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    1. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    2. Think back to when you were a kid

    3. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    4. “What would you know about it? You’re just a kid

    5. A WORKER in a white coat, young kid with long blond hair, rock-and-roll t-shirt approaches pushing a gurney with a patient on it

    6. The kid was really a good boy, a bit of mischief now and then and horny since his gonads started up a few years ago

    7. At least women were a subject he could teach the kid about

    8. "That's the Elven way," Tahlmute said quietly, then, "smart kid," so he could hear

    9. This is my kid

    10. Real smart kid

    11. when you as a kid were having a sad and depressed look

    12. But he’s not a kid of seventeen now … he’s a grown man of forty-five, I remind myself

    13. He was still a kid in some ways, eager was one of them

    14. Still, all the hard work was done with this kid before he got here, and racially, he could not be doosEr's

    15. This wasn't a politician looking for votes or a local kid collecting for a sponsored run

    16. He's a kid and I love him, but how could he have been so

    17. ’ I commented, remembering the paraffin heater my parents had when I was a kid

    18. I mean, that's what they're for with young lads, right? He was only a kid, still learning

    19. "He wasn't just any kid

    20. "Well, Kid, it's your turn to show me your best stuff

    21. The poor kid was frozen, stuck to the kitchen chair

    22. Suzy was certainly a smart kid

    23. But what about that kid on the bus? Would he deserve to see that? Of course not

    24. ‘Oh … I’ve known Jackie for years, Kate, she’s lived in the village all her life and I can remember seeing her around as a kid when I used to come and stay with the grandparents

    25. At the moment of contact, with The Kid waiting for a response, I asked for nothing much at all

    26. Then, just before the door slammed shut again, The Kid poked his head into the cell and said, “Not promising anything, but I’ll see what I can do

    27. The Kid was a gentle soul, I felt sure, and I found myself suddenly wanting him close by me again

    28. As with Smiler and his off-hand brutality, the basic pattern of my existence shifted and I accepted the relative kindness of The Kid over the next couple of days

    29. The Kid kept up with the pleasantries and, although he was clearly my captor, I started to look forward to our brief interludes

    30. I learned to control my body so that I didn’t have to use the bucket too many times, hating the crawling stink of my own detritus, and, oddly, I did not want The Kid to be offended by my bodily waste

    31. All the while The Kid smiled at me when he left me a cigarette and a match

    32. The Kid told me that the guards did four-day stints, which meant that tomorrow morning would be my last breakfast with him

    33. By this last day of his guard rota The Kid was much more confident

    34. The Kid stepped back into the corridor and allowed me to lift my hood up so that I could see the full glory of his bounty

    35. The Kid stood and withdrew back to the doorway

    36. My dreams of achieving true rapport with The Kid were built on foundations of sand

    37. Good cop, bad cop: the alternating patterns of behaviour of The Kid and Smiler

    38. Despite the warmth of my feelings for The Kid I started to become emotionally numb, existing only when the wavelength of light changed or my nerves pinched my soul under Smiler’s latest onslaught

    39. I ate for The Kid but not for Smiler

    40. I thought about The Kid and the monstrous difference between the two men

    41. They told me that The Kid even sat with me during the dark hours, watching blood pound through the artery in my thin skinned neck as my body fought for oxygen under the onslaught of fever and infection

    42. I thought about The Kid and Smiler

    43. The Kid and the others, Matthew and Mark as I have come to call them as the misting of memory reduces them in my mind’s eye, the ones who spoke about their God and their belief, they all tried to impress on me the truth of love and vengeance

    44. Just before they closed the compartment The Kid leaned in and taped over my mouth

    45. ’ She replied, ‘Oh, Kate! I was a midwife for forty years … you can’t kid me

    46. He did want to please her and would try a little too hard at times, but he was such a kid he couldn't help getting carried away in it, so he wasn't all studied

    47. only as the Kid

    48. thats called bieng a kid

    49. i still rem the dog that u had as a kid who

    50. And then I thought to myself…’where the hell are you kid? I can’t see you anywhere!’

    1. No doubt the other kedas kidded him for it and said his egg mother was a thonga

    2. Mike had always kidded that in order to get a whole woman, he should’ve married both

    3. Uncle Frank, kidded with her about attaching the machine up to her, and you blow up

    4. More than mere childhood adventures, he kidded himself

    5. “So that’s the competition,” she kidded gently

    6. While he always wore the translator, he kidded himself that he was picking up the lingo, a kind of trade-jargon that concisely cut through the bullshit of life

    7. Had he kidded himself? Had she been aware all along, and had not resisted?

    8. “Is that what you call what we’ve been doing?” he kidded her

    9. He kidded himself in his delirium of tiredness that Vic probably just wanted to give them special instructions or maybe just hole them up somewhere safe until this incident died down

    10. “Hey, Moshe, sire,” kidded Naaman, “when you went forward, the cooties must have gone with you!”

