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    1. Age is immaterial though,

    2. "It could, but they did not have the technology in 2091,” her face said she thought that was immaterial, so he said, “and they didn’t have fabricators that would let them update to this level

    3. The fact that they could play this in the Yakahn with one acoustic yandrille, a harmonica and a hand drum was immaterial, it was better than what she would expect if the year was ad instead of bc

    4. the first "immaterial church" by practice

    5. the first "immaterial church materialized

    6. The rest of nature exists in the present, they may have a sense of the impending, and a memory of the recent, but for the purpose of their lives it is immaterial

    7. “What I want is immaterial

    8. purpose or not is immaterial

    9. “That’s totally immaterial, I don’t think you understand your situation

    10. Whether I think it's better or not is immaterial, it takes a hundred years to get there, I'm twenty six now, us religious fanatics from Earth don't tinker with God's appointed hour and I think I've proved my case

    11. Here is an opinion that does not contradict the medical science but offers quite a different view: Members of the group that are considered victim of the disorder have been invaded by an immaterial entity that suppresses immediate reality and intoxicates the victim with irresistible obsessions and compulsions

    12. Soul - In many religions and philosophies it is considered to be the immaterial element that together with the material body makes up what it is to be human

    13. Fancy job titles or designations are immaterial in the eyes of the Divine Creator

    14. 'The rest is immaterial

    15. So whether the evolutionary future is to remain a carbon-based or a silicon-based life form or some other form not yet even envisioned—the form taken being likely to ultimately become a matter of choice—is immaterial

    16. They could not pick up any heavy object being in that state, as a shadow is something immaterial, but they could turn back into their titan selves and attack

    17. And even if I knew anything about the shadows at that time, my power could still not have interacted with them at all as they are immaterial and I can only destroy something that is made out something

    18. As they were roaming between those present, gorgons started to feel the presence of something immaterial, but, instead of letting titans know of the shadows, they did nothing

    19. When Mikael was sent into inferno, as the gate of the Prison was opened by Hades to throw him inside, the soul was sucked by it, but the body was left at the gate as anything that was not immaterial could not enter it

    20. I smiled, my eyes wide in disbelief as I placed my hand carefully on the book in an attempt to open it, but my hand pierced though it like the volume was immaterial

    21. Once you know yourself, it is immaterial what you do,

    22. (philosophy) the belief that because reality is to some extent immaterial it is therefore spiritual

    23. Chitta is of the nature of consciousness, which is immaterial but is affected by matter

    24. For only then would it be able to return to its immaterial creator

    25. Maybe an eternal, timeless, immaterial, omnipotent, and benevolent god might do the trick

    26. You then claim that god planted in man an immortal and immaterial soul—a mysterious and undetectable substance melded with yet separate from man's material body

    27. As quick as Mark and Talia fly, she is able to fly complex maneuvers around them interspersed with instantaneous Translocations, since she is completely immaterial, all the while casting unidentifiable spells of staggering power

    28. Chuck Mallin: ―Parrish's behavior in another case is immaterial

    29. Unless misconduct is proven in the instant case it is immaterial

    30. In any case, the distinction is immaterial

    31. settlements is immaterial at this time

    32. immaterial in the pleasantly drained, lazy satisfaction of soft balls

    33. I possess what is immaterial; then I seem to remember why

    34. thought something so immaterial couldn’t have a name

    35. because he seemed so frail, so immaterial when he was running

    36. It’s a privilege of the immaterial travel:

    37. was dissolving in immaterial atoms, somewhere higher than the buildings, while I

    38. had ascended over the street, as if in slow motion, becoming immaterial and

    39. she meet me there? Would it be that easy to get to her? Using this immaterial

    40. “No! She said that a superior, immaterial being did it

    41. You see, Miss Laplante is a living proof that there is something out there, some kind of superior, immaterial being that may affect us all

    42. “Er that is immaterial,” broke in Wade, “but I get the point

    43. Yeshua was resurrected by The One, an immaterial being of infinite power but also of great kindness and compassion

    44. Whether your idea of God is the same as mine is immaterial

    45. hyperspace and projected onto the immaterial

    46. The mind is immaterial and immaculate, with radiant awareness

    47.  Do you need extra tax deductions or is that immaterial?

    48. Adopting alternate beliefs gravitated you away from who you are, but that is immaterial now

    49. “Well, if I understand you correctly, you don’t really endorse or condone a cover-up, but you wouldn’t have a problem if immaterial information is deliberately withheld in order to avoid opening a can of worms

    50. Most of the official correspondence related to minor violations or responses to immaterial issues

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