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    1. This time even her calm and mellifluous inflections did not quell the anxiety

    2. Aristotle once said that the soothing quality of (mellifluous) music exudes a spiritual quality or essence pleasing to the soul; that is to say, spiritually uplifting

    3. mellifluous or it might be grating

    4. A bit of a child prodigy, Tui spoke, besides her classical Vietnamese, fluent French and Hochdeutsch in such a soft mellifluous manner that it didn't sound the least bit Teutonic

    5. There was something reluctant about his voice that hinted of a mellifluous sadness; such a quality often accompanies fond memories now faded but not forgotten

    6. In soft mellifluous tones he told her:

    7. These moments were really memorable for me which imprint the mellifluous scent of love in my heart

    8. He repeated “Merry Christmas,” in a mellifluous voice

    9. His voice was smooth and mellifluous and almost warm, but his eyes were very cold

    10. 'That I can _quite_ understand--of course they want their little ray of sunshine,' she cried, growing more and more mellifluous

    11. Morrison, coming into Creeper Cottage on Monday afternoon to unload her conscience yet more, found only a pleasant gentleman, a stranger of mellifluous manners, writing out cheques

    12. recognised and a voice that was soft and mellifluous, filled

    13. The blue magenta sky seemed to infuse her mellifluous chocolate tresses with sparkling streaks of silver

    14. Thus setting out, our new-fledged adventurer paced along, talking to himself and saying, "Who knows but that in time to come, when the veracious history of my famous deeds is made known, the sage who writes it, when he has to set forth my first sally in the early morning, will do it after this fashion? 'Scarce had the rubicund Apollo spread o'er the face of the broad spacious earth the golden threads of his bright hair, scarce had the little birds of painted plumage attuned their notes to hail with dulcet and mellifluous harmony the coming of the rosy Dawn, that, deserting the soft couch of her jealous spouse, was appearing to mortals at the gates and balconies of the Manchegan horizon, when the renowned knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, quitting the lazy down, mounted his celebrated steed Rocinante and began to traverse the ancient and famous Campo de Montiel;'" which in fact he was actually traversing

    15. As he walked he spoke in a mellifluous baritone, cradling an orange rose in his hands

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    dulcet honeyed mellifluous mellisonant sweet harmonious melodious musical smooth mellifluent liquid golden