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    1. Schulz: Likely what will happen is what is already happening

    2. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    3. much stress in the Consultant’s delivery when viewing the results, as if he could barely believe them himself or, more likely, that it was a

    4. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    5. It’s most likely that you can only use the shopping cart on one website

    6. The real story is that it is most likely very difficult to program the autoresponders or whatever item they are trying to talk you out of

    7. Gophers are less likely to attack healthy plants

    8. The skill of his hands and the hormones this body produced and his patience made it more likely she would force him, but there was never a need because he would grant any desire

    9. Anyone can misplace a wallet or keys, then find it by figuring out where they are most likely to have been left

    10. According to a leading life insurer, 'life expectancy is likely to rise from 77 years to 85 years over the next decade

    11. From there we can formulate where the United Order is most likely to meet to try and use the Super Chip

    12. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    13. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    14. Senior Citizens who meet a wider cross-section of people are more likely to have healthy relationships than those who move in a closed circle

    15. They are likely to look at life from many different angles and perspectives and not get frozen in certain views, typical of certain age groups or become predictable with familiarity

    16. Senior Citizens forming their own support groups are more likely to talk as senior persons than as senior citizens

    17. More likely than not, Onidas and the few other survivors here would spend the rest of their lives caged in servitude beneath the earth

    18. She confided in Jorma more than she should have about Venna but felt Jorma was likely to listen to reason and thought he should be warned of their suspicions

    19. “It is most likely giving me a thirty second delay to enter the proper code to let the computer and the alarm monitoring station know that I have returned home to the house that I live in

    20. Instead a new scheme is likely to be introduced soon wherein one can but Gold Mutual Fund

    21. My sister is just as likely to talk to you as me and just as likely to help you whether or not you hold me hostage

    22. ‘I gather that the Inspector is concerned about the fact I was framed as the likely murderer and thinks that … that someone hates me sufficiently to … to take things further

    23. It is my belief from personal relationships with the people involved that we are conveying this crate to the most likely rightful owner

    24. He could not find an amount for Ava, so it couldn't be enough to get a detective interested, that would mean it was likely less than a dozen coppers a year

    25. I daresay I could find more tenants, but if Dan is going to act like that, they are not likely to stay either … damn! He’s screwed me up again! The bastard!

    26. Address and phone is likely to change

    27. He wondered if he should go to the council with this question? That would certainly expose everything of Tahlmute's past and doing that would likely lose him the job

    28. Somewhere he had read that the aluminum is the denomination most likely to be mistrusted

    29. "But I thought they were the most likely owners

    30. ‘He said it was likely to be about now

    31. What seemed more important were the affairs of this outpost, especially knowing there was likely to be no more contact after the Heavenly Mother, if they could even get them in

    32. she were frugal for a few years, and given the likely length of her life, then the glories

    33. She was likely to have cross words with Ava about this

    34. Even that far below a dirty old burner like that, she was likely to pick up some damage to her flesh, unless they were still running on fans and thrusters when they passed over

    35. Glenelle guessed it was most likely damage from the electrical storms out there

    36. ‘They said she’s likely to have a headache

    37. You will likely change congregations from time to time but the one constant thing is the gospel of

    38. In verses 34' 35, he prohibits women (likely, the wives of the prophets for in the Greek the

    39. Of course Enrico could never be told that they were really both left behind and likely sharing a lot of the same crystal via sub-slicing

    40. He tried to guess who it could be, he came up with a very short list, none of whom seemed at all likely unless they were put up to it by someone else

    41. Still, it is more likely there will be a lack of unity in a congregation without elders than in one Ch

    42. She had the patience to stop and explain a word now and then, but Klowee would often beat her to the answer, and in a way a three year old was likely to understand

    43. Morais' men were still in the Kassikan and likely to go thru his things

    44. She worked out that if she were frugal for a few years, and given the likely length of her life, then the glories of compound interest and stock markets might make her fabulously wealthy

    45. Ludicrous though it seemed, the latter appeared most likely

    46. You’ll likely have to do something that scares

    47. “She was likely killed by your king for helping me escape, but if she still

    48. see in the world, that is likely a very accurate description

    49. Here’s what will most likely happen to you (if you haven’t

    50. However, Issa will fall on him and probably terrify the poor lad with her more than likely tearful welcome at Abery

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