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    1. This site provides information about all the recent government announcements and important judgements related to direct and indirect taxes and related laws

    2. Their only indirect contact was when they exchanged thanks and some brief sound bites via a television link

    3. "Because I looked, she’s got a hardware indirect in her time-slice invocation and it leads to an alternate store in Thom’s lab

    4. Their only indirect

    5. Not until she saw the hardware indirect in her invocation did she have a clue what was going on

    6. From here she was able to open a remote window into that veron store and edit out that hardware indirect in her invocation

    7. The first of the two indirect centers, we also share with the higher forms of animals, mostly higher mammals actually

    8. Since that time, the direct trade between America and the East Indies, which is carried on by means of the Acapulco ships, has been continually augmenting, and the indirect intercourse by the way of Europe has been augmenting in a still greater proportion

    9. indirect ways one surely gets to the aim

    10. To dream that someone says he or she saw your penis means that you are dealing with some sexual matter in a roundabout or indirect way

    11. Mostly it was the indirect experiences that dominated the conversation

    12. For strength evaluation of hardened concrete by nondestructive methods calibration charts are used, which related by measured indirect evaluation to the compressive strength of concrete

    13. The sovereign, though he might have some indirect influence in those elections, and though it was sometimes usual to ask both his consent to elect, and his approbation of the election, yet had no direct or sufficient means of managing the clergy

    14. In order to render the election valid, it was necessary that the sovereign should both consent to it before hand, and afterwards approve of the person elected; and though the election was still supposed to be free, he had, however all the indirect means which his situation necessarily afforded him, of influencing the clergy in his own dominions

    15. The owners of great capitals, the great mercantile families, have generally either some direct share, or some indirect influence, in the administration of that government

    16. It does no good against indirect attacks, however

    17. Individuals are subject to indirect taxes as well

    18. “Yes, actually in an indirect way they did

    19. Survival is a serious matter, but in an indirect way we had the culprit to thank

    20. Neither was it the indirect result of benign neglect

    21. jobs and 9,000 indirect jobs and could send 28 million tons of U

    22. Shri Maharaj has come into direct or indirect contact with most of the

    23. Bank3Sector, it also offers as a whole indirect advantages to the society

    24. This indirect partner ends up hindering the investment of private initiative for wealth’ building

    25. Paradoxically, the excluded people accomplish indirect investment of the money that doesn’t have

    26. So he uses the indirect approach, curtail this industry, curtail this use, and curtail that, use money to save this or that which cannot be saved

    27. Therefore, 80% of the resources remain and they transform in investment to the public and private organizations with indirect benefit for all the people because they gain with the low prices

    28. People avoided him (the usual option) or tried by indirect means to give him trouble (local authorities, some individuals)

    29. They would wine-and-dine the headmasters, deliver every style of compliment, both indirect and outright, they could muster

    30. As a system what could improve in software industry is the indirect activities can be supported with tools for improving efficiency and people time spent is less in them

    31. Indirect knowledge is based on sensation

    32. Jean Chretien's ties to China have become more indirect, but no less

    33. If you have a very active Twitter account, at the very least, this can certainly have an indirect impact on your search rankings

    34. EPA‘s new cement kiln regulation could shut down 18 plants threatening 1,800 direct jobs and 9,000 indirect jobs and could send 28

    35. 5 billion in GDP; $931 million in indirect tax revenue for state and local governments; and Sustained 15,000 high-paying jobs

    36. The same thing happened in France, but it was more indirect, due to the political tension between Rome and Paris, but the last word rested with the French monarch, whatever the appearances

    37. Unfortunately, that indirect procedure detracted, in some measure, from the power the data would otherwise have had

    38. indirect sales here and your future resource building by doing this in the way of

    39. Usually his pulse rate was in an indirect ratio to his altitude

    40. Half of that amount is indirect costs, things like

    41. It all lived up to the indirect and gradual approach of the British Fabians’

    42. He kept to indirect mode

    43. have often been the cause, whether it be direct or indirect, of its

    44. power, the either direct or indirect complicity of the mother-group to kill the

    45. father that is either hidden or is carried out in indirect and veiled ways

    46. What happens during war? Isn’t it an indirect way to kill the

    47. almost always indirect, only rarely is it as direct as in the tragedy of Oedipus,

    48. It was an indirect statement, since we both knew that she had, but I was just trying to

    49. there could be indirect ways of detecting dark plasma life forms

    50. researchers may have already detected these indirect traces in certain instances

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