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Listen в предложении (на )

  1. Listen I have to go.
  2. I was told to listen.
  3. Now you listen to me.
  4. Listen, I have to go.
  5. M: He will not listen.

  6. I need you to listen.
  7. Listen to Paul in Rom.
  8. As you listen to the.
  9. We are here to listen.
  10. He would listen to her.
  11. Da, you have to listen.
  12. No, no, listen to me.
  13. She just did not listen.
  14. If you will listen to.
  15. Had the ears to listen.

  16. Listen to what it says.
  17. Sam was happy to listen.
  18. I listen for any sounds.
  19. This one we listen to.
  20. You need to listen more.
  21. I wanted just to listen.
  22. But I listen on quietly.
  23. Listen my dear count; M.
  24. I listen to the finches.
  25. But he could not listen.

  26. Don't you listen to her.
  27. Let them listen to them.
  28. They would listen to me.
  29. But listen to me, boy.
  30. Listen, I need to talk.
  31. And listen to the radio.
  32. So I can listen to her.
  33. If they care to listen.
  34. He could at least listen.
  35. We can choose to listen.
  36. To this they will listen.
  37. Listen, and I will tell.
  38. I beg all, all to listen.
  39. Do not listen to this….
  40. You must listen to me.
  41. And I listen and I think.
  42. He stood still to listen.
  43. Listen to the blue flute.
  44. Listen, I need some guys.
  45. Listen to what is hearing.
  46. Alex did not listen to her.
  47. I had to listen carefully.
  48. People will listen to you.
  49. Listen to what Gates said.
  50. If you listen to me, you.
  51. He will listen to you.
  52. Listen to His still voice.
  53. I will listen to the wind.
  54. Young man listen to me.
  55. God will listen, but you.
  57. Sarah must listen to this.
  58. All he could do was listen.
  59. You should listen to Dawg.
  60. But listen! All the while.
  61. General will listen to you.
  62. When you listen to these.
  63. I didn’t listen to Kaoru.
  64. Listen to it and find her.
  65. Listen to these words of.
  66. I tried not to listen to.
  67. But the boy did not listen.
  68. Listen to it and follow it.
  69. Listen to the voice within.
  70. Record it and listen to it.
  71. He had to watch and listen.
  72. She doesn’t listen to me.
  73. It has no ears to listen,.
  1. I hated listening to him.
  2. The jay had been listening.
  3. Listening is a skill, too.
  4. He seemed to be listening.
  5. But you are not listening.
  6. But Doug was not listening.
  7. Are you listening to me?
  8. I was only half listening.
  9. I sat in my car, listening.
  10. He paused, as if listening.
  11. The troll was not listening.
  12. But Roland was not listening.
  13. Listening is truly a self-.
  14. But Takina was not listening.
  15. I froze in place, listening.
  16. Tom was not really listening.
  17. Listening is the gateway to.
  18. Silas was only half listening.
  19. Conan seemed to be listening.
  20. I was tired of listening to.
  21. They were listening to music.
  22. He had been listening to the.
  23. He held his breath, listening.
  24. Live with a listening heart.
  25. Ian was listening to the news.
  26. She lay listening a long time.
  27. God; I hope she was listening.
  28. I know they’re listening in.
  29. She was listening to the music.
  30. I froze for a second, listening.
  31. All she could do was listening.
  32. The night was listening to her.
  33. I’m listening to you, Gary.
  34. But the pigs were not listening.
  35. But no one was listening to him.
  36. Doug lifted his head, listening.
  37. I lay there listening to Mommy.
  38. The Father is always listening.
  39. I wasn't listening to the story.
  40. Meditation is a listening and.
  41. I silently listening his story.
  42. She wasn't even listening to me.
  43. But he wasn’t listening to me.
  44. The enemy has listening posts.
  45. A dog listening to a phonograph.
  46. His wife was no longer listening.
  47. With regular listening to this.
  48. Then you start to drill listening.
  49. Maybe the AI is really listening.
  50. They were listening to the music.
  51. He was listening; but not to her.
  52. But I grew up listening to Major.
  53. Listening is the act of entering.
  54. He was listening using wireless.
  55. He kept the pavement, listening.
  56. They were the listening post on.
  57. She wasn't listening to me, even.
  58. We are listening to Father Savage.
  59. I don’t think he was listening.
  60. He remembered how listening his.
  61. I enjoyed listening to him speak.
  62. It was exhausting listening to him.
  63. Again, he wasn’t listening to me.
  64. What are the Rules for Listening?
  65. He hadn't been listening to a word.
  66. The other two were just listening.
  67. I’ve been listening to the news.
  68. Was she listening to me? I snapped.
  69. I haven’t been listening to her.
  70. Mainwaring was no longer listening.
  71. I wasn’t really listening though.
  72. Not that she was really listening.
  73. In fact, Tracker is listening now.
  74. But Emory wasn’t listening to her.
  75. He lay still, listening to the hum.
  76. Henrietta was listening to my song.
  77. He was only half listening to Jil.
