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    1. He spoke with her about love and truth and timeless bliss, imagining her voice

    2. the door and asked for my Dad, I was imagining what I called the Autocopter

    3. Eva leaving didn’t help the machine imagining either, given that a broken heart

    4. ’ I commented, more than capable of imagining the conversation they must have had

    5. ‘Stop imagining the worst, Kate

    6. Wrapped as I was in the cotton wool of solitary confinement, unable as I was to express any of my thoughts in concrete form or to engage in conjecture with another rational human being, nonetheless I spent hours imagining faces and clothes and names to accompany the hollow tapping sounds in the night

    7. I floated in the black void, imagining not the sweet smile of my saviour but the sour breath of the angel of death

    8. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole

    9. dreaming state, forgot about everything in the world, imagining

    10. contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow

    11. He could sit for long stretches immersed in the antiquities, imagining himself among the colonnades and odea of the ancient cities, the great architectures and ideas of an age long past

    12. They took a short sailing trip one day when the tide was high, to Tombelaine and back, imagining as they voyaged how merchants in ships of yore must have felt as they approached the island and the fortress it once was

    13. The size of the land title was so large she’d trouble even imagining it

    14. happy official, imagining in her warped condition that she

    15. from imagining other cosmogonies

    16. imagining the sort of dwelling where a courtesan would entertain her patron

    17. Now, I couldn’t stop imagining all the horrible scenarios that Savannah may be placed in

    18. In Nerissa’s profound isolation, she’d spend entire days imagining how his epic sounded

    19. Edrimer felt the sweat building up on his face, his mind constantly imagining the worst and best scenarios that might be expecting him

    20. But thank you for imagining it possible that I was

    21. She’d never allowed herself the hubris of imagining his approval

    22. ” The mind is complex beyond imagining, and we carry all of this within us, referring to it constantly

    23. “You’re imagining things,” he said to me

    24. Even as he stood discussing such matters with his officer, he was always contemplating, strategizing and imagining all sorts of tactical possibilities for his principal task

    25. Imagining that you are the vehicle is as

    26. ‘Raiya?’ He was imagining the kind of manipulation Parmayan would try with her

    27. For much of journey back he had been imagining how Deanna would react to what he had seen at the institute; rehearsing the words in his mind

    28. keys on the laptop, imagining the hand on the

    29. He began to make deep throated sobbing sounds, a man in pain beyond imagining

    30. The steel, pressed firmly, kept reminding; he tried imagining he was in space, floating freely

    31. Standing out here imagining the worst wasn’t doing any more good than pumping Katie

    32. That is if you are not imagining all this shit

    33. imagine, and the imagining was limited by the narrow breadth of his experiences

    34. A shame? Vanquished ancestors, was he actually regretting what he had done? Did he feel guilty? Or was she imagining it? Maybe he had just come down to gloat

    35. Amaranthe almost laughed, imagining some handout in Assassinry 101, where rules of etiquette were passed out with Sicarius’s wisdom at the top of the page

    36. You’re imagining things, girl

    37. Or maybe she was imagining hints that weren’t there

    38. Closing his eyes and drawing air into his lungs, Darkburst breathed in the atmosphere, imagining how it would feel to address the Council from such an exalted position of power

    39. I stared in the mirror at my face and my tired swollen eyes, not ever imagining the mayhem to which I would return – a flurry of nurses acting swiftly under the instructions of Dr Preston

    40. She stared at the tower clock with squinting eyes, not used to the bright sun, and maybe I was just imagining it but I think she understood

    41. She pulled her arms away, and adjusted her clothing and hair, imagining it was in the worst of condition

    42. I began imagining all kind of scenarios

    43. I grinned, imagining the look of snooty disdain on her face

    44. I watched the smoke pouring from the lorry's tyres in a kind of dread fascination, imagining the look of horror that must be distorting the driver's face as he slammed his foot on the brakes

    45. Much of the public went to the Missing in Action and Rambo film series, vicariously imagining fighting the war again

    46. She smiled maliciously, imagining him standing at the reception desk feeling shy about speaking personally in public, and considered forcing embarrassing comments from him, but just giggled, saving him the torture

    47. I’m a compulsive dreamer, and I feel spoiled to be able to be able to make a career out of imagining things!

    48. The biggest difficulty is imagining Adams re elected

    49. If you are a student of the many metaphysical Masters offering all types of courses these days, you will realize that Imagining clearly what you want and pretending it has already come to pass, is a vital step in the manifesting process

    50. At some point, then, as I continued this Pretending, Imagining the trip together, which is surprisingly easy to do, suddenly someone approached us

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