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    1. The youngsters in particular, who are more enlightened these days and have not been subject to foreign rule like many of us, there is a lot of resentment to rules and regulations that are practiced simply to put spokes in the development initiatives

    2. There is a definite relationship between various insects, in particular aphids, which are found on plants, and ants

    3. This knowledge was in part the power

    4. main part of kidneys was already affected in the womb”… We were

    5. "Actually, it was me who insisted on calling this in to Europol and to you in particular

    6. And one in particular who he had fallen for but never found a way to convince to be his

    7. He ached all over and in particular he felt sore

    8. The next half hour passes delightfully – the singers go through a repertoire of songs – most of which I know, but there are one or two I can’t place … Stephen and I chat intermittently about nothing in particular and waitresses appear with full glasses of wine at regular intervals – it is extremely civilised

    9. served as elders or otherwise have been active in participating in the affairs of the church

    10. Conclusion means the last or closing part of something and in part this is true with

    11. Her intellect was more a loss to them, to him in particular

    12. He ached all over and in particular he felt sore and raw between the nipples

    13. ’ Kara agreed, grinning at the reference – one of the things she and Joris had shared was a love for Earth literature, poetry in particular

    14. “Thanks guys, I’ll need a basin of water and a towel,” she said to no one in particular

    15. The same can be said about one’s health in general and the skin in particular

    16. Practice all the Yoga asanas described in the chapter on constipation, and in particular practice the water-drinking habits of the Yogis and the relaxing and contracting movements known as Uddiyani

    17. Gilla appears to understand at least in part what I am going through – heaven forefend that she should truly understand! She casually observes a couple of times how unpredictable Berndt is, how he frequently disappears without warning

    18. I tried staring into my surroundings without focusing on anything in particular and that helped a distant crumbling ruin to emerge from its orange terraced soil but the stillness made me feel I was being monitored or that something nasty was about to happen

    19. In particular she asked each fair maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond pattern ankle socks

    20. And this is my daughter who, until now has shown a remarkable lack of interest in science fiction generally and Star Wars in particular and who, not so very long ago, castigated her brother for being a Star Wars geek

    21. ‘Nothing in particular … just thinking about how wonderful it is having you here

    22. There were four residents in particular,

    23. We walked down to the gate together – he’d parked over the road in the layby – and we’d stood at the gate chatting about nothing in particular for a few minutes

    24. She comes and sits in the kitchen while Jake and Katie make the most of the extra time; we chat about nothing in particular as mothers do when drawn together by their children

    25. if it had to do with anyone in particular

    26. Then the main part of the ceremony began

    27. That is in part

    28. We sit in the café over cups of tea until nearly four, just talking about nothing in particular

    29. In particular she asked each fair

    30. Edna in particular

    31. Bex describes how her teachers fall into one of two categories; the ones who have come to resemble their books, hidebound, stiff of spine and congenitally dusty; and those who's pages get dog eared and torn as they try to remain part of the ever-changing youth culture that surrounds them

    32. Humanoid life, humans in particular, had crossed that boundary in the early to mid 40th if one was poor and living in his ancestral lands in the old north, many generations ago

    33. surface was smooth in parts, but mottled and

    34. One in particular is interesting …

    35. In particular, one of the workers at Fourways drop-in centre has reported that a number of regulars, both male and female, haven't been seen for over a week

    36. One in particular

    37. She thinks of films full of grim heroines, in particular Ripley and the alien mother, sees herself as the little girl screaming in the lift

    38. Roman exited the front of the high school at the main part of the building

    39. This was supplied in part to dissuade any truly unqualified candidates from wasting the time and materials of the new instructor

    40. However, one couple in particular seemed to be ignoring him

    41. The dream hadn't been about her, maybe it hadn't been about anyone in particular, or worse yet, maybe it really was from the past

    42. ” Aaron fell silent and looked away at nothing in particular

    43. The Atlantic passage was invigorating for Titania and Hipolyta, but for Mandy in particular

    44. John paused again partly because of the priest’s abrupt response, as if the

    45. Emma had one picture in particular, that she returned to repeatedly, it was very similar to a picture of herself, on her first birthday

    46. The Brain or the Sovereign has managed to gain partial control of the Guardian-Database

    47. In the ordinary variations of the prices of provisions, those two opposite causes seem to counterbalance one another, which is probably, in part, the reason why the wages of labour are everywhere so much more steady and permanent than the price of provisions

    48. upon their promissory-notes, of which payment, either in whole or in part may be demanded at pleasure

    49. Brice leapt to his feet, toppling his chair and causing many of the bar's patrons, the Death Guards in particular, to cast looks in his direction

    50. Going out with a bare crotch was getting to be something of a fad in parts of the city and she was a proponent of that fad

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