  78. My brother wasn’t listening to me.
  79. No one was listening to her anyway.
  80. His eyes were shut, too, listening.
  81. Madeline was only half listening.
  82. After listening for a few moments.
  83. Listening to the Sounds of Silence.
  84. And they stood motionless, listening.
  85. Listening closely, he was sure of it.
  86. Not listening to the E made things.
  87. But Puller wasn’t listening to her.
  88. Tina Lee was just listening intently.
  89. You were listening it would seem.
  90. Kate was not listening to the doctor.
  91. Listening to the stranger next to me.
  92. You listening, Detective? Hear this.
  93. An hour later he started up listening.
  94. Is anyone listening? she asked.
  95. That is all, thank you for listening.
  96. He waited for some minutes listening.
  97. Nod to signify that you're listening.
  98. She had been listening to every word.
  99. Listening to their stories and life.
  100. It's worth listening to it on youtube.
  1. As I listened to Mrs.
  2. And he listened to me.
  3. I listened to the song.
  4. So, I listened to him.
  5. He listened a long time.
  6. He sat up and listened.
  7. I listened to the house.
  8. I listened to music, I.
  9. He listened for a second.
  10. Adam listened to the tape.
  11. We all listened and heard.
  12. I listened a long while.
  13. She listened to the music.
  14. My friends listened as I.
  15. She listened to her heart.
  16. I listened to the 911 tape.
  17. But they listened in vain.
  18. He listened until he saw.
  19. He listened to her prattle.
  20. As he listened, it ceased.
  21. I read and listened a lot.
  22. She talked and he listened.
  23. I stood still and listened.
  24. He listened to the message.
  25. They may not have listened.
  26. She listened as the voice.
  27. Then he listened some more.
  28. Frodo sat and listened to.
  29. We listened to the calls.
  30. I should have listened to.
  31. She listened to the story.
  32. Jim listened to the audio.
  33. He flew to her and listened.
  34. As she walked, she listened.
  35. I listened to my inner self.
  36. Fred listened for any sounds.
  37. You have not listened to me.
  38. As the children listened, Mr.
  39. The other kids listened to.
  40. Grunt listened to her prayer.
  41. He listened again to the men.
  42. Will frowned, as he listened.
  43. I listened for large animals.
  44. They listened a while longer.
  45. I should have listened, Papa.
  46. I opened my eyes and listened.
  47. He listened to his watch tick.
  48. He stayed quiet and listened.
  49. I listened to sounds of rain.
  50. People listened to the radio.
  51. I stepped close and listened.
  52. Attentive listened to the lad.
  53. We listened to it and Mrs.
  54. She wished she had listened.
  55. Nobody ever listened to her.
  56. The monk listened in silence.
  57. I should have listened to you.
  58. She looked at him and listened.
  59. He whispered and she listened.
  60. And the Lord listened to Moses.
  61. As I listened to the song of.
  62. I took his advice and listened.
  63. I held my breath and listened.
  64. David listened to the exchange.
  65. He listened for the yard-gate.
  66. David listened as he ranted on.
  67. If I had listened to you --.
  68. When he hadn't listened to her.
  69. But Rahul listened with rapt.
  70. She listened as if in a trance.
  71. Both listened to the sad sound.
  72. He would have listened to you.
  73. He listened intently for any.
  74. My mouth was dry as I listened.
  75. We all stood still and listened.
  76. I listened to your promises.
  77. Jozef listened to every detail.
  78. She listened for a while longer.
  79. She listened to the sounds in.
  80. She stopped and listened to him.
  81. I’ve listened to Radio Four.
  82. I should have listened more.
  83. You should have listened to me.
  84. Kim listened to Grimes and said.
  85. He listened with his inner ear.
  86. I've listened to your ideas.
  87. Cara listened but heard nothing.
  88. He listened, but all was quiet.
  89. Against her will, she listened.
  90. He listened and said nothing.
  91. She leaned closer and listened.
  92. All those ears sat and listened.
  93. So he listened and watched her.
  94. Zayn listened to his okht speak.
  95. This time, however, he listened.
  96. They listened and believed him.
  97. She must have listened to me.
  98. He stilled his breath, listened.
  99. We listened to it on full blast.
  100. Suddenly he halted and listened.
  1. And he listens to her.
  2. He listens for a breath.
  3. But no one listens to me.
  4. She listens to the makers.
  5. That nobody listens to it.
  6. She listens to the mothers.
  7. She listens to the hunters.
  8. She listens to the healers.
  9. But he never listens to me.
  10. She listens to each of them.
  11. I believe he listens to you.
  12. Yes! (No one listens to her.
  13. She listens into the receiver.
  14. He listens for several seconds.
  15. No one listens to me anymore.
  16. She listens for several seconds.
  17. And listens like a 3-years child.
  18. Listens to the drops trickle down.
  19. And she listens to me when I talk.
