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    1. The villa had seen better days, having matured over more than a century of irregular neglect into its current state of generally poor repair

    2. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under his fingernails after grubbing up the last of the late potatoes

    3. handsome and as his school days wound down and he matured into

    4. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen

    5. She wasn’t the mind that Ava was, she was the mind Tdeshi would have become if she had slowed down and matured

    6. His thoughts had matured to concerns, and his concerns finally moved him to action

    7. She remembered thinking how she would never know love because she had never matured as a mortal

    8. She could flirt for social advantage, but Alan never saw any evidence that any vestige of a libido had matured in her

    9. Maye placed a robe around Savannah’s shoulders, but it had already seen that her body had matured

    10. As the days went by, Danny matured quickly

    11. Broshee had matured quickly during the winter and was not the same self-centred youngster that had romped through Brockenhurst Forest such a short while ago

    12. As the city matured and prospered, development moved out of the core and up the lakeshore to the northeast

    13. And there it was before his eyes: the very same scribble Truman had settled upon, matured but, in fact, little changed from that day to this

    14. She had matured into a beautiful woman who gave him steadfast love and supported him in his revolutionary activities

    15. Gareth learned quickly, he matured into a highly proficient Baron in a turbulent time

    16. Even as the Christian church matured under the overlordship of Constantine and his immediate successors, there were those who continued to fall away

    17. As they matured, they began to resist, for the sake of stability, the newness of further interpretation that might have allowed greater revelation, on the assumption that all that was needed to be known had already been revealed

    18. faith not matured, and “Faith without works is dead!” 4 god has not

    19. These dense plantings matured quickly, creating the cool leafy effect of woods in Canada

    20. “Yes, you have matured since you were last here

    21. Then she can help as she has matured enough

    22. I always believed that he would change when he matured and

    23. strengthened and matured his faith

    24. Area One was the ‘Nursery' where test tube babies were produced and matured to a stage not yet known to the outside world

    25. It was a long time since they had seen Natalie and she had matured quite a lot

    26. His ideas matured as he grew up

    27. As he matured, his concept of ‘truth’ evolved and the importance of practicing this virtue in all spheres of life became ingrained

    28. As he matured and evolved, his own concept of truth kept on changing:

    29. As he matured she ‗d thought he‘d become shy, but he didn‘t and was ready to tell any visitors who objected that they had the problem, not him

    30. I have matured

    31. airplanes, when I am matured to travel alone in the

    32. Childhood fears matured at university into a paranoia that, together with reclusive belligerence, earned him no friends and few acquaintances apart from fellow devotees of Old Testament dogma

    33. That would change as the evil matured within her

    34. He was still very evil but had matured so much that the

    35. But he found out that he had matured a great deal over the past few years

    36. 7 "The human soul, when matured, ennobled, and spiritualized, approaches the heavenly status in that it comes near to being an entity intervening between the material and the spiritual, the material self and the divine spirit

    37. It seemed to Adrian that Lucas had matured well for someone his age

    38. 3 Ordinarily, when a mortal of the realm attains such high levels of personality perfection, there occur those preliminary phenomena of spiritual elevation which terminate in eventual fusion of the matured soul of the mortal with its associated divine Adjuster

    39. Terry had matured into a clever individual with strong beliefs in the ways of the Aryans and he had a hunch that he would soon be somewhere overseas serving his masters

    40. Now greatly matured, the beauty pleased his tired eyes

    41. "Bird-dog's matured a lot since then," Anna said with a grin

    42. After a couple of weeks, the real Gerard has assumed a third identity, one harvested from his society’s crop of identities cultivated over the years from the seeds of persons deceased long ago and nurtured until they have matured and borne social security numbers, savings accounts, university transcripts, driver’s licenses and passports

    43. Skeets matured and his sociopathic tendencies focused on his work, neutralizing him as a public threat

    44. This protective instinct intensified as JY matured and he had no control over it as if programmed into his being

    45. When these wild ecstasies shall be matured

    46. generation that had matured after the war no longer

    47. He seemed to have matured during this time and he didn’t fumble around as much as he used to

    48. Saul had matured years in the last few months

    49. Have Matured In My Eyes

    50. Church for several years, yet have obviously not matured spiritually:

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