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    1. Because Israel is lax and not devout to God, we find the nations are nefarious to God

    2. Each had a passion for their home world and her people, each seeing the need to correct the lax security on the planet

    3. I look at him, concerned that I’ve been lax in giving him space, but he winks at me and I breathe again

    4. She puts articles in the wrong magazines, overstocks supplies and is far too lax about manning the presses

    5. but this is an in-house caper, where security is more lax and the chance of being caught is less likely

    6. "Very lax of me

    7. Higher fertility rates, common among the poor, exacerbated by lax immigration policies, have strained our nation‘s productive and material resources beyond their capacity to accommodate even the (basic) material requirements of its working classes

    8. It somehow reminded me of LAX on a bishop’s annual convention, only this complex appeared to be a lot bigger

    9. He believed he had given orders that with such hectic work going on, discipline should be lax

    10. Security arrangements were lax

    11. In that single moment his grip became just a tad more lax and allowed Ethan to slip his knife hand away with a sudden, violent shove

    12. The long and unbroken peace lulled the wizards into a false sense of safety, and they became lax in their vigil

    13. Airport to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

    14. LAX, the couple stays the night at the “Embassy Suites Airport North

    15. to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

    16. They stay at the Embassy Suites LAX North on Saturday, May 31,

    17. ourselves to lax a little bit in our oneness with Him

    18. We landed in LAX, I loved Raymond but it felt good to be back in LA; I considered it my home now more than ever

    19. ” I said and leaned in “Jeff will take you to LAX, have a nice trip

    20. We boarded his plane in LAX and its then that I noticed that he’d traded in his suit as well

    21. We arrived at LAX and I got out of the car after he opened the door for me

    22. Not only did he break the promise that he and LDS had made me about my not having to switch from federal taxes into government contracts, but that prevaricator forced me onto an airplane out of Sky Harbor Airport bound for LAX Sunday evening after I returned from Tucson

    23. We repeated the drill by the apartment’s pool Sunday AM and early afternoon until she poured me on my flight to LAX

    24. After the LAX disaster ending in the drunk tank, I hit no more jackpots while with Motorola

    25. The owner, also a lawyer, Ralph Jonas, flew me back to LAX, sober

    26. was incorporated in Nevada, the Delaware of the west coast insofar as having lax, insider friendly corporation laws went

    27. horrified by the lax, stretched out skin that was left

    28. His hand were lax, they barely held my fingers at all

    29. Paperwork was lax here, which meant field grade, majors and colonels, and above, officers or senior NCOs could screw off and not get caught or, conversely, they could get their job done far better than in the paper-and-inspection soaked peacetime Air Force

    30. (Nancy) Lewis looked pert and shiny as she sat with her crew in the Braniff International crew bus which was headed from the LAX Terminal to the Boeing 707 on the south ramp

    31. I excuse it away by saying to myself that, well, we're having a conversation so they are learning English, which is true, but I am being lax as a teacher

    32. I’m meeting Avery at LAX

    33. The gnome fainted and his gloved hands fell lax at the levers

    34. “We run a pretty lax show around here but prison orange is a classic

    35. She is starting to swerve a bit, whatever she drank was starting to fit, her tongue lax in her mouth making her words mushy

    36. In Jesus' time divorce practices were lax in Palestine and throughout the Roman Empire

    37. And being a woman of lax morals, she was minded openly to become flirtatious, when Jesus, looking straight into her eyes, with a commanding voice said, "Woman, go get your husband and bring him hither

    38. He declared that the heavenly Father is not a lax, loose, or foolishly indulgent parent who is ever ready to condone sin and forgive recklessness

    39. ” There was no response, the hand remained lax and the fingers slightly curled

    40. Stopping only once and that was at the port city of Albans to provision what little he needed and to acquaint himself with the lax governorship of the East Coast

    41. Laws were lax; for Messantia thrived on the trade of the sea, and her citizens found it profitable to be somewhat blind on their dealings with seamen

    42. may be located in countries with lax or hardly any enforcement

    43. Though it was deplorably lax of me not to see its fateful possibilities from the outset

    44. He looked up to spot it, but only found the darkening blue twilight, a few dozen meandering clouds, and two distant airplanes heading towards LAX

    45. As a self-directing species, we are lax as far as teaching our children the underlying nature of our actions is concerned

    46. If you were a careless individual, would they put LAX on the bag?

    47. lax immigration laws, and at a time when much of Islam was awash with money from its oil

    48. Meanwhile Mussolini's Italian captors moved him half a dozen times to foil and frustrate his German rescuers; but, security was lax and an intercepted radio message soon put the Germans on his trail

    49. security here was more lax

    50. "We have time to rest and freshen up here, but then we’ll fly directly to LAX

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