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    1. Would you be listening to what they are telling you from their perspective on life? Would you be being open minded and accepting that your point of view is just that, it’s your point of view

    2. I don’t want you to explain to them the next time you are having an argument, that they are being defensive, being argumentative and being closed minded

    3. I’m not chemically minded

    4. it was totally the wrong sort of gun, of course, but nobody minded that

    5. The fact he talked Emma into having Barney baptised at the church says it all really – Emma is not what you would call religious minded

    6. have been submitted (ought to be done by the most spiritually minded men in the church) Ch

    7. Not that she really minded

    8. You'd think there was nothing here but blank pages were you a simple minded man or an incompetent fool, but that, of course, is the beauty of it"

    9. The cleaning takes all morning, partly because I keep stopping to drink some water … I’m feeling bloody minded and refuse to take painkillers for the headache I am convinced had its origins in that bottle of wine

    10. minded people, though not alike

    11. Not that she minded, it was nice not eating alone, and there were many extra nleets that she wasn’t really wasting any

    12. himself to smoke only outside; not that he minded what the smell did to his house,

    13. No doubt she wouldn’t have minded, but that possibility seemed remote

    14. But some also are not, because some of us are also career minded, they have something on their mind to do and fulfill just before they'll get married

    15. she really minded going with me

    16. One side of his mind wondered why he minded doing this

    17. Another slave minded two small children, while a richly ornamented woman chatted with a friend

    18. Not that some of the girls would have minded

    19. minded, might have the lousiest dressing sense, but he was a

    20. Think: Heaven exists in the form of simple minded clichés

    21. Not that he minded

    22. His aunt, whose name was Martha McTilden, was not quite the right type of person to raise a young boy, for she was narrow minded, severe, sometimes cruel, and almost always stingy

    23. As to what I should bring to trade he said, “The Chinese are artisans of the highest rank, but they are not, generally speaking, mechanically minded

    24. It could have been as hot as the middle of summer or as cold as a snowy day and I wouldn"t have minded

    25. She really was a good looking woman and just as strong minded she shouted over to the bar

    26. ” Well blow me you could have knocked me down with a feather I hadn’t seen that one coming at all no wonder I had been returned to duty not that I minded it was what I wanted

    27. These particular Dutchmen were so simple minded having no realistic vision other than half baked ideas of another sixties style revolution, for this bunch the drugs had got them first!

    28. Still, I think Hollowcrest is a sneaky old sod, and he wouldn’t have minded having someone like you around

    29. Clever minded individuals are oftentimes captivated by the perception of their (own) inestimable ―Wisdom‖

    30. Although certain forms of behavior or crimes are generally understood, their (underlying) motives or reasons (or Truth) are not always apparent; that is to say, not necessarily evident in themselves although they should be to critically minded individuals

    31. Although tax cuts promote investment, production and (economic) growth, not to mention spending, that fuels all of the above; and while such measures should be vigorously pursued whenever possible, the underlying crisis concerning most (critically minded) Americans is (correctly) understood as Moral rather than Economic; especially among social conservatives, the illegitimate offsprings of an Establishment Party who will not be easily swayed by the prospect of a few additional dollars in their wallets

    32. Such is often the case, however, with a number of ―reform‖ minded individuals or groups harboring a decided agenda or with political or social axes to grind

    33. That a firearm may be used (illegally) by a criminally minded individual in a manner contrary to its intended purpose(s) counts against the potential action of that individual possessing the firearm rather than that individual possessing a firearm or the firearm itself or any other ―potential‖ weapon for that matter

    34. The emergence of a new, (more) independent minded generation of students has triggered a resurgence of traditional teaching methods and course studies in a number of (private) schools and colleges providing reasonable counter-arguments to out-dated designs while encouraging thoughtful (young) minds to correctly think for themselves

    35. Therefore, erstwhile high school students are presently residing on college campuses that were once reserved for scholastically minded individuals who formerly claimed a higher academic standing

    36. As a Roman Catholic, I too am oftentimes offended by gratuitous Christian bashing that has become commonplace in the Motion Picture Industry, for example, and among second rate, dysfunctional ―artists‖, (subsidized at tax-payer expense), whose Christian points of view are intentionally designed to (publicly) offend not only their primary target (Christians) but other religiously minded individuals who take religious matters seriously

    37. Roosevelt, by his single minded dedication to build the canal, shares some of the blame for these deaths

    38. Instead there are two reform minded and peace minded leaders in both the US and USSR

    39. Within the US, opposition ranged from Catholic bishops and libertarian minded conservatives to the Green Party and soldiers refusing to deploy to Iraq

    40. He did so because of his paranoid conspiracy minded nature

    41. If Perot had won, what kind of a presidency would this peculiarly conspiracy minded man have had? His main focus would have been on issues like term limits, campaign finance reform, and the deficit, as that is what he promised while running

    42. He was and remains an enormously polarizing figure, despised by many in his own party, especially libertarian minded conservatives, almost as much as those on the political left and center

    43. Too often those on the left, the center, and even the libertarian minded or pragmatic conservatives have fallen for fear mongering, false absurd claims such as imagining a nation in the Mideast or Latin America can actually be a threat to the US

    44. That does not mean treason the way some conspiracy minded types use the word to mean “things I disagree with

    45. He was just another weak minded fool

    46. “It’s a forest,” said Nicole as she minded her steps through a thick, rustling brush

    47. double minded man is unstable in all his ways

    48. 4 And it came to pass after this, that Joash was minded to repair the house of the

    49. I still find his manner somewhat different from mine and if truth be told, rather off-putting at times, but am trying to look beyond that and be more open minded

    50. I realized he was right, and that I should share it with really serious minded students who are willing to

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