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Intensify в предложении (на )

  1. And intensify them also.
  2. Carrot flavor will intensify.
  3. The storm continued to intensify.
  4. In fact he utilized it to intensify his.
  5. This behaviour will intensify if a male.

  6. I felt something intensify my concentration.
  7. I was trying to help you intensify that feeling.
  8. Killing Mia would only intensify that investigation.
  9. Kissinger said Nixon usually wanted to intensify the bombing.
  10. She hadn’t been a vampire long enough to intensify her hearing.
  11. When she tries to stop crying, it seems to only intensify the feeling.
  12. The snow appeared to intensify as the red and white ambulance moved up the.
  13. And the resentment, instead of dissipating with time, it seemed to intensify.
  14. Stimulants intensify alertness, anxiousness and awareness, and boost up energy.
  15. Student! and her stupid laugh would still further intensify my loathing of her.

  16. Her lessons on delivering exquisite pleasure with her lips and tongue intensify.
  17. We intend to use the crystal to intensify and control that which is already there.
  18. And intensify those good habits… until they are so intense: they cannot be poisoned.
  19. To further intensify your imagination, you have to actually feel what the character is.
  20. Lett BT (1989) Repeated exposures intensify rather than diminish the rewarding effects of.
  21. Danny thought he could see the aura of the Earth intensify, reaching out toward the creature.
  22. Reoren, is there any chance you can intensify the light of your incantation? This morass is wide.
  23. Asia felt her hatred for this woman intensify to a fever pitch, What did you do to John? She asked.
  24. If this trend of aggregation continues, and it seems likely that it will, this effect is likely to intensify.
  25. The screeching of the parrots and the chattering of the invisible monkeys seemed to intensify the midday heat.

  26. You know Doyle, the only way you can intensify your concentration is by dealing with more intense distractions.
  27. He did not care that midnight had come and gone, that was just a ploy to intensify the moment for his followers.
  28. Those gals are sticking things up his ass and…‖ Sam‘s voice started to intensify as his partner cut him off.
  29. At times her whimsical fancy would intensify natural processes around her till they seemed a part of her own story.
  30. Then he will try steadily to intensify the influence of that sub-ray in his life, until finally it becomes dominant.
  31. The brilliant wards and runes on the towering walls of the cavern will connect to the field of the stones, and intensify it.
  32. Because fear and anger take turns and intensify each other, the suppressed adrenaline escapes and runs through my entire body.
  33. Still hovering above the Gate, We watched its crystal core, once clear, intensify to heatless white as outward flowed Those bearing Gifts.
  34. Many villages were burned by order of Zeus and Yrene sent some flames from the Underworld to intensify the fire on Earth and make it spread faster.
  35. When such man is driven to be treated in Fire, he will ask God to let its intensity at one degree without changing and not to intensify its burning.
  36. Eilidh wanted nothing more than to find sleep behind her tired eyelids, but closing her eyes caused the awful thoughts of Ruaidhri’s fate to intensify.
  37. If the victim really bad the undesirable quality attributed to him, the pupil' s potent thought would intensify it; if no such quality existed, the same.
  38. And if you intensify that energy of Pure Wonder: then, it its direction changes to the future… and becomes able to penetrate itself, and all other Energy.
  39. I got to my feet stiffly and before I could resist, aged but still strong arms enveloped me in a bear hug that caused the pain in my side to intensify slightly.
  40. The watching elves could all see the magic field around them intensify as all of their ambient power joined with that of the wedding chapel and roiled around the podium.
  41. The contrition will intensify inside themselves until it burns their spirits, so they will find no way to escape from that immaterial torture except by throwing themselves in fire.
  42. They'd bonded over the last week through their mutual overprotective reservations, and he suspected that this would only intensify during the fortnight they spent at Wesley's manor.
  43. Love will be sufficient only for a moment of life, but the very consciousness of its momentariness will intensify its fire, which now is dissipated in dreams of eternal love beyond the grave’.
  44. Finally the holding company device permits of financial practices that exaggerate the indicated earnings, dividend return, or book value, during boom times, and thus intensify speculative fervor and facilitate market manipulation.
