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    1. Half an hour earlier, on the other side of that door, I'd been a foolish romantic nomad wandering over the land, crunching dusty tracks underfoot in tune with the pace of my life

    2. They were shepherds, with a nomad life,

    3. Apart from the mole, with the adventurers boat was tied, there was no trace of the once bustling nomad city

    4. I was beginning to understand the meaning of the word exile and nomad

    5. Jethro would have had a freer life then most, being a nomad

    6. a freer life then most, being a nomad

    7. Sometimes, though scarcely, the nomad stops at a place for a brief interval, only to take a bit of rest, to rest his aching bones, before he sets out again in quest of that illusive truth that does not let him rest, meanwhile entertaining and amusing me

    8. Like I said, this life as a nomad in a wasteland wasn’t too bad

    9. The wall was unusually high; but there were many thieves in Zamboula, and a house on the edge of the desert might have to be defended against a nocturnal nomad raid

    10. the life of a nomad; this is to

    11. “You could say that I have been riding horses since my tender youth as a barbarian nomad 5,000 years ago, Mister Ronash

    12. Mine was as a Semitic nomad woman named Amdira, who was born and died in the Sumerian basin 7,000 years ago

    13. In his mind, the details of Nomad became available in three dimensions, with text

    14. Nomad was an Earth probe that had been in an accident with an alien probe called Tan Ru

    15. Their programs merged, and Nomad went on a killing spree, not too dissimilar from the V’Ger incident

    16. The important detail about Nomad, though, was that it was about a meter in length, and weighed only five hundred kilograms

    17. ’ How did they know about Tan Ru, the alien probe that had had a run in with the Earth probe Nomad?

    18. This is the Nomad

    19. Anna was a nomad with his roots in rural Maharashtra; he often moved from one agitation to another

    20. Nomad economy was as simple as cattle for milk and butter settled in a fertile flat land to feed animals and people among them the maze

    21. Early man was a hunter and a nomad moving to

    22. Like a wandering nomad he travelled on

    23. It was only because of Denver that he stayed, he would have been happy to live as a nomad, wandering alone in a canoe down the rivers and through the forests

    24. From humans who refused to settle down and kept on traveling, while others settled down and became targets for the nomad populations to attack

    25. Many times we’d come upon a little nomad settlement with tents for houses and nothing but a couple animals and open land around them

    26. Many times we’d come upon a little nomad settlement with tents for houses and nothing but a couple animals and open land around them

    27. My house became overwhelmingly claustrophobic at that point, and I craved fresh air the way a desert nomad seeks water

    28. “That’s a grown-up bow,” Gaétan said, “for a nomad woman, that is

    29. And the homeless nomad wandered

    30. Three miles beyond the village the steppe spread out and nothing was visible except the dry, monotonous, sandy, dismal plain covered with the footmarks of cattle, and here and there with tufts of withered grass, with low reeds in the flats, and rare, little-trodden footpaths, and the camps of the nomad Nogay tribe just visible far away

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