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    in error

    1. [It was at this point that I realised I had entered a Police Station in error]

    2. “In my opinion, that statement is somewhat in error

    3. Another time the Alsatians were in error occurred when we investigated an alarm going off in a supermarket

    4. He was living on a strange new world; what more proof did he need that the Law was a lie, and if not a lie and simply in error, what then of its divine and infallible nature? All was not well in their world, and Gods were not in the heavens

    5. Perhaps I was in error

    6. With respect and utmost caution, I don’t think I am in error when I say that you no longer have to chastise yourself in this issue

    7. mother, is the son who causes shame, and brings reproach; My son, cease to hear the instruction which causes one to be in error from

    8. Christ is concerned, both of them are in error with

    9. that one’s experience ended at death was in error

    10. a statement from his client, which said Bent's e-mail was in error

    11. The content of the original sentence is not objectively in error or inaccurate,

    12. initial value was not incorrect or in error: it was the value observed in the circumstances

    13. One searches in vain for any admission either that his ideology was in error or his efforts ill-conceived

    14. 6 Therefore if you consider that you have now suffered those things for your good that you may not finally be condemned and tormented then you will receive eternal hope; if above all you destroy from your heart vain error on account of which you departed from here

    15. Mark 12:26-27 And regarding the dead and whether they rise: have you not read in the book of Moses how in the bush God spoke to him saying I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob? He is not the God of the dead but He is the God of the living; therefore you are greatly in error

    16. The Pharisees were in error with much of their interpretation of the scriptures

    17. They do not generally believe that they have it, and imagine that we are in error; but in rare cases they are

    18. Your children must have been sinners since they perished; you must be in error, else you would not be so afflicted

    19. Said he: "When an enemy smites you on one cheek, do not stand there dumb and passive but in positive attitude turn the other; that is, do the best thing possible actively to lead your brother in error away from the evil paths into the better ways of righteous living

    20. in error of your belief then admit to

    21. "Because You (ALLAH) have put me in error, I will surely

    22. Today we don’t actually need to worry about this technique as some software tool might be very specific in pointing out not only the statement where the problem exists but also the field that’s in error

    23. Second, the program can end in a normal manner but some of the results wind up in error, say wrong data on a file or report

    24. I also have to mention that the author needs to edit the book more than once because there are certain errors that other people won’t and can’t possibly catch

    25. As far as some of the quotes, I had a few doubts because one quote was attributed to Al Gore – I saw it in some book, which itself could have been in error – and another book listed those words flowing from the mouth of George W

    26. New Testament, are in error

    27. Obviously, one of the two was in error, or maybe both, and this only confirms the fact that statistics are impossible to verify

    28. It also turned out that some of these notices were in error

    29. 4T drive and 3 T investment levels above are probably in error

    30. Newspapers make mistakes – we’re well aware of that – but they’re the source of birth and death notices, so any information we find in these two places could be in error

    31. Back then, the time I was listening, he said that I was hearing and seeing, but of a truth, I had little knowledge of what was being spoken, and at that time; knowing Him, I believed it to be true, with little knowledge of the teachings; and thinking Him, I was to be in error, but instead, these sayings, in spite of my thinking, were being hid in my heart, and Jesus knew it

    32. Another six somewhat less frequently, but since they are placed next to the most frequently used keys, I think we can safely assume that they have mostly been pressed in error

    33. “You’re saying Spock and his computer were in error?” Doctor Simmons

    34. them, that what they believe, is in error

    35. How could she continue to treat the Warriors? Was she in error to even build up a rapport with the Medic and with the Warrior patients, and to relish the attention she was getting from the other Warriors? She turned away, frowning

    36. It was even as if Christian had been told to build in errors

    37. criminal activity on the aspiring meddler's actual physical plain of in errors- soul food

    38. However, when they turn from Him they may stumble and fall in error

    39. Thus, is this devilish description appropriate with respect to Al’lah’s messenger (cpth), the most perfect one in all creation, whom Al’lah the Almighty had confirmed in his perfection, and who is the guide of worlds to the straight path? The Almighty says: “And the star when he stoops, your compatriot (Mohammad), is not in error, nor is he deceived! He does not speak out of his own fancy

    40. become anyone’s servant if they can prove me to be in error in my

    41. “If freeing the slaves was his motivation, then biblically, he was in error

    42. But I’m afraid some silly Yank will drop a bomb in error

    43. The railroad had taken the stance that you had been in error and called a bad axle good and discharged you from your employment for that reason

    44. to be in error

    45. Rounding a large thicket of bush, in error, they strayed too close to the wood’s edge,

    46. So, Jerome wasn't in error, but later Christian (and Mormon) translations were in equating "Lucifer" with "Satan"

    47. It also demonstrates that Buddhism is in error about the precise meaning of this

    48. path, and this applies to the more noble attempts like Buddhism, which is still mired in error caused

    49. Instantly she felt that she was in error for thinking that what was transpiring around her was any fault of those shepherding her through the fires and the depravities of the enemy

    50. path that results in error and folly, which is directly contrary to wisdom and discernment

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