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    1. Still later the communication improved as we were either exposed to some spiritual advice or wanted help to get over some problem or tension

    2. things might actually be improved if he envisioned as his paramour this tigress, his

    3. Even so, it had been over forty hours before they started looking for it, and that of the Lula might have had improved shielding

    4. All things considered, it was much nicer than I thought; the asram has been improved a lot since 1992: A spacious cottage has been built to the west, and another one is under construction nearby

    5. hardly improved and she had insisted to get back to her

    6. Daniel, your health is much improved

    7. Since exercise has the effect of improving circulation, this improved circulation benefits the organs of the body

    8. always been the way to go to attain an improved image and renewed self-confidence

    9. Cure your backache and your chest complaints are eased, your temper improved, and your looks enhanced

    10. He had improved with the lesson but his mother ignored him

    11. the taste improved considerably after half a bottle

    12. Ali's stamina had improved

    13. improved and scientists have been able to test more

    14. procedure and know that ignorance is acceptable but easily improved upon if

    15. only that, but his grades improved by several levels

    16. They had created a rage among the female population, and the Hold Tailors had improved on them to better suit the female Ogatu

    17. issues that children have can be greatly improved or

    18. current to have improved from that which was before it, but not in all genres

    19. of the rescue from Lyndesfarne was improved standards of inspection

    20. “Well, let me tell it this way, with hSkaiya ensconced in her rocker and me at the helm of the gardens, it has improved as much as it would under my ownership, which is to say, about doubled in value

    21. Haager had improved the place, by adding electricity, to the method Old Johnny, had used

    22. Life in the little village was improved

    23. She was glad he had improved as much as he had, yesterday he had been so much better, still naïve but fun and affectionate

    24. Things have improved out of sight since my first

    25. we’ve improved over the years since then), but this was

    26. couldn’t have improved on the scene if you’d designed it!

    27. In every society, the price of every commodity finally resolves itself into some one or other, or all of those three parts ; and in every improved society, all the three enter, more or less, as component parts, into the price of the far greater part of commodities

    28. In the most improved societies, however, there are always a few commodities of which the price resolves itself into two parts only the wages of labour, and the profits of stock ; and a still smaller number, in which it consists altogether in the wages of labour

    29. bucolic, our moods improved and we turned off the frantic

    30. Let us suppose, for example, that in the greater part of employments the productive powers of labour had been improved to tenfold, or that a day's labour could produce ten times the quantity of work which it had done originally ; but that in a particular employment they had been improved only to double, or that a day's labour could produce only twice the quantity of work which it had done before

    31. The next day James had improved dramatically, as

    32. To my enormous relief, he had improved greatly in the interval

    33. mood wasn’t improved by the behaviour of the local

    34. gave thanks for his improved health and asked that Sainte

    35. Their rents, however, have risen, and their cultivation has been improved since that time

    36. The cattle bred upon the most uncultivated moors, when brought to the same market, are, in proportion to their weight or goodness, sold at the same price as those which are reared upon the most improved land

    37. It is thus that, in the progress of improvement, the rent and profit of unimproved pasture come to be regulated in some measure by the rent and profit of what is improved, and these again by the rent and profit of corn

    38. This equality, however, between the rent and profit of grass and those of corn ; of the land of which the immediate produce is food for cattle, and of that of which the immediate produce is food for men, must be understood to take place only through the greater part of the improved lands of a great country

    39. The use of the artificial grasses, of turnips, carrots, cabbages, and the other expedients which have been fallen upon to make an equal quantity of land feed a greater number of cattle than when in natural grass, should somewhat reduce, it might be expected, the superiority which, in an improved country, the price of butcher's meat naturally has over that of bread

    40. I have never even heard of any tobacco plantation that was improved and cultivated by the capital of merchants who resided in Great Britain; and our tobacco colonies send us home no such wealthy planters as we see frequently arrive from our sugar islands

    41. In its improved state, it can sometimes feed a greater number of people than it can supply with those materials; at least in the way in which they require them, and are willing to pay for them

    42. In every different stage of improvement, besides, the raising of equal quantities of corn in the same soil and climate, will, at an average, require nearly equal quantities of labour; or, what comes to the same thing, the price of nearly equal quantities; the continual increase of the productive powers of labour, in an improved state of cultivation, being more or less counterbalanced by the continual increasing price of cattle, the principal instruments of agriculture

    43. Her playing had improved with them and she would always be grateful for that

    44. In the beginning of the sixteenth century, Spain was a very poor country, even in comparison with France, which has been so much improved since that time

    45. ‘Well, all I can say is that you must have improved

    46. It is with the produce of improved and cultivated land only that cattle can be fed in the stable; because, to collect the scanty and scattered produce of waste and unimproved lands, would require too much labour, and be too expensive

    47. It the price of the cattle, therefore, is not sufficient to pay for the produce of improved and cuitivated land, when they are allowed to pasture it, that price will be still less sufficient to pay for that produce, when it must be collected with a good deal of additional labour, and brought into the stable to them

    48. It must have some tendency to sink their price in a barbarous, and to raise it in an improved and manufacturing country

    49. Whatever regulations tend to sink the price, either of wool or of raw hides, below what it naturally would he, must, in an improved and cultivated country, have some tendency to raise the price of butcher's meat

    50. The price both of the great and small cattle, which are fed on improved and cultivated land, must be sufficient to pay the rent which the landlord, and the profit which the farmer, has reason to expect from improved and cultivated land

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