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    1. The floor ran red with the blood and ooze of

    2. I saw the ooze splatter from his eye when Father gouged it out

    3. The partial stump spurted very dark ooze and blood and the creature finally collapsed, twitching even after it fell

    4. Dark stains discoloured the bandages as the gashes continued to ooze blood and puss

    5. She could feel the ooze of his sweat as it trickled from his pores down over her flesh

    6. As some of the aches and pains began to ooze away, all except the one in my knee which was on fire; the words rolled over and over in my head

    7. He stayed sat on his perch unmoving, watching intently as the big animal seemed to ooze its way into the ground

    8. He snatched up the flashlight, gingerly lowered an expensive and glossily shined shoe into the center of a tire track, the least muddy path through the ooze, and began to inch forward along the rut, towards the gaping entrance

    9. Blood started to ooze from his nose and ears

    10. its corpse twitching as globules of thick blood began to ooze from

    11. In addition to his confident and calm look, his blue eyes ooze with warmth and compassion

    12. ” The tip of the sword nicked Simon’s skin and he felt a trickle of blood ooze out

    13. He did not quite cut its head all the way off, but a mass of purple ooze came out and the head was hanging by a flap of skin

    14. I dashed into the shop, knocking over rows of T-shirts, jumping over tables full of glowin-the-dark planets and space ooze

    15. she felt warm vibrations ooze sensation from his hand to hers

    16. The fear seemed to ooze out of that eye and wash

    17. Three had collapsed into the ooze

    18. Ooze what, I thought

    19. ‖ He was beginning to ooze the sticky sweat of solicitude

    20. He started his ascent and as he did so for the first time in a long while he felt the atmosphere of the treetops start to ooze back into his soul

    21. The ooze was found to contain benzene, a known carcinogen

    22. ooze down their throats and into the cavity of their very lungs,

    23. The ooze went through the skin of the hands and into the blood stream producing the mother of all super-migraines

    24. Would it melt its way through his nearly new boots, or would it ooze out through the lace eyelets and burn tiny round holes in the floor? He never found out

    25. The bottom half fell away to the floor, but the top half, with the head and with the fangs still buried in Rennie’s neck, lay against his chest with a green ooze running out of it and down Rennie’s stomach

    26. In reality he saw the crisp hole appear in the visor of the suit, saw the blood began to ooze out, and then came the explosion as the suit self destructed

    27. ing a puddle of the black ooze on the counter

    28. with the information, figuring they were there to follow up on the green ooze that had been dumped on Jimmy’s lawn

    29. Below them, a hundred feet down, reddish orange magma slowly cooled, covering with a black ooze like film

    30. As for the Hindus, don’t they love the continuance of the Indo-Islamic culture, exemplified by the Hindustani music that is resplendent with the Bismillah Khans, Bade Ghulam Ali Khans, Begum Akthars and others? What a void the Indian romantic hearts would have been sans those ghazals, qawwalis and mujras that ooze so much eroticism? Can one ever come across any Hindu youths in the North Indian campuses, who had not by hearted some sher shairie or the other? Don’t the Hindus toast the Abdul Hamids who sacrificed their lives fighting for the country, and the Abdul Kalams who design missiles to deter Pakistan from attacking the Mother India? Needless to say, the Hindu-Muslim amity depends on the Muslim willingness to address the Hindu national concerns and the Hindu understanding of the Muslim religious fears

    31. Junk yards ooze with the rusting corpses of innumerable wheeled “conveniences” a year or two too old for their discerning drivers

    32. He feels the warm ooze of a trickle of blood

    33. trapped between the worlds of fantasy and reality, who could harm but with no real or lasting effect, but between them stood a figure that seemed to ooze darkness itself, a stench of death rose from him and when he spoke it was a voice that was little more than a hiss, “O purest knight,” the sneer was unmistakable, “this is not your quarrel, my desire is the Princess

    34. The blisters, which are contagious, later break, ooze, and crust over before

    35. Whenever that poor man approached his wife, he began to ooze sweat until he fell unconscious

    36. Lytton Strachey wear that kind of petticoat, eminently Victorian even though it be; and although he wouldn't, of course, have direct ocular proof that they did unless he had stood with me yesterday at the bottom of that wall while they on the top held up their skirts, still what one has on underneath does somehow ooze through into one's behaviour

    37. It darted out like a toad from the hiding-place of some private ooze at the bottom of each soul into one face after the other; and there was a certain youth who grew so visibly in guilt, who had so many beads of an obviously guilty perspiration on his forehead, and eyes so guiltily starting from their sockets, that only by a violent effort of self-control could the vicar stop himself from pointing at him and shouting out

    38. before her, who seemed to ooze worldly knowledge was jealous of her

    39. I pulled a stake out of the pocket of my hoodie and stabbed him with it several times, watching silver liquid ooze out

    40. They both had stakes in their hearts with silver ooze streaming from them like a river

    41. The familiar silver ooze came out and he fell to the floor

    42. It was hard to smell anything over the rancid stench of the silver ooze all over the place

    43. unmistakable ooze of blood, and vomited the vile

    44. Blood continued to ooze from his mouth

    45. It reeked of rot, and the impact caused it to ooze out the open mouth onto the table, one final insult for the fate it had endured

