and in imparting the laws of these phenomena to the students

    30. Patriotism was necessary for the formation, out of heterogeneous nationalities, of strong, united kingdoms, protected against the barbarians

    31. The population of every new country must necessarily be composed of a heterogeneous mixture of various tempers, characters, and interests

    32. The suspicions and uneasiness existing in the midst of the heterogeneous population attracted to the new colony, the constant state of alarm from the threatened incursions by the Spanish from the South and the presence of Indians and negroes, furnish plenty of material for an exciting tale of which a high-spirited and refined young woman is the central figure throughout

    33. As these considerations are heterogeneous, it must be a matter of judgment, rather than of mathematical certainty, what precise weight is to be given to each

    34. It was with a view of examining the effects of the proximity and alternation in the heterogeneous plates that I had them cut into separate squares

    35. It ought to be mentioned, that the connecting wire should be placed between the heterogeneous surfaces before their immersion, as the most intense ignition takes place immediately afterward

    36. Have we not already territory enough? Is it desirable to incorporate with us a people composed of heterogeneous materials, who are not only unaccustomed to our institutions, but many of whom entertain an unconquerable hatred for them? I believe it would have been better had we never acquired any foreign territory at all

    37. — protection by the contact of heterogeneous metals, xvi, 263

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