    11. “Hey, Moshe, sire,” kidded Naaman, “when you went forward, the cooties must have

    12. A hideout in a hay mound, aren’t you afraid the cow’s will eat it?” I kidded

    13. I said, “Even though I kidded around a couple of times, I don’t

    14. Annie always kidded her about living so near the beach, when she hated the water

    15. I was sorry as hell I'd kidded her

    16. Sometimes I think they'd like it if you kidded them--in fact, I know they would--but it's hard to get started, once you've known them a pretty long time and never kidded them

    1. “And you want to ask me about this? Are you kidding? Are you expecting me to feel sorry for you?” Kira was not angry, exactly, but she wondered why on earth he would have come all this way to have this particular conversation with her

    2. “I’m not kidding, it was really close

    3. Are you kidding? How could you

    4. "You're kidding me? And we couldn't detect that this planet had a data system?" she asked

    5. “Are you kidding, that one has become a cult movie,” she smirked

    6. Daniel leaped off the bar stool, “Son of a bitch! Damn you weren’t kidding about the thunder!” Daniel could see the effect the thunder had on the woman, her face was drained of color

    7. When she said she came to this house to unwind she wasn’t kidding

    8. ‘You’re not kidding! She was fantastic! It was a terrific concert

    9. “Come on, you have to be kidding me, you can’t really expect

    10. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Ava said

    11. "My God girls," he lowered his arms "I thought you guys would know I was just kidding

    12. "He isn't going to lock you up, I was just kidding

    13. Then I was kidding my boss and Carol at work that this had to be caused by work so I want to put in for Workmen's Compensation

    14. Roman’s head! Who was I kidding though? I’d probably miss and hit Roman

    15. "You've got to be kidding me," Alan and Desa both said at once

    16. I am kidding, of course

    17. Savannah, you know all those times I was an ass, I was just kidding

    18. (I’m not kidding about this, okay?)

    19. “You’re kidding me, Sjad! By the gods, what happened?”

    20. She realized she might be kidding herself in this respect, but what did that matter

    21. “Are you kidding? I ran from your Temple on purpose

    22. “You’re kidding! That sounds serious to me!” She looked

    23. “Jack, let’s face it you’re old and over the hill so stop kidding

    24. “Your not bloody kidding me and Frank have just been talking about it did you know it was him that captured the prisoner?” He said

    25. Carmen was scooping hay out of one of the kidding stalls when he found her at the barn

    26. Liz shook her head and said, “Are you kidding? I thought we were screwed unless he got a new contract and he said he was going to hold out till he got one

    27. “ I was just kidding, Lieutenant

    28. “Wow, you got to be kidding, you mean many children would have been killed in an attempt to send them to another time and place? Too wild! But how does that tie into William’s disappearance?”

    29. time the egg is implanted in the uterus until kidding

    30. The process of kidding starts as soon as the water sac breaks

    31. Who was he kidding? There’d be no justifying himself in her mind – the moment she found out, she’d be gone

    32. �Are you kidding, Steve

    33. “You"re kidding me right?” Mia said incredulously

    34. “This is Prince Sakahaji,” said my aide-de-camp, in a formal tone that indicated he wasn’t kidding

    35. who was she kidding? And who was Chance Kemp and why was the fact that this guy, Fred Cooper, and he were so close such a big deal? And the name Chance itself? Not a very common name and I"d heard it twice in two days

    36. His advice sounded pretty good but really, who was he kidding

    37. “You guys didn’t kill some old lady’s lap dog?” Brendan was kidding Clive, but his heart wasn’t in it

    38. I then capriciously interjected from across the room and said, “Ohh, no kidding – I thought it was my breath?” which made the whole class crack up

    39. Bob smiled and said, “No kidding, she told you that? YEP, that was the last time I had rocked out

    40. You could be his brother Rhodes, no kidding

    41. (It was clear that he was only kidding about that last comment)

    42. Who was I kidding, I didn‘t really believe it, and my gut was telling me that they were definitely going to lose the children

    43. Rich, confident, super cool, handsome, great car, big house on the beach in Malibu—I could be the most successful player in town! I’m just kidding myself

    44. Nico gave him a weird look, he must have been kidding

    45. (I am not kidding – I know churchgoing Christian folk who physically burnt my books!)

