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Memorise в предложении (на )

  1. We memorise people by the one.
  2. Not that there were many details he had to memorise.
  3. I must memorise his last instant in this heartless universe.
  4. John is not happy about it, and tries to memorise the bear's exact position.
  5. Oh, give him it, Wilson, Holms instructed, but memorise that number.

  6. Memorise the 5 components of the STARR Mindset and carve the following solidly in your mind:.
  7. Christian was able to memorise his calculations, and commit them to paper as the morning went on.
  8. These people seem to think it unnecessary to memorise the layout of a building when fellows like me are around to do it for them.
  9. It provides no special way to memorise the kanji it introduces which is why I would recommend this book only as a supplement to your kanji studies.
  10. How strange that the dialectics of the debate she now conducted with herself, within her self, trumped the philosophical dialectics she had been taught to memorise.
  11. He then started to hand out hand written orders to each of the team asking each on to memorise their orders before throwing each piece of paper into a burning metal bin.
  12. He laughed because this was what he was going to do himself, memorise every bloody word he read that was relevant to his command, and memorise it word for word, perfectly.
  13. None of them would give me one of their precious maps to take with me, nor would they sell me one, so I had to try and memorise the route, just as Arthur would have done.
  14. The more he knows of the expressive powers of lines and tones, the more easily will he be able to observe the vital things in nature that convey the impression he wishes to memorise.
  15. His father wanted him to obtain the book where that quotation was to be found, and deliver it to his cousins … names his father had made him memorise before he’d boarded the train for Alexandria.

  16. They have higher intellectual capacities than dogs, and the ratio of their brains to their bodyweight is also greater, mainly because wolves have to memorise their entire territory and all their smell patterns.
  17. It was five hours of relentless questioning, which ranged from history to geography (Jess had failed to memorise the locations of all of the daughter libraries, but the weight of that question had crushed three other students) and on to the proper usage of a Codex to conduct advanced research.
  18. I have a heavy load for you to bear, old friend, you are the only one I can trust to hold a sacred oath, if you accept this burden, I will entrust you with the proportions for the final mix, you alone will know this secret, you must memorise the amounts and under no circumstances are you to ever use the formula when the present conflict ends.

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