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Nox в предложении (на )

You are here at last, Sandra Nox! announced Lady Chimaera in a sonorous voice, her long blond hair slightly waving at the graceful motion of her arms.
We debated going on NOX News, we suspected that they would be anti-Bob, to say the least, but we went ahead and agreed to appear on the Will O’Neil’s Spin Factory.
Not long after, Nox News, and the other networks were breaking in on their broadcast to announce that Bob of Boblovian had been taken into Federal custody along with many other leaders of the Boblovian 222 Revolution in Ozone, Arkansas.
Anyway, I took a break from that long enough to punch up NOX News to see if the tornado from the day before had made it nationally, and that is when I first saw the story on Bob Windowmaker, only they kept referring to him as Bob of Boblovia and telling the story of the revolution and the internet porn thing.

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