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    1. imitator out, but, to his absolute glee, the man fol owed the turn precisely

    2. You notice it says, be an imitator of men of faith, so if you study the lives of men of faith, you'll see something really common in all of them

    3. creature, an imitator at heart

    4. Although these interpolated impudence made the Moslems leave their religion, the strangest thing is that the imitator scholars put aura of veneration around the ancient books and unsound proofs that made them a substitute for the Holy Qur'an at them, and even their workable Qur'an

    5. the slavish imitator of a single author

    6. 1820), a priest well read in theGreek and Latin classics, was an imitator of Horace

    7. The curate was known to another curate who walked in the procession, and their recognition of one another set at rest the apprehensions of both parties; the first then told the other in two words who Don Quixote was, and he and the whole troop of penitents went to see if the poor gentleman was dead, and heard Sancho Panza saying, with tears in his eyes, "Oh flower of chivalry, that with one blow of a stick hast ended the course of thy well-spent life! Oh pride of thy race, honour and glory of all La Mancha, nay, of all the world, that for want of thee will be full of evil-doers, no longer in fear of punishment for their misdeeds! Oh thou, generous above all the Alexanders, since for only eight months of service thou hast given me the best island the sea girds or surrounds! Humble with the proud, haughty with the humble, encounterer of dangers, endurer of outrages, enamoured without reason, imitator of the good, scourge of the wicked, enemy of the mean, in short, knight-errant, which is all that can be said!"

    8. We may therefore conceive God to be the natural maker of the bed, and in a lower sense the carpenter is also the maker; but the painter is rather the imitator of what the other two make; he has to do with a creation which is thrice removed from reality

    9. And the tragic poet is an imitator, and, like every other imitator, is thrice removed from the king and from the truth

    10. If you are only twice and not thrice removed from the truth--not an imitator or an image-maker, please to inform us what good you have ever done to mankind? Is there any city which professes to have received laws from you, as Sicily and Italy have from Charondas, Sparta from Lycurgus, Athens from Solon? Or was any war ever carried on by your counsels? or is any invention attributed to you, as there is to Thales and Anacharsis? Or is there any Homeric way of life, such as the Pythagorean was, in which you instructed men, and which is called after you? 'No, indeed; and Creophylus (Flesh-child) was even more unfortunate in his breeding than he was in his name, if, as tradition says, Homer in his lifetime was allowed by him and his other friends to starve

    11. Once more, the imitator has no knowledge of reality, but only of appearance

    12. The flute-player will know the good and bad flute, and the maker will put faith in him; but the imitator will neither know nor have faith-- neither science nor true opinion can be ascribed to him

    13. First, he says that the poet or painter is an imitator, and in the third degree removed from the truth

    14. I should prefer only to admit the pure imitator of virtue

    15. Suppose now that by the light of the examples just offered we enquire who this imitator is?

    16. I think, he said, that we may fairly designate him as the imitator of that which the others make

    17. And the tragic poet is an imitator, and therefore, like all other imitators, he is thrice removed from the king and from the truth?

    18. Then about the imitator we are agreed

    19. But will the imitator have either? Will he know from use whether or no his drawing is correct or beautiful? or will he have right opinion from being compelled to associate with another who knows and gives him instructions about what he should draw?

    20. Thus far then we are pretty well agreed that the imitator has no knowledge worth mentioning of what he imitates

    21. The mockers and mocked always inhabit the same region; we never find an imitator living remote from the form which it imitates

    22. Antoine’s American imitator evaporated

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