  20. Can you taste what it listens to?
  21. She passes them out as she listens.
  22. She simply listens, hears, breathes.
  23. She listens until his footsteps fade.
  24. What’s the point? Nobody listens.
  25. And listens to it, from the half words.
  26. The Father speaks and the son listens.
  27. I fill her in and she listens patiently.
  28. Billy listens as Carol coos and clucks.
  29. He never listens to what is said to him.
  30. Andy listens patiently to my complaints.
  31. Speak, Your servant listens, Noah said.
  32. It sounds the last hit but nobody listens.
  33. She listens amid coils and curls of hair.
  34. The half of me that listens to my poetry.
  35. What have they made me do? (Listens again.
  36. Eiess listens to her advisors, you will see.
  37. He is the one who listens so that his Queen.
  38. Lies served no purpose and listens to nothing.
  39. He listens well enough that his students can.
  41. She always listens when you tell her something.
  42. The lady listens to the telephone and then nods.
  43. Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.
  44. The wife listens, and nods affirmatively her head.
  45. When we pour out our hearts to Him and He listens.
  46. His sister listens with all her familiar intensity.
  47. He puts the cell phone to his ear and listens to it.
  48. The coach listens beyond what the client articulates.
  49. One listens to him, and the effect is heart-breaking.
  50. Back in the camp Mark listens sadly to our bear story.
  51. Holden shakes out of his fantasy and listens closely.
  52. That is where it sits and listens and sniffs the air.
  53. Janet listens to God when she is at the store shopping.
  54. Tanya Markworthy listens to your moaning with sympathy.
  55. The man who listens to and learns the Geeta gains an.
  56. Mikey asked the question but everyone listens intently.
  57. Now, she waits tables and listens to sailor’s stories.
  58. And it's really alive, still alive! (Listens in silence.
  59. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.
  60. There is nothing worse than a MD who listens to rumours.
  61. Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily in.
  62. We believe Allah listens more closely to the white-haired.
  63. He closes his eyes and listens to their laughter upstairs.
  64. At a café, he listens patiently to the man’s sad story.
  65. Nikíta (does not heed her, but listens by the cellar door).
  66. Mitch listens to his brothers then angrily looks to the side.
  67. His nostrils flare as he inhales, cocks his head, and listens.
  68. His eyes begin to tear up as he listens to what is around him.
  69. Devon cocks his head, listens to the sound of faint footfalls.
  70. Admiral Arblaster listens to music, standing center of the room.
  71. He’s always distracted and never listens to what I’m saying.
  72. She listens in her cell phone for a while as everyone looks on.
  73. It listens underground and tells me which way they are going.
  74. He listens while I outline what Liz told me about her early life.
  75. Crazy about stories of the old days he is, and he listens to all.
  76. Ulysses shows that he has become a free man when he listens to his.
  77. He listens to the pitch and I stand there looking like a new father.
  78. She listens awhile, then applauds, kneeling there in her bare feet.
  79. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens.
  80. He ponders, listens to the song of birds, and wishes to imitate them.
  81. He listens to Rico explain how Miss Avery came to be their new momma.
  82. She burns with my fire listens now … she yearns for empty territory.
  83. He listens to Time, the Avenger, from The Pretenders, and thinks some.
  84. Ricci shifts nervously in his seat as he listens to Ahmed’s hysterics.
  85. You tell him things, and he listens; he tells you things and you listen.
  86. I believe that he truly listens to the heart and not to the spoken word.
  87. Precisely! That’s what I always tell Derek, but he never listens to me.
  88. In the meantime, she watches and listens as Johan offers Hartstongue the cup.
  89. The doctor thinks over the symptoms of his patient, waits, listens for the.
  90. He is an evil creature who listens only to the sinful desires inside of him.
  91. Nothing so well worked out, is the ear that listens without critical justice.
  92. Daniel closes his eyes and listens, senses movement on the opposite sidewalk.
  93. Daniel waits a moment, lets his immunity wash over him, listens for a threat.
  94. Restaurant Manager approaches guests and listens attentively to them without.
  95. Cass listens to their parting laughter, caused by friendly insulting gestures.
  96. She listens with a nod then adds, I UNDERSTAND THAT, BUT WE CAN WORK AS A TEAM.
  97. He listens but hears nothing but the voice of the wind and the rustle of branches.
  98. Jes, momentarily paralyzed with anger, listens to her clomping down to the kitchen.
  99. He listens for the sound of an invader but hears nothing but the pulse in his ears.
  100. Kedril listens, makes grimaces, and amuses the spectators by his reflections aside.

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