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Keystone в предложении (на )

  1. Sharks are a keystone species.
  2. The keystone did not reappear.
  3. We are a keystone each, I believe.
  4. By pass, you must mean the keystone.
  5. It’s not there as the keystone itself.

  6. The Keystone Kops, fifteen times; and when Mr.
  7. Perhaps the keystone in the arch of political correctness.
  8. The keystone of the arch crashed almost on their heels, and the.
  9. All I know is that the keystone is what has enabled us to reach this place.
  10. Perhaps the cleanup would have progressed better had the Keystone Cops done it.
  11. After dinner, we headed in to Keystone to nab some Wi-Fi, and update the journal.
  12. Amonas thought that if nothing else at all, the keystone was a very rare thing indeed.
  13. Once the keystone went in, an entrance opened up as if by magic: it was a wondrous affair.
  14. Amonas now saw him as he kept clutching the keystone, scratching it with a finger at times.
  15. They continued their descent with a bit more speed, now that Hilderich had secured the keystone.

  16. This had to be ended quickly, before the guard on the ledge above was able to release the keystone.
  17. It is that keystone which holds the walls and the extraction of which causes the building to cave in.
  18. He said it was a keystone and that it was fitting that it should be a pommel stone on such a sword.
  19. In the keystone of the arch above the door was the image of a grinning human skull with a broad forehead.
  20. Truth is the epitome, the alpha and omega, of human intelligence — the keystone power of master spirits.
  21. It is the keystone of the arch that supports the walls, the abstraction of which would destroy the whole fabric.
  22. The keystone in Hilderich’s hand felt more like a sigil or a charm to him, something he had to connect himself with.
  23. We checked a Keystone hotel, but the only rooms they had left were the honeymoon suite and some other expensive suites.
  24. That keystone your master had in his care, that was a keystone I had personally entrusted to him, a ticket for a way in.
  25. The arch! Above the–– His words became unintelligible, and one of the guards shouted something about a keystone.

  26. Up to now, the joke was clearly on the RCMP, which was now passing off as a bunch of clueless, mean variant of the Keystone Cops.
  27. At each step Hilderich would peer left and right quickly but certain enough that not a glimmer of the keystone had caught his eye.
  28. The boar guarding the keystone sensed something and turned his head, studying the undergrowth where Brokin lay hidden for a long moment.
  29. There had to be a way of getting into the tunnel before the guard at the rock pile spotted them and released the keystone, he told himself.
  30. You’re not listening! You think I’m seeing things! I saw the keystone had left a dent on the stone, a bump that wasn’t there before.
  31. In addition to that, the soldiers were performing no better than keystone cops, for only the ones in front had seen Tam fly over their heads.
  32. The flaring lights suddenly stopped and the keystone remained inert, half way there into the black surface of the pyramid’s blocky stone step.
  33. Hilderich turned around to look at the steps below searching for the keystone, this time with a healthier distance from the summit’s precipice.
  34. This precarious mound was held in place by a single small keystone, the removal of which would cause the whole pile of rocks to come crashing down.
  35. The pillars of light, the pyramids, the keystone, the voice; all we’ve seen so far are indeed proof of the concepts and theories in his studies.
  36. Amonas hands went to his heart and stomach instinctively, as he was indeed looking like he was searching for the keystone to jut out from some awkward place.
  37. One of his fighters had managed to reach the keystone before the sentry had been able to fully release it, but Brokin could see that it had been a close thing.
  38. Brokin swiftly turned his attention to the guard circling cautiously in front of him, but his mind was still half-occupied with the badger guarding the keystone.
  39. In frustration I invented the first of the games, the first of the displacement activities that would become a keystone in my monument to survival in this terrible place.
  40. With his indecision hidden away, he touched the half-buried keystone one more time with his palm, and then it was gone, like it had been swallowed up by the blackness of the stones alone.
  41. Nothing that his senses could grasp ensued and kept on pressing slightly harder and harder, when after a certain threshold the keystone indeed seemed to bury itself gradually inside the black stone.
  42. A keystone that was in the care of my master, who had spent years of his life trying to connect the existence of the keystones with other devices, and an extinct civilization of extreme sophistication.
  43. To his untold surprise, once he had indeed pressed it halfway deep into the black stone, the green keystone lit up with a rainbow of colors cast from an inner light that could not have been a reflection of the pale bluish suns.
  44. What is there to lose if you try? Your vaunted pride? If you don’t do it now, there’s every chance we are going to miss the next fireball and that might be our last! Do you want to die here? Use the keystone! Find a way in!.
  45. One April afternoon a large moving van drove up and two men ran in and out, like Keystone Cops, the nearest thing to collision, but always skidding around each other with a fast-action routine of clocks, lamps, chairs, tables, and urns.
  46. Amonas was led right into the hands of a young man in possession of a keystone, an artifact that seems to enable its wielder to enter the game’s center, where the real Agrippa is located, the place from where he actually plays, controlling his avatar.
  47. She looked at Willie there in the strong silence and the only thing she knew about the situation was him and his life and what had happened to him, and suddenly he was the keystone; suddenly she knew that if he could be pried loose, then the thing in all of them might be loosened and torn away.
  48. Zoned by those letters you saw the likeness of three Andes' summits; from one a flame; a tower on another; on the third a crowing cock; while arching over all was a segment of the partitioned zodiac, the signs all marked with their usual cabalistics, and the keystone sun entering the equinoctial point at Libra.
  49. The police car took off after the ostrich at high speed and at first it looked as though the show would be over pretty quickly because the police car soon caught up with the ostrich, but as the car drew level with the fleeing bird and Shooter lent over to do his deed with the sock, what happened was reminiscent of the Keystone Cops.
  50. Last weekend, the Republican-controlled House proposed legislation that made the ongoing funding of government subject to a defunding of Obama Care, piled on top of a grab-bag of GOP wish-list items including the approval of the Keystone pipeline, a commitment to future business-friendly tax reform, repealing a tax on medical devices and more.

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