  45. How can I intensify my life, how can I have more intense fun, more exciting challenges… how can I experience as much happiness and suffering as intensely as possible? if you do not think you need hardship: trying having a ‘party’ non-stop, and see how quickly you burn out.
  46. Levi looked at Mallika in confusion and his expression continued to intensify as she unfolded her true nature in front of him, her eyes swirling with a hint of black ink, pouring down to form her veins as they etched their mark, ending with the exposing of her teeth ever so slowly, ever so calmly.
  47. As the countdown reached one minute, the doubt popped up in Scott's mind and seemed to intensify with each passing second: was this just a ruse to get him to vacate the ship? Did this alien really care, let alone know what would be the correct timing? Surely they need to have experimented first, and the cost of failure too much to risk it.
  48. But Lydgate had not been long in the town before there were particulars enough reported of him to breed much more specific expectations and to intensify differences into partisanship; some of the particulars being of that impressive order of which the significance is entirely hidden, like a statistical amount without a standard of comparison, but with a note of exclamation at the end.
  1. Panic was intensifying.
  2. Pulsating, intensifying pain.
  3. Now, the lack of AC was intensifying every symptom.
  4. She looked horrified, and the Blood was intensifying it.
  5. Intensifying in the fog, it sparkled brightly, coming nigh.
  6. The FBI claimed to be intensifying their search for the pilot in Florida.
  7. At the time, my husband’s paranoia was intensifying, because of his work.
  8. She grabbed the front of his sweater pulling him closer, intensifying the kiss.
  9. I bit back a groan, the moisture from my skin disappearing, the heat intensifying.
  10. A rational, albeit risky idea, with the temperature still intensifying, the Fife had had.
  11. Production was not sufficient to fuel demand for a fad product with competition intensifying.
  12. Consciously calming his nerves, he couldn’t help but hear the intensifying shouts from above.
  13. It created all the ingredients necessary for increasing and intensifying human misery and suffering.
  14. It was like a worm eating them up from inside, intensifying over and over again their physical pain.
  15. Briefly, you radiate waves of good feelings, intensifying them manifold and thus creating a graceful wave field.
  16. The tampering with his memories had the added benefit of intensifying the headaches that he routinely got anyway.
  17. The Club paused in their ever intensifying merriment and watched Lochert shoulder his way to the bar and climb up.
  18. But her resolve did nothing to prevent the cold wind and stinging snow from intensifying the pain on her exposed flesh.
  19. This is their initial attack though there has not been one for some time; this battle with the populations is intensifying.
  20. The last major innovation intensifying the insane greed of selective ownership was the creation of the legality of modern patents.
  21. As Theramin spoke, the power field seemed to become a bright storm of magic that filled the entire glade, intensifying towards the center.
  22. Stretching up from the mud, it tentatively tested the water, undefined and insubstantial at first, but intensifying as it became more confident.
  23. He worked with Adam for years, patiently intensifying his concentration before he was able to reveal to him the slightest truths about his being.
  24. The bad weather was intensifying outside and the cold wind broke the windows of the castle, of every house, every fortress, every building in the world.
  25. I unwrapped my scarf from around my neck and handed to him, and he proceeded to tie it tightly around my arm, stopping the bleeding but intensifying the pain.
  26. This kindles the man’s sexual desire even more, intensifying his insane craving for this woman and his insuperable passion for sexual intercourse with her as soon as possible.
  27. His activity seemed to be intensifying around the time that the actions against the plans for building more pipelines were heating up, though he never communicated with me about that particular domain of activity.
  28. They are merely ways to have more fun by intensifying the human elements in Sports instead of worshipping only the mechanical-physical elements of Power-control-manipulation-domination-winning-absolute values-linear lines, linear-dead ideas.
  29. But this we do know, if we stop right now, cease growth and begin sharing, that we will no longer be adding to the coming collapse nor intensifying the subsequent reconstruction of all living systems – including ourselves, but not by ourselves, nor for ourselves only.
  30. Listening to this inner voice of informed language may enhance Self’s ability to make sense of past experiences and to enable appropriate decisions and choices to be made in the present and future, so intensifying Self’s sense of personal worth, peace and well-being.