    46. I am not kidding, I have a book of one of the biggest churches in South-Africa which states clearly that the minister is the mediator between the congregation (man) and God; You decide for yourself how this blends with scripture

    47. After their playful kidding around Gafar spoke up and said, “Okay, Vydor, how did you keep that hidden?” Gafar, being a master telepath was a bit put out by the fact even he had not known

    48. “You’re kidding!” she said, not sure if he was teasing

    49. “Thursday! Are you kidding?” she shouted angrily

    50. “Are you kidding? I heard this is the headline act at what’s gonna be the hottest club in town this Saturday night,” she said with a cheerleader’s enthusiasm

    1. children be kids in case they hurt

    2. across is that positive behaviour gets attention and one thing all kids

    3. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    4. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    5. If you have kids, those kids are only young once

    6. Now your parents, hopefully, wanted you to associate with other kids who they saw as good associations, good influences on you, because

    7. If your parents noticed you were hanging out with kids that maybe didn’t have the same values your

    8. associate with those kids

    9. As a parent, I’m looking at who my kids are

    10. I get it, kids love fast food

    11. Kids love to stop at McDonald’s and eat that stuff but you don’t have to stop there and, if you do, you don’t have to get yourself something to eat there

    12. He's faster than other kids his height and even some adults

    13. Violet being Violet, all she wants to do is smoke and listen to music and make fun of ugly kids

    14. We have watched our mother and mother-in-law when they spent time with our kids and saw how gently they enfolded our children with their wisdom and love and tenderness

    15. Another asset is YES we can "spoil" them with things that we couldn't afford for our kids when they were small

    16. Your letters or cards will create a tangible connection that kids will treasure

    17. This whole world is nothing but kids playing

    18. Places where your kids, dogs, cats, etc

    19. Some kids didn't have a pop at all

    20. women, kids, a

    21. I love it when they have kids

    22. ‘But that was okay, there were quite a few kids of my age in the village and we just ran wild

    23. think of those starving kids in Africa or the poor maimed sods in war zones

    24. Of all them, why Fiona bloody Finnegan? Kids will break your heart, I swear to you

    25. Every parent wants to protect their kids, init

    26. We had never been able to give much to our kids but the piano had been an exception

    27. Since we were kids

    28. Not that I borrowed that much, only a few hundred originally, for the kids holy communion, but fuckin' hell he packs on the interest and if you don't have something to give him every week his guys go mental

    29. All our kids had every had to fear was not having the latest iPad, iPod or whatever else was doing the rounds of teen popularity

    30. Christ, the kids were only 15 years of age

    31. Molly didn’t seem to think that he was desperate for kids … that’s it, isn’t it? You feel you are some sort of second class woman because you can’t give the man a child

    32. As it happens, it is a Granny & Grandpa afternoon and, as Fred is a keen G&G attendee and frequently spends the afternoon crawling round the floor with the children, it makes sense to include the kids in the festivities

    33. The kids enjoy being in on the secret and, with the encouragement of their mums, sing ‘Happy birthday’ to him… okay, so their effort is more enthusiastic than accurate, but that’s not important

    34. It would be good to set something up for the older kids

    35. "I bet the kids are already down there

    36. She's a good mother except for treating the kids as adults, but he had to admit, his children were being raised more as Highland Elves than as Brazilians

    37. Elond never thought about kids books, and taught them from the novels or texts she was reading at the time

    38. If the kids got dense with her, Elond could get frustrated

    39. They ground their way thru breakfast and getting the kids over to the academic tutor's room

    40. "I have never been near it," Herndon said, "My only trip out there was for the kids and we were never within ten miles of those hills

    41. ‘Yes, we’ve traced the kids and they don’t remember seeing you … or anyone else

    42. in my parent’s version of my success, I’m married with kids,

    43. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree first physical evidence of cannibalism among the and told the kids that whoever got there first won the desperate population, corroborating written accounts sweet fruits

    44. Through streets busy with lives and kids and reasons to pay bills

    45. He is teaching a bunch of high school kids that if you look out and see this mountain with a palace on it, and you look slightly past it, you could see the Dead Sea

    46. the kids in the back of the car need a wee,

    47. the kids, the ones in back of the car, are the loves of your life,

    48. The kids and your love and your mum have all changed

    49. to brimming with superannuated school kids

    50. The last thing I wanted was to draw attention to myself in front of all these athletic beach people and the noisy kids playing in the water as though they were born there

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