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    1. operator musing on how his job could be more efficient

    2. longing for childhood or the musing on times

    3. He spent a happy hour musing on the vagaries of fortune and on his

    4. Musing over this, she ate her way steadily through the food on her plate

    5. was just musing about the copper and his comical old bike when he

    6. I contented myself with these discoveries for this time, and came back, musing with myself what course I might take to know the virtue and goodness of any of the fruits or plants which I should discover, but could bring it to no conclusion; for, in short, I had made so little observation while I was in the Brazils, that I knew little of the plants in the field; at least, very little that might serve to any purpose now in my distress

    7. Musing had always been good for Nathan, this time it was no exception

    8. Putting down the paper, musing on this subject, one could hear a faint droning in the distance

    9. Instead, he nodded in silent agreement and then said with a careful choice of words as if musing on the matter:

    10. She found her musing turn to lust for all that money, and wondered as to the wisdom of throwing it into the sea

    11. The General had been musing on these recent past events for some time it seemed, because he could hear anxiety and worry in the words that his adjutant repeated in the same staccato manner:

    12. The Pilgrim was offering a reverent gaze to it, seemingly musing about the workings of God in His Land, engrossed in thought and prayer

    13. Musing about the workings of the game I remembered the seed and how pivotal it’s role actually is: the rules of the game clearly state that ‘in the highly improbable case of technical error, the current game ends in a draw and is reseeded to allow the players a fair second chance at winning’

    14. But there was a group that had sought to challenge my witness, the musing continued

    15. 3 My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned; then spoke I with my tongue,

    16. Chloe was quiet for a moment, musing over the spell, nothing came to mind

    17. “As I say, I have not experienced this before,” Gelahn continued as if he were musing to himself

    18. Musing upon them; as a mother, who

    19. Calvin stared past the wall, musing

    20. Bill: I beg to differ with Michael on one point in this lengthy metaphysical musing

    21. He tossed them to the children and returned his silent musing to the river

    22. ' He left her there still musing over his age

    23. It was light enough to see and the musing Indian peered through the moisture laden air searching for the three sentinel palm trees overhanging the landing place

    24. I need to smack it with a hammer," Ed said flatly still musing about this stranger who was more familiar to him than his own brother

    25. At last, he said, “You’re quite a big chap aint you, James?” I shrugged and he continued, as if musing to himself, “Now I wonder what it is that you want with ‘Sonny Boy’ Vern? -Something to his advantage, is it?” I laughed shortly and he said, predictably, “Yeess!” as if meaning precisely the opposite

    26. “Y’know what I’d love?” she continues, keeping the edge out of her voice, as if musing to herself

    27. Still musing over what lay beneath the surface but realizing he had more pressing matters to tend to in the immediate future, he nodded then approached the entrance to the verandah from which he could see the waves crashing aggressively ashore and the lightning bouncing from the choppy surface of the ocean that was almost cloaked by the driving rain and the now thin fog

    28. She touched his face, musing silently

    29. Garcia scratched his face a little, either enjoying the laughter as he appeared to be musing about couch jumping or actually considering the antics

    30. The next question was directed at Garcia, but he was still musing over all the unique gifts each of the members of his band had brought to help create their unique look and sound, and though he had heard the question, he delayed processing it

    31. "What's that?" Asked Shinds musing

    32. “True,” he agreed, musing

    33. He took a sip and leaned into his desk, musing over the situation, his eyes on his First Officer, but not focused until he was ready to speak

    34. “Never thought of that,” Juan said, musing over the music

    35. He returned to his musing about the mysterious sedan

    36. “Yeah, but that could also work for us,” Crusher said, musing

    37. Andrew said nothing, musing over the crow’s words

    38. “What a perceptive child,” the panther said, musing

    39. Musing, Helios sat on Tom’s shoulder

    40. Cam said goodbye and disconnected, musing that whatever happened, he could get used to the idea of going home to her

    41. “What do you think?” Musing to himself, he knew Henri would be devastated at the loss and blame himself for not being here

    42. ” KoK appeared to be musing to himself, so the S3 agent could have the 1102

    43. “It’s incredible how fate works sometimes,” Kathy continued in a musing tone of voice

    44. Musing about her awakening as her mind became clearer, she remembered a dream

    45. But now, because of all this musing he was doing right now, he might remember this particular cat even in ten years time

    46. But it was more recent history that both detectives were musing about in silence

    47. His musing was interrupted by the employee who handed him a print out

    48. These acts of violence had gone beyond bestial; he continued musing to himself

    49. I opened my suitcase again, brought out my pajamas, put them on and lay in bed musing things over

    50. The rest is useless philosophical musing

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