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    1. She opposed the war in the first place and thought it was stupid to attack Brasil because it would take only a dozen years to make it obvious that the cure for aging was a hoax from Alan's hack

    2. If that was so, what could he believe? Maybe Ava is Tdeshi all along, playing an elaborate hoax on him, pretending not to remember anything, laying a guilt trip on him for not investigating what happened to her? Maybe all she did when she said she O

    3. One need not be a conspiracy theorist in order to understand that a huge intellectual hoax has been perpetrated on the Western world

    4. It sounded too elaborate and far to close to what he already knew and suspected to be a hoax, but horses’ stomachs and tuna cans? That was creative work

    5. But what if global warming is a big hoax? This is scaring the kids, Dr

    6. This is a hoax and more and more scientists are stepping off this boat

    7. This information, believe it or not, comes from highly recognised and respected scientists, stating with facts, figures and GOOD science that Global Warming is a HOAX

    8. The Greatest Hoax – How the global warming conspiracy threatens our future”

    9. Of course, the initial reaction was that the box and all of its contents were part of some elaborate hoax, although it was soon proved by various experts that everything in the box was genuine

    10. the world around Cloud seemed to disappear, his reality a hoax

    11. What, we might ask as a matter of common sense, would the likely effect be if some percentage of that small percentage of emissions were eliminated? Would such an amount be likely to justify anything like the sacrifices the global warmers call for? Man made global warming, says writer and scholar Peter Ferrara, “is a hoax developed to serve powerful special interests

    12. The reporter stressed that what they were seeing is not a hoax

    13. Who would enjoy a dinner if one has stuck the solid rock of a hoax in the throat? Certainly I could not; I will take care of the deception first and of the food later! Yes! So I will enjoy, at the same time, of the delicacies of forgiveness and the culinary delights; in other words, and as the saying said: to kill two birds with a same shot! Ah! I was marveled to my good judgment and intelligence and congratulated myself of such a rightful decision

    14. A few logic routines suspected it all might be a test, an elaborate hoax to make it think that x=0 to see what it would do, how it would react in such a situation

    15. So when you are talking about global warming is a hoax start with sentences like ‘can you believe that the science and research fraternity in the US has only created global warming in order to obtain funds’

    16. “Is it a hoax?” asked Crinigan clutching at straws, “Did this person actually live?”

    17. “My son and heir admitted to me that his wife and children were a hoax

    18. Sam, with the aid of Pierre to translate, waded through the stream of questions until the French Policemen were satisfied that this was not a hoax and was indeed another foul deed by the hated Germans

    19. Anyway, in the back of my mind, I still thought that perhaps this was all a hoax or maybe there was that movie deal in the works

    20. Was seeing really believing? Or was this a dream, a hallucination, or perhaps, an elaborate hoax?

    21. Are you still with me folks? I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking, huh? This can’t be real! It’s got be an elaborate hoax

    22. “If it was ever found out that my father’s death was a hoax, the

    23. The obvious hoax would be exposed

    24. All evidence points to subliminal learning being a hoax first propagated by a

    25. this was a hoax but even a hoax would some trace of dust

    26. Thee current day Zapruder film is a hoax

    27. He is a key investigator into the Zapruder film, and has proven it to be a hoax

    28. If you still feel global warming is a hoax, you probably have stock in a fossil fuel company

    29. Thus, the limo was almost stopped when this frame was shot and the Zapruder film has to be a hoax for running the limo so fast and so blurry

    30. Their predictions are a hoax which mock reality

    31. that one is about a Mars hoax not a Moon hoax

    32. the victims, of a cruel hoax, and an organization that sold itself as a ‘religion’, when in reality it

    33. The men in the video were so high profile and well-connected that the whole thing looked like an elaborate hoax, it was just not credible!

