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    1. A journalist who enjoys a First Amendment right to obtain certain information as it relates to his or her pursuit of a ―storyline‖ should properly consider the sensibilities of the individual being interviewed; that questions raised should be fair and balanced and not intended to either harass, embarrass or otherwise offend that individual and that the highest (professional) standards should be (properly) observed at all times and that that journalist should neither conceal some hidden agenda nor interpose pre-conceived biases that purposely seek to discredit, distract or place that individual in a compromising position and that answers to stated questions should never be taken out of context or pre-determined and that, (most importantly), privacy rights should be observed at all times

    2. Dakra tried to interpose her body between me and him, but by then I had managed to get his cock from his pants and was applying my trade to it

    3. Slowly also, the good that came from the hunt began to interpose itself between the evil source of terror of the hunted and that other, which had always seemed to lie just beyond Man’s physical senses

    4. Thus a Thief, whom I can not harm but by appeal to the Law, for having stolen all that I am worth, I may kill, when he sets on me to rob me, but of my Horse or Coat: because the Law which was made for my Preservation, where it cannot interpose to secure my

    5. Again he spoke aloud, trying to will away such thoughts, or at least interpose other ones, better ones

    6. Again he spoke aloud, trying to will away such thoughts, or at least interpose other ones, better

    7. 6 Some of the Jews held to the opinion that God might possibly establish this new kingdom by direct and divine intervention, but the vast majority believed that he would interpose some representative intermediary, the Messiah

    8. Xia, who had tensed up at the hostile tone of the cardinal, quickly interpose himself between the guards and Vyyn while drawing his stun pistol in a flash

    9. Seeing Whitehead slow down and hesitate, Ingrid hurried to interpose herself before a misunderstanding could happen

    10. Then, they could interpose in the economy and the worldwide trade, and acquired a great fame in that

    11. "Dearest dear! Can you tell me, this last time, that you feel quite, quite sure, no new affections of mine, and no new duties of mine, will ever interpose between us? _I_ know it well, but do you know it?

    12. "That's all true," Zossimov hastened to interpose

    13. Him, Darnay heard with a particular feeling of objection; and Darnay stood divided between going away that he might hear no more, and remaining to interpose his word, when the thing that was to be, went on to shape itself out

    14. considerations of decorum, she flung her arms around his neck and pressing her face close to his, said, "Yes, my dear lord, you are the true master of this your slave, even though adverse fate interpose again, and fresh dangers threaten this life that hangs on yours

    15. "It is all," said Don Quixote, "a scheme and plot of the malignant magicians that persecute me, who, foreseeing that I was to be victorious in the conflict, arranged that the vanquished knight should display the countenance of my friend the bachelor, in order that the friendship I bear him should interpose to stay the edge of my sword and might of my arm, and temper the just wrath of my heart; so that he who sought to take my life by fraud and falsehood should save his own

    16. Go in peace, O peerless pair of true lovers! May you reach your longed-for fatherland in safety, and may fortune interpose no impediment to your prosperous journey; may the eyes of your friends and kinsmen behold you enjoying in peace and tranquillity the remaining days of your life--and that they may be as many as those of Nestor!"

    17. This unexpected resistance gave Magua time to interpose, and with rapid enunciation

    18. I kept in the background, as you wished, and waited, not for the decision of your heart or my own, but hoping that providence would graciously interpose in our behalf, and order events in our favor

    19. Yet, uttering his long-restrained emotions so vehemently as he did, his words here offered her the very point of circumstances in which to interpose what she came to say

    20. Nonetheless he moved to interpose the patient grey-and-blue bulk of Nell’s butt between himself and the readied arrow as he pulled axe and round shield off her back

    21. "Don't do that, my dear," Ivan Matveitch hastened to interpose

    22. "Ha! ha! ha! But you know there is no such thing as choice in reality, say what you like," you will interpose with a chuckle

    23. All that we have to do, it appears to me, is to make a provision, in the nature of a declaratory law, not amending the act of 1807, but, declaring what the law is; and we ought to quiet the rights, and the mind too, of every man in society, by declaring that, by the act of 1807, it was not intended to authorize the President of the United States to interpose the bayonet between the courts of justice and the individual

    24. Whilst this principle is adhered to, there will be no danger of running into the folly and extravagance which so much alarms gentlemen; and whenever it is abandoned—whenever Congress shall lay burdensome taxes to augment the Navy beyond what may be authorized by the increased wealth, and demanded by the exigencies of the country, the people will interpose, and, removing their unworthy representatives, apply the appropriate corrective

    25. And, was it not a different question, whether we should interpose our authority between the subject of a foreign nation and his Government, when that subject is fighting your battles, bleeding on the deck of your public ship, at twelve dollars a month, and when he is decoyed into a corsair by the temptation of eighty, fifty, or forty dollars a month? There is a difference, sir, said Mr

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