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Maunder в предложении (на )

1. And the woman tended to maunder on, vapid, insipid, banal and trite.
2. Sad, recluse from land, should have drowned at sea, a lost soul of sixty! Now, what other sad geniuses did we maunder over-.
3. Then I tried to get him to speak of Polina and the children, but he only returned brief answers of "Yes, yes," and again started to maunder about the Prince, and the likelihood of the latter marrying Mlle.
4. No doubt there are men who brood upon the impossible, and moon and maunder away their lives over the grave of a dead love; no doubt there are people who will say that, because I did not shoot Langdon or her or myself, or fly to a desert, or pose in the crowded places of the world as the last scene of a tragedy, I therefore cared little about her.

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Синонимы слова maunder

blab blabber chatter clack gabble gibber maunder palaver piffle prate prattle tattle twaddle mumble mutter

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