    34. The caller also informed Gupta the security forces were treating the video of the men planning the attack, as a hoax and for now, they were not in jeopardy

    35. Initially, I thought the whole thing a giant hoax, until assassins started trying to kill us, and then I wondered if the prophecies could possibly be real

    36. There’s a great hoax that doctors do more important or demanding work than other workers

    37. Riker, "not a hoax, but a carefully conceived plan

    38. “Yeah we all bought toys, stuffed animals, coloring books, balloons and fruit for this child and brought the stuff all the way here to the school, only to realize that ‘the kid who has leukemia’ never even existed, that it was all a hoax just to prey on all of our sympathy to get our daughter to come to this school!”

    39. Maybe that’s why Diane D didn’t remember any of that incident, maybe her soul or spirit wasn’t there! Maybe her soul or spirit was actually gone at that time and another soul, spirit or entity came into her body in the school hallway that night and took over! If that was me in that school hallway instead of that little boy, I would have been frightened to death being all alone up in that dark isolated school hallway with Diane D or whatever soul, spirit or entity it was that was inside her body, witnessing her turning from calm beauty to ferocious beast right before my very own eyes! I bet that little boy is sorry that he ever confessed to Diane D about that hoax he and his brother pulled on her and her family! Especially, I bet he’s sorry that he took her to a private area to confess to her, that was his big mistake!”

    40. I have no recollection of any of that! Again, I did not meditate before that incident happened! Inside the school, when that little boy Marcus made this shocking confession to me on the third floor school hallway that night, that the little three-year old boy dying of leukemia didn’t exist, and told me that the little boy never existed that it was all a hoax planned by him and his brother, I became shocked when I learned what he and his brother did

    41. hoax when questioned by reporters

    42. Sir, if this is a hoax, then it is the most elaborate and incredibly

    43. “Oh my God! So the entire crowd have no idea that this is a hoax?!”

    44. “Yeah but those guys still shouldn't have put out a hoax like this!” Margarita says

    45. We know she and your family stopped visiting schools after the letter about a little boy who’s dying of leukemia was sent to your family‘s organization, then Diane D and the rest of your family found out that whole letter was a hoax, but we were hoping to change Diane D and the rest of your family’s mind

    46. Rulers all claims proved a hoax

    47. seriously or they could just shoot the poor chap and say it was a hoax

    48. This is not a hoax

    49. anthrax was a planned hoax

    50. “It’s no hoax, Mara, but my dear, you can’t take the shot

    1. was hoaxed, because the grain were from the

    2. I ran after the birds with the salt in my hand, but I soon convinced myself that if I could put salt on a bird's tail, I could catch it, and realized that I had been hoaxed

    1. Because of the hoaxes the Corporate must ensure they are dealing with a genuine hostage crisis and to do that is to find out where the so called hostage is

    2. Speaking about HOAXES, one of the books written on this subject is titled:

    3. The Museum of Hoaxes: A Collection of Pranks, Stunts, Deceptions, and Other Wonderful Stories Contrived for the Public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium, E

    4. are nothing more than hoaxes, yet there are still many that are so far

    5. What kind of knowledge was it? Lies, hoaxes, swindles, deceptions, delusions, myths, superstitions; anything that could fool people into believing you knew something they didn’t

    6. The entire usage of Constants, the use of mass, momentum, the speed of light, is one long series of semantic lies and hoaxes

    7. Now there are new hoaxes being invented on top of the old ones:… First there is the idiocy of calling Time a fourth dimension… when it is only the third, not the fourth

    8. Science is filled with hoaxes and lies

    9. The point is… if you do any independent research of your own like I have, you will also discover that not only the holocaust, but ALL of written history is filled with countless lies, cover-ups, whitewashed propaganda and hoaxes

    10. Just like all the other hoaxes perpetrated by those in power

    11. Sometimes he seemed to her like the County boys with whom she had grown up, the wild Tarleton twins with their obsession for practical jokes; the devil-inspired Fontaines, teasing, mischievous; the beneath Rhett’s seeming lightness there was something malicious, almost sinister in its Calverts who would sit up all night planning hoaxes

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