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    1. Obelisk: A clear sign of honour and wealth; yet, if it is ancient, you will have to cancel a long-waited trip

    2. The trunk came down inside a walled cemetery with probably twenty tombstones and a large marble obelisk in the middle

    3. He could not know for certain, but though indeed impressive somehow, the obelisk did not seem monumental and awe-inspiring

    4. The shade of the white pristine obelisk was comfortable enough for them to sit down, and perhaps sleep in the still warm sand, using it as a sort of blanket

    5. What was even more refreshing was the water the obelisk produced, a small recess in its base readily appearing as if a lever had been pulled, with an unnerving lack of sound

    6. As they were sitting at the base of the obelisk, their eyes would not leave it alone

    7. True enough, the obelisk had saved them from dehydration and death, and even though food was still unavailable, and their progress seemed to be slower, water was more important

    8. Running towards the obelisk, the Pilgrim left behind

    9. Molo was almost halfway to the obelisk, when the realization struck him: What logic lay there in reaching the obelisk? What reason was there to run and pray, while the Pilgrim made a last stand that felt so vacant and void of meaning?

    10. Standing tall above all else was a stone counterpart of the defronded palms, the obelisk of the great Pharaoh, Ramses II

    11. The obelisk, with its brightly shining apex, and the taller of the other buildings they had previously seen in outline were grouped in the center a short distance from the river

    12. Youssaf suddenly hurried forward to stand by Moshe, exclaiming, “This is a perfect time to be here! This is the magic of every other thing you are going to see! Look at Pharaoh’s obelisk as the sun comes up, even now

    13. The shadow shrank downward slowly, first revealing the tops of the tallest buildings whose polished marble and gray granite surfaces shone only slightly less brightly than the gold and emerald of the obelisk

    14. See what we’re coming up to now? That extra wide set of steps that end where the wide avenue begins? See how it cuts across the esplanade and continues up the rise to the largest of those big buildings, behind where the obelisk stands? That’s Pharaoh’s palace

    15. Finally, almost due south of the City’s center, as marked by the obelisk, still shining, although less radiantly, in the early morning sun, they came upon a path that led down from the road

    16. The early morning sun still reflected off the great obelisk, although less brightly than at sunrise

    17. here! This is the magic of every other thing you are going to see! Look at Pharaoh's obelisk as

    18. As the sun threatened to break over the horizon, the apex of the obelisk suddenly exploded in

    19. obelisk in direct relation to the rising of his heavenly orb

    20. emerald of the obelisk

    21. the rise to the largest of those big buildings, behind where the obelisk stands? That's

    22. Finally, almost due south of the City's center, as marked by the obelisk, still

    23. The early morning sun still reflected off the great obelisk, although less brightly than at

    24. rose a white obelisk like the Washington Monument

    25. as the obelisk was, I couldn’t help thinking of Cleopatra’s Needle on the

    26. case, I knew the obelisk stood for Ma’at, and I had to focus on it

    27. Final y, we reached the obelisk

    28. The white obelisk seemed to cast a

    29. wasn’t the silhouette of the obelisk

    30. shadow, the white obelisk

    31. Seeing her at the obelisk, with that massive shadow coiling toward the

    32. Maybe, standing next to the obelisk of Ma’at, surrounded by the Sea

    33. I considered running back to the white obelisk

    34. I remembered the white obelisk rising from the Sea of Chaos

    35. Homes far off the street shoved to the back of the property line, wrought iron gates, and obelisk mailboxes

    36. Behind her there is an obelisk and a tall statue of what appears to be an angel with wings opened and a trumpet held to its mouth, both sculpted in a rough grey stone

    37. What had apparently been an obelisk, fairly new at that judging by the fresher-looking marble, remained though it had been broken in half by one of the large limbs that had fallen from the tree and was now mostly covered with a thick growth of moss and vines that gave a mysterious impression that something supernatural had not liked the tribute very much

    38. We see the small island, a large flower-festooned cedar pole rising like an obelisk from its center

    39. obelisk which stretched upward as far as the eye could see

    40. whiteness of the imposing obelisk

    41. stopped next to a sixty-foot tall obelisk where the beast was unhitched

    42. obelisk that pulled them off the ground and up towards the top

    43. the hairy four legged beasts walked away from the obelisk with a rope

    44. The cage rose above the deck of the obelisk and the yardarm swung

    45. obelisk was forty feet by forty feet square, about the size of a tennis

    46. obelisk and tossed the spear over the edge to the dismay of the crowd

    47. shot off the obelisk and exploded in midair falling to the ground in a

    48. The broken obelisk remained there as

    49. One thing he wasn’t sure of was if the broken obelisk would have a

    50. explore the symbolism associated with Isis, Osiris, and the golden pillar (pinnacle, obelisk, hence

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