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Modelling в предложении (на )

  1. Party of four, Hoity Toity Modelling.
  2. I even invested some of the money in a modelling course.
  3. Good modelling is full of these planes subtly fused together.
  4. She found out that she was expecting me during her modelling tour.
  5. In the same way we considered the Direct Mail method, modelling the.

  6. Nothing is so characteristic of bad modelling as gross roundnesses.
  7. Start monitoring other peoples ads and think about modelling your ad on.
  8. In the same way the character of modelling is found by observing its planes.
  9. So be very sparing with your tone values when modelling the different parts.
  10. I found one and it was not listed in the modelling for potential landing sites.
  11. There are sophisticated mathematical modelling theories about what you should do.
  12. She didn’t say she wouldn’t have but just that she was modelling instead of studying.
  13. Compared with Greek work it lacks that subtle variety in the modelling that gives vitality.
  14. At this time Lilly just got her big break and her face was everywhere for modelling shoots.
  15. A great deal of the modelling in round objects is to be expressed by this variety of handling.

  16. They will therefore partake of the modelling of the sphere and not be the same tone all across.
  17. I had potential, until I found out that I could never make it in the modelling world because my.
  18. Bling grew out of her modelling career and into the far more satisfying role of wife and mother.
  19. The locals had said right from the start that is was a mistake modelling the bar on the Parthenon.
  20. The curving of the lines in shading adds considerably to the force of the relief, and suggests much stronger modelling.
  21. Mines over that and Lilly's would be if the modelling agency didn't make her wear the designer dresses out as publicity stunts.
  22. The consultants provided virtual consulting after teaching the methodology, and facilitated the marathon job modelling session.
  23. And this vitality depends, I think it will be found, on the greater amount of life-giving variety in the surfaces of the modelling.
  24. And this expression is due to the curved lines on which the action of the figure is hung, and the soft undulating forms of its modelling.
  25. He would walk about the village whistling, or doing something with his hands, such as modelling dolls out of clay, or plaiting baskets out of twigs.

  26. She wasn't like Jessica when it came to modelling, she didn't do cheap shoots for 'Nuts' or page three of the 'Sun' but classy shoots WITH clothes on.
  27. But it is at the sacrifice of many beautiful qualities of form, as this roughness of surface does not lend itself readily to any finesse of modelling.
  28. But they love to get some strongly-accented feature, such as a crisply-painted shirt coming against the soft modelling of the neck, to balance the fused edges in the flesh.
  29. In cases where the correction of intricate modelling is desired and where it would be very difficult to alter a part accurately by a deft stroke of the brush, this method is useful to employ.
  30. But while studying the gradations of tone that express form and give the modelling, you should never neglect to keep the mind fixed upon the relation the part you are painting bears to the whole picture.
  31. Will was very open and careless about his personal affairs, but it was among the more exquisite touches in nature's modelling of him that he had a delicate generosity which warned him into reticence here.
  32. When the sequestrations, the excision of wealth from the enemies of the people took place, Amy turned to modelling to be able to maintain the façade of her former lifestyle and the fact of her good spirits.
  33. Greatchen harnessed Sunni into modelling, and finally into small bit porn, and when Marilee protested, she was invited to view the houses and shows, and was berated for being 'out of touch' and 'old fashioned'.
  34. I enjoyed modelling because it’s relaxing, you're not worried about your body not being perfect, and there is the chance of social contact with the students who sometimes invited me to go with them afterwards for a coffee.
  35. He did not only intend to predict events in the future, but guided people in what they should name their children, so that the names would one day fit into the majestic design that would complete the structure, design and modelling within the book.
  36. The rich modelling and swinging lines of the "Bacchus and Ariadne" of Titian in the National Gallery, here reproduced, page 154 [Transcribers Note: Plate XXXIV], would be too gross, were it not for the steadying influence of the horizontal lines in the sky and the vertical lines of the tree-trunks.
  37. Whereas the figure of Death is all square lines and flat crisp planes, the whole hanging on a dramatic right angle; this figure is all subtle fullness both of contour and modelling melting one into the other, the whole hung upon a rich full curve starting at the standing foot of the advancing figure.
  38. It is one of the most difficult things to decide the amount of variety and emphasis allowable for the smaller parts of a picture, so as to bring all in harmony with that oneness of impression that should dominate the whole; how much of your scale of values it is permissible to use for the modelling of each individual part.
  39. How sadly the distinguished painter to whom a misguided administration entrusted the work of modelling the British emblem overlooked this, may be seen any day in Trafalgar Square, the lions there possessing none of the splendour of bronze but looking as if they were modelled in dough, and possessing in consequence none of the vital qualities of the lion.
  40. As a carver in stone blocks out his work in square surfaces, the modelling of a figure or any complex surface that is being studied should be set out in planes of tone, painting in the first instance the larger ones, and then, to these, adding the smaller; when it will be seen that the roundnesses have, with a little fusing of edges here and there, been arrived at.

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