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Ikon в предложении (на )

  1. Vladimir, the ikon of, p.
  2. The ikon was broken into two pieces.
  3. In his hands was put an ikon of the Saviour.
  4. Grushenka stood up and crossed herself devoutly before the ikon.
  5. As they approached they crossed themselves and bowed down to the ikon.

  6. What is this ikon you've got here ? Ah, Makar Ivanovitch's, I remember.
  7. Then Nastasya stood on a chair and began lighting a lamp before the ikon in the corner.
  8. It was a tiny silver ikon on a cord, such as is sometimes worn next the skin with a cross.
  9. Behind the broken glass of the ikon they found in the morning, so it was said, a live mouse.
  10. At the gates of the precincts there is a large ikon of the Mother of God fixed behind a grating in the wall.
  11. When Tatyana Pavlovna had cried out " Let the ikon alone," she had snatched it out of his hands and was holding it in hers.
  12. How could I help remaining with the thought of the ' second self' in my mind ! Why, he had smashed the ikon before my eyes !.
  13. Then the child is taught that he must repeat this—that is, that he must make the sign of the cross whenever he sees a church or an ikon.
  14. Two bedsteads stood against the wall, in one corner stood a large ikon of the mother of God, in a gilt frame, and before her burned a rose-colored lamp.
  15. The young people (one of whom was not quite young) got out of their carriage too, and squeezed their way up to the ikon, pushing people aside rather carelessly.

  16. In the corner there was an ikon as there had been in her old room, and a little lamp was burning before it, and on the table were all her indispensable properties.
  17. This ikon had belonged to Makar Ivanovitch—I knew that, and knew also that the old man had never parted from it, and looked upon it with superstitious reverence.
  18. A merchant, fat and sallow, drove up, got out of his carriage, made a bow to the ground, kissed the ikon, offered a rouble, sighing, got back into his carriage and drove off.
  19. Only fancy, I've just had a dream : an old man with a beard came in carrying an ikon, an ikon broken in two, and all at once he said, ' So shall your life be broken in two ! '.
  20. She jumped off her horse, flung the reins to her companion, who, at her bidding, remained on his horse, and approached the ikon at the very moment when the farthing had been flung down.
  21. Alyosha gazed for half a minute at the coffin, at the covered, motionless dead man that lay in the coffin, with the ikon on his breast and the peaked cap with the octangular cross, on his head.
  22. Suddenly, at his last word, he jumped up impulsively, snatched the ikon in a flash from Tatyana's hands, and with a ferocious swing smashed it with all his might against the comer of the tiled stove.
  23. A flush of indignation suffused her cheeks; she took off her round hat and her gloves, fell straight on her knees before the ikon on the muddy pavement, and reverently bowed down three times to the earth.
  24. And so hand in hand with the " second self " he broke the ikon, as though to say " that's how your expectations will be shattered ! " In fact, even though the " second self " did come in, it was partly simply a whim.
  25. Do you know, Pyotr Ilyitch (I think you said your name was Pyotr Ilyitch), I don't believe in miracles, but that ikon and this unmistakable miracle with me now—that shakes me, and I'm ready to believe in anything you like.

  26. And behold, one night the ikon had been robbed, the glass of the case was broken, the grating was smashed and several stones and pearls (I don't know whether they were very precious ones) had been removed from the crown and the setting.
  27. A portrait of the Emperor in uniform, with a ribbon across his breast, in a large golden frame, hangs in a conspicuous place, while a small ikon of Christ, clad in a loose garment, with the crown of thorns on his head, hangs in one corner.
  28. The captain's shabby old green pocket-book was found empty on the floor, but Marya Timofeyevna's box had not been touched, and the silver setting of the ikon had not been removed either; the captain's clothes, too, had not been disturbed.
  29. It was quite dark at last; I stood before the ikon and began to pray, only very, very quickly, I was in haste ; I caught up my bundle, and went on tip-toe down the creaking stairs, horribly afraid that Agafya would hear me from the kitchen.
  30. Then he took his notebook from the table, wrote something in it, took off his jacket and folded it carefully, and, stepping into the corner where the ikon hung, knelt down and began to say his prayers, with his large white hands folded upon his breast.
  31. Golyadkin noticed that he was standing in the middle of the room and was in an almost unseemly, discourteous manner staring at an old man of very respectable appearance who, having dined and said grace before the ikon, had sat down again and fixed his eyes upon Mr.
  32. In the divannaia (whither Foka first conducted us, and where he had prepared our beds) everything—mirror, screen, old wooden ikon, the lumps on the walls covered with white paper—seemed to speak of suffering and of death and of what would never come back to us again.
  33. In one corner there was an old-fashioned ikon, in front of which the old woman had lighted a lamp before we came in, and on the walls hung two dingy oil-paintings, one, a portrait of the Tsar Nikolas I, painted apparently between 1820 and 1830; the other the portrait of some bishop.
  34. Furthermore, he is taught that on a holiday (holidays are either the day on which Christ was born, although no one knows when that took place, or the day of his circumcision, or that on which the Virgin died, or when the cross or the ikon was brought, or when some fanatic beheld a vision, etc.
  35. But I repeat again : though that scene at mother's and that broken ikon were undoubtedly partly due to the influence of a real "second self," yet I have ever since been haunted by the fancy that there was in it an element of a sort of vindictive sjanholism, a sort of resentment against the expectations of those women, a sort of angry revolt against their rights and their criticism.

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