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Minuscule в предложении (на )

1. Our national debt is minuscule compared to yours.
2. Ursempyre felt shocked, minuscule, and unimportant.
3. Whatever fate awaited her at the end of the day was minuscule.
4. The most patient investors, however—who traded a minuscule 0.
5. The trees especially, made everything else look meaningless and minuscule.
6. You said the chance of those three points lying so close together was minuscule.
7. The scavenger was searching for minuscule morsels of dried and moldy breadcrumbs.

8. The money Ash lived off was minuscule, barely above poverty level on most planets.
9. The Lilliputian creature proceeded to reach into her minuscule pocket and pull out.
10. The minuscule coefficient of determination reveals that there is no predictive linear.
11. Besides, their micro construct would have only needed minuscule diet for self-sustenance.
12. We had a minuscule problem with our transport! In any case, we did not want to interrupt.
13. Is that the reason then for his allowing all the license holders to pay a minuscule fine.
14. She stopped and squatted trying to find the minuscule piece of accessory on the floor around her.
15. He will find companies that have multiplied their price 2,000 times from the minuscule low to the majestic high.
16. There was no sense of backwards or forwards, only blankness sprinkled here and there with minuscule red droplets.
17. A tiny, minuscule speck appears in the center of 1 of the 1000’s of suns (those that still remain after the battle).
18. The woman agreed, and when they were ensconced at a minuscule table at the juice bar, Jillian asked about the picketers.
19. Lezura opened her eyes and glimpsed Joey lumbering to his feet with what minuscule strength he had left and his only arm.
20. The stock of this minuscule company had risen nearly 900% since its IPO, hitting a total market capitalization of $15 billion.
21. Insurance for an appliance or high tech toy is another concern but that is minuscule by comparison and optional in most cases.
22. If a trader normally risks $5,000 on a trade, perhaps a foray into a new market would be done in a minuscule size, risking $50 per trade.
23. One of the proposed technologies for brain mapping involves the injection of minuscule nanoprobes that would stick to the membranes of brain cells.
24. The sleeve of her robe was adorned with the outlines of a lucent branch of delicate plum blossoms whose dark centers were a spattering of minuscule droplets.
25. Neither could he tell whether the minuscule understanding of the blue river Johan had spoken of was a terrible contrast to the dark or an unexpected relief from it.
26. What most scientists do all their lives is study some minute, tiny, minuscule part of a large system to try and make improvements on it, usually at a very high cost.
27. The 3,000 plus minuscule words typeset in all directions on his labels tell about it, his “All-OneGod-Faith”, in which he hopes to unite all mankind on “Spaceship Earth”.
28. Evidently these poor souls had so little going on in their lives that a minuscule social event loomed large for them, briefly topping the coming start of league bowling as a topic.
29. Ya, but it worked fine other than that! And the portion of the power we lost to light, sound and heat was minuscule compared to the total that went into the spell! Mark crowed.
30. The gathered officers then dispersed, leaving Yamamoto alone to contemplate the tactical map of the Philippines, on which were marked only four minuscule areas as being in Japanese hands.
31. Although one shilling was a minuscule fine by Saxon standards, the testimony had led them to believe their man would be found in the right, and they swung instantly to their original mood and beyond.
32. She had put into it all the fury of which she was capable, her crudest words, the most wounding, most unjust vilifica-tions, which still seemed minuscule to her in light of the enormity of the offense.
33. You are immortal, within the limits of the power of the curse to accomplish, and there is no real risk to either of you in your testing of my Translocation, as that spell is very minuscule in power compared to the curse.
34. By attempting to trace and understand only one minuscule aspect of our own evolution, it is possible to stand back and appreciate how fantastically creative this entire process of balanced splitting which created us actually was.
35. A bit over one hour later, most of the customers of the boarding house started to retire to their individual, minuscule rooms, to go sleep, since there was very little to do at night in Quetta apart from conversing with others with cups of tea in one’s hand.
36. The year-end valuation of $25 million was given to a company that had lost all but a minuscule remnant of its capital, for which a completely insolvent condition was imminent, and for which the words “enthusiasm” or “hope” would be only bitter sarcasms.

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