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    modus operandi

    1. It was not the modus operandi of this Countess

    2. With the details of the modus operandi rattling though his mind,

    3. That was the modus operandi of his older and recently deceased brother

    4. Such was his modus operandi that he was actually nicknamed the sleeping prophet!

    5. I expect that once in power, however, the modus operandi will be consolidating power that may (ironically) impede the party‘s ability or willingness, for that matter, to legislate meaningful reforms

    6. All attacks must be treated like a crime for that is how you build up enough intelligence to understand the modus operandi of a particular terrorist

    7. Michael and his team had profiled the suspected modus operandi but at this time had no clue as to what was happening with these prostitutes

    8. The details were a bit sketchy but they had been watching for anyone using his modus operandi in Fortitude Valley and had been staking out the red light area for several days

    9. Are they a legitimate modus operandi? Can they lead you

    10. lets means trump ends as their primary modus operandi, is not to be trusted or emulated

    11. His modus operandi is to go for her eyes, eliciting true anger in me as I think of my child going through life blind

    12. That was unusual given his standard modus operandi and penchant for keeping to a fixed schedule

    13. The modus operandi was unlike anything on record and the police are still

    14. modus operandi has to be followed

    15. mostly big business because I have a great deal of respect for small business people and I hope they don’t turn into criminals as well – has been a great example of a conspiracy because of its modus operandi

    16. Being stuck in a world of staunch atheism, the modus operandi of rejecting an argument before it can be made is all too familiar

    17. Magical events are caused by intending them; or better said, by awaiting them – there’s no step-by-step modus operandi

    18. Can this love only be universally functional in an ideal state? Cannot love dominate, be the modus operandi, without everyone being perfect lovers, or even all loving? Must we all be selfish for capitalism to work? Or all evil for war to exist? No

    19. I’m just wondering if his modus operandi is to hang around pubs and clubs and sweet talk the women into going home with him and then holding them there and over time butchering them

    20. Her modus operandi was a heavy attraction to any man who was new to the scene in Briggs County

    21. mathematics teacher think of your modus operandi

    22. The modus operandi of the spiritual effort is quite different and subtle

    23. Most religions have a ‘spiritual’ modus operandi of personally working through one’s challenges in this world and improving Self through discovering and then acknowledging personal strengths and weaknesses and benignly adjusting and changing as required for self-improvement

    24. As we have discussed, Self’s personality is perhaps Self’s overt modus operandi, as experienced in the Self’s intra-personal and interpersonal relationships

    25. So, today, in the Twenty First Century, many verses need to be read and interpreted carefully with a focused mindset relating to the written genre and cultural context, and often, as a thematic whole, rather than with the mentality of narrow interpretation in a literal, word for word modus operandi

    26. I looked into the Walf"s database and made notes on the procedures listed in the modus operandi

    27. What was Philemon’s motive? He was always trying to ingratiate himself with someone – that was his modus operandi

    28. And I developed a modus operandi to expect surprises

    29. It is used exclusively for pumping out water; but I will not trouble you with an account of the modus operandi, as it would be only a repetition of your own description of the same operation at the Cornwall mines

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