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    nether region

    1. returned to my nether region and I pulled the agitator off in frustration

    2. Ken McCoist and Jock Cascarino, late of Barnstaple parish, formerly and briefly infamous for being run out of Glasgow city's nether regions by the Licensee, gaze out dumbly at a world fundamentally changed, and like dinosaurs grazing in the shadow of the comet, like the Romanov family in a cold country house parlour, they have no understanding of the revolution

    3. blood flow to her nether regions will probably improve the

    4. I screamed as the bath slid across the floor, dragging my exposed nether regions over the rough wooden floorboards, filling it full of splinters

    5. Another set wavered around Grunt's nether regions, where it hesitated for a moment, as though searching for the best place to strike

    6. nether regions, it was all too much, shopping or not, he had to get away from there

    7. over the line of hair on my belly--the same line that lead to my nether regions--I knew I

    8. Squat toilets like ours, and water washing, in Europe they use a bidet, are the most hygienic methods for maintaining cleanliness of your nether regions

    9. think she is a natural blond but as her nether regions are shaved, I can’t tell for

    10. ridiculous in them but they kept his nether regions warm enough, even if he was

    11. ” I shook my head, wishing I had thought of this spell earlier, but it was such a long shot; I stood as much chance of sending all of the recruits to the nether regions as getting rid of Bitsi

    12. In the nether regions of Henry’s mind, he could hear the legs of the chair scraping as Welky kicked it away and then the horrible violent snapping of his neck as the noose caught, ending his pained and tormented life

    13. Schmatzenbladder, of course, couldn’t know what it was that was sniffing at his nether regions, but the effect of that cold nose was immediate

    14. “They contain estrogen, which is a female hormone,” I told her, covering my nether region with my hands in case of a sneak attack

    15. toes, up to her legs, across the two curves of her hips, and stop at her well-covered nether regions

    16. ” As she said this, she glanced down at his nether regions and wiggled her eyebrows menacingly

    17. All he sees is Shelby, sprawled out along the couch, blood painting her nether region and a thick layer slime coating her chest

    18. floor in the nether regions of the convent, on which it is

    19. lower or under: the nether regions of the earth

    20. “NETHER, Located beneath or below; lower or under: the nether regions of the earth

    21. The American Heritage Dictionary says, “NETHER, Located beneath or below; lower or under: the nether regions of the earth

    22. the nether regions of the great spiritual void…and suddenly it all seemed so acutely

    23. At this instant, old Roger Chillingworth thrust himself through the crowd,—or, perhaps, so dark, disturbed, and evil, was his look, he rose up out of some nether region,—to snatch back his victim from what he sought to do! Be that as it might, the old man rushed forward, and caught the minister by the arm

    24. Was he tasting all the forbidden voluptuous Secrets of the East? So I fancied, for he was the sort of Man who would have lov’d to play the Concubine whilst a savage Turk ravish’d him in his Nether Regions

    25. They were just typical “cheesecake” fare—Marilyn striking an uncomfortable-looking pose with her arms extended over and behind her head, her perfect breasts perky and round, her back arched seductively, and her bent legs and hip discreetly covering her nether regions

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