  31. But not yet have we solved the incantation of this whiteness, and learned why it appeals with such power to the soul; and more strange and far more portentous—why, as we have seen, it is at once the most meaning symbol of spiritual things, nay, the very veil of the Christian's Deity; and yet should be as it is, the intensifying agent in things the most appalling to mankind.
  1. The feeling of dread intensified.
  2. The heat in his cheeks intensified.
  3. The hiss of rain intensified outside.
  4. The low howl intensified the farther.
  5. That only intensified the pain further.
  6. The feeling was intensified because it.
  7. It would have intensified their panic….
  8. The elf’s glare intensified for a moment.
  9. Each mail brought intensified news about.
  10. The constant pain in his head intensified.
  11. My sense of being on an island intensified.
  12. Here the feelings get intensified, no doubt.
  13. His suffering, the horror of it, intensified.
  14. The brilliance of its form intensified, the.
  15. The tension in his head intensified once more.
  16. A moment that only intensified as it went on.
  17. Monday morning the company drills intensified.
  18. The draft intensified, and I could tell that.
  19. The heat intensified, and we all would soon.
  20. The Passage’s sound deepened and intensified.
  21. Doubtless the blizzard had intensified around.
  22. As I worked, the scent of foul flesh intensified.
  23. The sounds of the drums had intensified however.
  24. His options dwindled as the daydreams intensified.
  25. None had made a sound since my labor intensified.
  26. The wind intensified and they moved into the cave.
  27. He intensified the hate Greeks had for each other.
  28. Many unknown to you, which are intensified by the.
  29. He intensified the violence and insanity of warfare.
  30. She thought, what if I get hurt? The pull intensified.
  31. His powers and capacities are exceedingly intensified.
  32. As the heat intensified Holly was lurched off her feet.
  33. The field intensified rapidly before shield activation.
  34. In addition, return asymmetry has intensified over time.
  35. And in the democracy they are certainly more intensified.
  36. So many things, quite harmless, that one must intensified.
  37. The African mid-summer heat intensified, tightening my skin.
  38. Stanley’s crying intensified, to the point of him almost.
  39. The shaking intensified and the shop swayed back and forth.
  40. A fist pounding on the door above her intensified the agony.
  41. The thunderstorm intensified, to the point of rocking trees.
  42. In 1889 the problems with The Burghers of Calais intensified.
  43. As the contractions intensified, I felt I wanted to escape.
  44. The awful wailing intensified, drowning out his frantic calls.
  45. The intrigue of the house intensified after Tobias had shot.
  46. She wrenched her arm from his grasp and intensified her glare.
  47. I rolled over, ignoring the pain in my head as it intensified.
  48. The waves of silver and gold light surrounding her intensified.
  49. Not long after the Gibson-Sawyer news, the situation intensified.
  50. It seemed to be oddly more potent than usual, as if intensified.
  51. He unclipped his baton, just in case, as the shouts intensified.
  52. Matters intensified when Elvis began growling at the entrance to.
  53. Then, just as quickly as it had intensified, the storm died down.
  54. His sense of it was intensified, he could feel it in his temples.
  55. The winds intensified and thunders were roaming around on the sky.
  56. The ashes were rubbed on next and intensified what I already felt.
  57. The red glow intensified as did the sound of something rushing by.
  58. What a shock for Aslan for his terrible emotional pain intensified.
  59. Please! Flicker said, as the sadness in her eyes intensified.
  60. He intensified all the worst elements of Greek and persian culture.
  61. As the anger intensified, Eric saw it's not really anger, but rage.
  62. His frown intensified as he stomached again the incident with Pierre.
  63. The kiss intensified and the tip of his tongue played with her senses.
  64. Their interest intensified when the van slowed down and turned into.
  65. Antonia’s fear intensified as she watched Carlos’ face turn white.
  66. All the memories from it only intensified his raging longing, for her.
  67. The sound is bounced back and intensified by the surrounding mountains.
  68. A personal experience has intensified rather than diminished that idea.
  69. His screams intensified regardless of this, and though she had secured.
  70. The low-pitched hum intensified, sent forth great waves of rolling sound.
  71. Rose looked from them to Summers—whose confusion had only intensified.
