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    1. Darwin seems to be having reasonable weather and the veterinary clinic has been busy so her job is not in jeopardy as it was the last time we talked

    2. His job was thus regularly to be found in jeopardy, should he not be able to balance everything out as expected

    3. Ultimately their lives would be in jeopardy as well

    4. had been threatened, there was no escape from jeopardy; for some while she’d had the feeling that someone was out to get her

    5. ’ ‘Then you are likewise aware that your own existence is in jeopardy

    6. Therefore, my job security was seriously in jeopardy

    7. On the other side of the coin, the Milo was in grave jeopardy of being scuttled and lost forever

    8. jeopardy and she called on them regularly to assist

    9. Because that would put all of them in jeopardy, he decided against it

    10. which could put thousands of jobs in jeopardy

    11. With the revival of Assyria, consolidated during the reign of Ashurnasirpal II, Bit Adini sees its trade relations in the area in jeopardy and thus, along with Babylon, promotes small uprisings in Border States with Assyria

    12. 17 And he said, Be it far from me, O Lord, that I should do this, is not this the blood of the men that went in jeopardy of their lives?

    13. The quest for truth itself was in jeopardy

    14. After all, her life was now in jeopardy because her boyfriend was a dumbass

    15. My God forbid it me, that I should do this thing, shall I drink the blood of these men that have put their lives in jeopardy? for with the

    16. jeopardy of their lives they brought it

    17. could be in jeopardy

    18. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Russians and how I had put everybody I cared about in jeopardy

    19. On the one hand, it seemed that killing Terry would throw his future earning potential into serious jeopardy

    20. He urged me to do the same, as any contact between us would put his people in great jeopardy

    21. of Mattathias, of the posterity of Jarib, together with his brothers, put themselves in jeopardy, and resisting the enemies of their nation

    22. He rejected his young wife for many months, and went into rehabilitation, and sometimes she felt there had been another woman, or more involved, she confided in tears, but she could not even discuss the subject with him, and their marriage was in jeopardy for quite a while, actually until she had the next child, a strapping son that changed everything for them both

    23. I was sorry that I put her through this, through pain and heartbreak but mostly I was sorry that I put her life in jeopardy

    24. On March, 19, 2011 influential unions objected to this and other new rules which could put thousands of jobs in jeopardy

    25. But moderate Republicans in jeopardy this fall desperately wanted

    26. Another problem with “hate crimes” is that it may lead to double jeopardy

    27. 43 Eleazar also surnamed Savaran perceiving that one of the beasts armed with royal harness was higher than all the rest and supposing that the king was on him 44 Put himself in jeopardy to the end he might deliver his people and get him a perpetual name: 45 What for he ran on him courageously through the midst of the battle killing on the right hand and on the left so that they were divided from him on both sides

    28. 29 Forasmuch as often there have been wars in the country in which for the maintenance of their sanctuary and the law Simon the son of Mattathias of the posterity of Jarib together with his brothers put themselves in jeopardy and resisting the enemies of their nation did their nation great honour; 30 For after that Jonathan having gathered his nation together and been their high priest was added to his people 31 Their enemies prepared to invade their country that they might destroy it and lay hands on the sanctuary: 32 At which time Simon rose up and fought for his nation and spent much of his own substance and armed the valiant men of his nation and gave them wages 33 And fortified the cities of Judea together with Bethsura that lies on the borders of Judea where the armour of the enemies had been before; but he set a garrison of Jews there: 34 Moreover he fortified Joppa which lies on the sea and Gazera that borders on Azotus where the enemies had dwelt before but he placed Jews there and furnished them with all things convenient for the reparation of it

    29. recognize the jeopardy they were in

    30. in jeopardy if he should find her

    31. jeopardy over trying to rescue me

    32. “Our regions remain in jeopardy as long as the Planes are linked

    33. jeopardy the way you were when Tobias shot you

    34. Gaspar, fearing that his much anticipated supper date might be in jeopardy, stood again quickly and offered her his arm

    35. dragged her into his life he put her in jeopardy

    36. But is it so with the so-called honor-killings of the unfortunate females whom the Cupid tends into the arms of lesser males across the caste barriers? What an irony is that men invest their honor in their women all the while treating them as vassals! What idiocy the honor-killing is - would it ever restore to the family the lost honor? Why, with the infamy of murder tagged to it, it only ensures a double jeopardy for the family, won't it?’

    37. When it came to Sneha, she felt that it was a case of double jeopardy for her

    38. Do professed Christians fear the exposure of a self-sufficient and unconsecrated fellowship of social respectability and selfish economic maladjustment? Does institutional Christianity fear the possible jeopardy, or even the overthrow, of traditional ecclesiastical authority if the Jesus of Galilee is reinstated in the minds and souls of mortal men as the ideal of personal religious living? Indeed, the social readjustments, the economic transformations, the moral rejuvenations, and the religious revisions of Christian civilization would be drastic and revolutionary if the living religion of Jesus should suddenly supplant the theologic religion about Jesus

    39. It was not enough so she tried to sell Avon products from her apartment on the side, which put her social assistance money in jeopardy

    40. "Without such knowledge, your lives will always be in jeopardy

    41. If he tried to stop Sir Peter he put their lives in jeopardy

    42. It would have if Stu had not put all their lives in jeopardy

    43. “Warren Elias Rothschild the Fourth knew that with Elizabeth back in the hands of the crew that had operated her, the secret of his ownership of the Third Force was in jeopardy

    44. where the abused person’s safety was in jeopardy work to her

    45. Game shows are still around today with Jeopardy

    46. And millions of America’s young people were put into jeopardy: killed, injured, and scarred for life

    47. Naturally, he can’t miss Jeopardy

    48. Do what you can, but don’t put yourselves in jeopardy

    49. that was partially lifted from his mind and gave him more faith that Charles’s security was not currently in jeopardy

    50. soon realized that his freedom was in jeopardy, so he just hot

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