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    moving in

    1. Construction Sand (90%) and DE (10%) mixed together and laid down around the house 3 feet deep and 3 feet out from the house will prevent termites from moving into your house

    2. ‘It’s possible … things are moving in the Sadler case

    3. but here Danton stood, unmoving in the candle glow, staring at his recently departed

    4. "There’s a handful of amorphous transient contacts moving in the debris…

    5. baby moving in her womb

    6. According to the official news wires Marat had been given a hero’s funeral after his murder by the forces of true-blood reaction, but here Danton stood, unmoving in the candle glow, staring at his recently departed co-conspirator’s severed head, which was stuck on a pole of silver metal

    7. A storm was moving into the area

    8. They were moving in slowly and deliberately, heads low, claws high, making the whispered shriek

    9. ‘Mother had a small cottage at the other end of the village originally but when Sanna left I talked her into moving in with me

    10. He also kept moving in such a way as to draw her out of the water, presumably so he could get a good look at the rest of her

    11. It therefore comes as a shock when Jake turns to his father and says, ‘Dad, when will you be moving in with Jo?’ I freeze as he continues

    12. ‘Alastair is moving in with me, Katie

    13. Jo’s cottage is all in darkness – from what Ben said, it looks as though you were right about Alastair moving in

    14. He glances up and gives me a tight smile … what’s been said? He wasn’t at the rehearsal on Wednesday and this is the first time he’s been here since moving in with me

    15. I assure her that I mean it and am left in no doubt as to how she feels about moving in here

    16. Laura is not at all sure what is going on – Jim obviously has not said anything at home – and he explains that it is in celebration of Alastair and I moving in together

    17. At that, she looks a little confused so I explain that we are moving into the larger cottage next door because Anna is moving away

    18. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? And here we are on the verge of moving into the cottage next door

    19. Hours later Rayne noted a sharp crispness to the air, no doubt due to the approaching storm and the wind suddenly picked up considerably; the storm was moving into the area at a fast pace

    20. ‘How exciting!’ she exclaimed, then realising the connection, ‘Of course, Jo and Alastair are moving into your cottage! I hadn’t connected the two

    21. ‘You’re on! So when are you moving in?’

    22. He could well imagine Tdeshi moving in the same circles, but she would have arrived there via a different route

    23. Not thought of it like that before, not only am I moving into a settled relationship but I’m also moving on with my career … this book is a massive undertaking for me

    24. ‘Yes, she’s moving in with me

    25. ‘Hell! You didn’t waste any time! Really? You’re really moving in with him?’

    26. ‘I’m really moving in with him

    27. ‘As for children, I don’t know … it would be the icing on the cake, but it’s not why I’m moving in with you

    28. Sarah, you idiot, you’re moving in with him …

    29. ‘I’m moving in with my boyfriend!’ I said out loud as I start the car

    30. ‘I’m moving in with my boyfriend!’

    31. I know Mum was iffy on the phone, but it was the first she had heard of your existence so you can understand that she was taken unawares by my announcement that you’re moving in

    32. ‘How was your journey?’ I asked, desperately trying to get the conversational ball rolling – what the hell do you say to the parents of the man you are moving in with? I can hardly go into a CV of my history, family background and character

    33. Moving in synchronisation, the line

    34. She tells me that the firm she works for has outgrown its offices and that they’re moving into new ones fairly shortly

    35. I stand and turn towards him, moving into his arms where I belong

    36. She was afraid Luray might be hurt, especially if she thought she was moving into the spot Valla had just vacated

    37. Three weeks after moving into the

    38. He was moving in that direction when he signed off

    39. The story never ends with Aziz because he came back into my life when Pat told me a couple of days later he was reconsidering moving into our house after saying no the first time

    40. Like anything else, moving in the gifts

    41. We must be careful not to judge by appearances when moving in the prophetic

    42. He was about to get in more firing practice when he spotted other shapes moving in the crowd below

    43. so moving into other areas of the city,

    44. They all turned in unison towards the furnace, waiting for the fourth man to step out – but no one came! They tried their best to look into the glare coming from the opening to see what had happened to him, but they could see nothing moving inside

    45. And to their shock the man raised his hands, his lips moving in a quickly spoken chant

    46. The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley

    47. The room was moving in a flow of

    48. After some time Monty realised he could see swirls of blue and yellow energy moving in time to the enchanting music

    49. Then he stopped moving in her and just lay quietly on top of her, his breathing

    50. of a tree moving in the breeze, what you are seeing is a

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