  72. Everything had a religious and intensified meaning when he was with her.
  73. Gradually the sound intensified and the trees started to quiver and shake.
  74. A pulse went wild within her feminine folds, as the sensations intensified.
  75. It intensified my anxiety until it was sharp enough to affect my breathing.
  76. The activity in the rear of the van intensified, but Rapp didn’t look back.
  77. From 2001, as the internal armed conflict in Nepal intensified, the flow of.
  78. The sounds played on his nerves, and intensified his frustrations and fears.
  79. Slowly the soft buzzing noise intensified so that he had to take notice of it.
  80. The color, which had intensified in his anger, suddenly drained from his face.
  81. I simply couldn’t put it down, and the storm only intensified the suspense.
  82. Evette was beautiful, but the haunted look in Evette’s eyes had intensified.
  83. The Lost One frowned and the humming of the mind-cane at his side intensified.
  84. My senses all intensified at once, and I was sure that I could smell him or her.
  85. Bombing and artillery fire intensified and civilian casualties steadily mounted.
  86. But from 2001, as the internal armed conflict in Nepal intensified, the flow of.
  87. For this reason passions of opposition against government were being intensified.
  88. In the years leading up to the war, the rhetoric and the hostilities intensified.
  89. The manhunt for Gary Soneji/Murphy had intensified after the body was discovered.
  90. He had helped to create the intensified bitterness that lay within Millicent now.
  91. Watching her fumble with her seatbelt for a few moments, Joel’s gaze intensified.
  92. Desperate to block it out, I stumbled further away, but the voice just intensified.
  93. The deafening boom of the quake intensified, and she could barely stay on her feet.
  94. The stickman’s progress was little more than a crawl as the gradient intensified.
  95. As a result the principles and dynamics of Adversarial competition were intensified.
  96. With the hours counting down to the 22nd, we intensified our efforts in finding Bob.
  97. The crimson energy intensified and focused on a point in front of the troll’s desk.
  98. The nauseating feeling intensified and I thought at one stage that I would throw up.
  99. The anti-Semitic signs were rehung; the brutality and terror resumed and intensified.
  100. She wasn't hard to find, the hot water intensified the sweet aroma only she possessed.
  1. Extreme stress only intensifies the effect.
  2. This intensifies the benefits of this asana.
  3. This pranayama intensifies the blood flow in.
  4. Picking it up, he peers inside and the scowl intensifies.
  5. This call buying intensifies, driving the PC ratio to under 0.
  6. What the sense of wonder does; is that it intensifies everything.
  7. Nature is responsive to the moods of mankind and intensifies them in.
  8. It is The balanced path of natural hardship, which intensifies life-energy.
  9. The activity of these men only intensifies the despotism of the governments.
  10. Violet is an interesting mutation rarely seen, in which a gene intensifies the blue coloration to a deep violet shade.
  11. The plant changes and intensifies the telepathic signal again, as if it had suspicion, but it doesn't know whatś happening.
  12. As more information becomes available, the debate intensifies over whether the atomic bombings were really necessary to save lives.
  13. The rationale behind the strategy is that uncertainty about the news coming out of earnings announcements intensifies as the announcement date approaches.
  14. But a race can also begin suddenly, when the sun changes for a time, shining with a brighter or different light, and the magic of the Source intensifies for a period from one day to thirty years.
  15. As competition in the market intensifies and buying interest builds, the declines will become shallower simply because more people are buying them; this will force large traders to become even more aggressive in buying at higher prices.
  16. Warning, even when administered in the most tactful manner and conveyed in the most kindly spirit, as a rule, only intensifies hatred and fires the evil determination to carry out to the full one's own selfish projects, when love is once really dead.
  17. Then the outward condition of cruelty and of slavery was in complete harmony with the inner conscience of men, and every step in advance intensified this harmony; now the outward condition of cruelty and of slavery is completely contradictory to the Christian consciousness of men, and every step in advance only intensifies this contradiction.

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