    46. She felt her warm blood ooze down from the cut above her ear

    47. She would’ve felt the blood ooze then

    48. This world of fog and stench and shrieking--how could Sweeney and his bunch think this was a portal to anywhere but Hell? The first phantom emerges from the mist, like some kind of primordial ooze, and then slowly becomes that of a man, or the shadow of what once was a man

    49. Their bowels did not ooze out stinking shit

    50. That was me: toxic green ooze

    1. Blood oozed from its quivering jaw

    2. The stone walls oozed

    3. was the steady dripping of water as it oozed down the

    4. The black oozed filled his mouth, turning his laughter into a gurgle

    5. A slab of granite pressing down on her prostrate form, with more rocks added slowly, until the last few drops of blood oozed from her pores… Vines twisted tight around her throat, then released each time light left her eyes… A stake skewered through her body from one end to the other

    6. This apparition was more substantial and oozed evilness

    7. The concrete came slower, and Amaranthe held her breath as it oozed into the pit

    8. Black liquid oozed from one pile of putrefying flesh, running across the floor to collect in a dark pool, busily attended by carrion beetles

    9. Then patches of fur began to fall out, leaving dreadful sores that oozed a clear sticky fluid

    10. The blood that had oozed from a torn ear, long dried now into a crusty dark-brown patch, began to attract the foraging insects

    11. “We have a complaints process,” oozed Oberon smoothly and with a kind of been-here-before imperturbability, an urbanity that Bru badly wanted to wipe off his face

    12. Blood oozed from beneath the blade

    13. Blood oozed from Frank’s finger and he made a careful fist to protect it

    14. He looked to be about fifty-five, and he oozed arrogance

    15. Contrition and sincerity oozed out of every pore and he just didn’t buy it

    16. Round and round he led the males, jabbing at the lifeless carcass, darkening the tips of each stick with the blackening gore that oozed slowly from each new entrance

    17. The beak opened to reveal two rows of needle-sharp teeth, and the stench of rotting meat oozed out

    18. ” Enron gradually oozed off the Main Media

    19. Was this woman, whose vulgarity and consciousness of money oozed out of her at every pore, actually asking him to give her Una--his dear little wistful Una with Cecilia's own dark-blue eyes--the child whom the dying mother had clasped to her heart after the other children had been led weeping from the room

    20. The liquid oozed out and spilled down on her, running between her breasts

    21. 7 Then Cain, the hard hearted, and cruel murderer, took a large stone and struck his brother with it on the head, until his brains oozed out, and he weltered in his blood before him;

    22. birthmark on the crown of her head that oozed for days after her birth like an unhealed wound

    23. A trickle of blood oozed out of the corner of

    24. 7 Then Cain the hard hearted and cruel murderer took a large stone and struck his brother with it on the head until his brains oozed out and he weltered in his blood before him;

    25. It was a natural asphalt and it oozed up

    26. They oozed from

    27. Be it the governor, an ex-governor, a college president, a business tycoon or maybe just old “Pea Vine” who wanted to talk about Roy’s television station, the conversation oozed with first-name familiarity

    28. Blood oozed from his chest where it was riddled

    29. Only Judah still loomed statuelike over his victim, seemingly unable to let go of the sword that he had plunged into the captain whose now lifeless body slowly oozed blood from the mortal wound

    30. For a long moment strung out of time itself, the harsh liquid he had drunk oozed down into his body

    31. he had plunged into the captain whose now lifeless body slowly oozed blood from the mortal

    32. As they watched, the scars and dried blood which had oozed through his skin by force of the pressure Simon had put him under faded almost to nothing

    33. The red-black scabs were cracked, and white pus oozed out from the hurt

    34. His body oozed blood from countless abrasions

    35. A bubble of murky water oozed out of his mouth,

    36. It let out a high-pitched squeal and thick purple grease oozed out the wound

    37. The two began to circle each other seeking any advantage as the blood oozed down the inside of the demon’s legs

    38. Managing to avoid the talons, he struck the demon with several more blows and its black blood oozed out from the cross-hatched cuts of the numerous wounds that now scarred its body

    39. I am owed,” oozed out of his mouth

    40. Boglehob was waiting in the clearing, and stood to lopsided attention as Ma oozed herself out of the tractor and stomped down the wooden ramp

    41. Tobias rubbed his jaw and touched a swollen lip that oozed with

    42. The kiss continued, until a soft moan oozed from

    43. They oozed purple fluid from their injuries

    44. The slimy predators oozed green blood as they fled from the seraph trolls

    45. Peter could not get over the beauty of the mountain; the large palm trees, the giant birds that flew overhead, and the real lava volcano that oozed out green slime gum

    46. Sam chewed and chewed until the slime oozed out of the corners of his mouth; then he knew that it was ready

    47. They splashed in hard and oozed water like

    48. his soles, sores and wounds oozed some more blood,

    49. Quiet and solid, the building oozed a sense of warmth, both in temperature and sensitivity

    50. Red blood oozed from the wound

    1. He claws uselessly at the arms of the beast as bright red blood oozes from her lips and the monster begins to retreat over the side of the balustrade with its prey

    2. “You're standing in the Tudor Conduit Court, this place oozes with history

    3. Decorated in a palette of cream, white, and gold, the hall oozes with Italian styled ornaments and furnishings

    4. Though rigour mortis had set in blood and liquid still oozes out as they lower the body into the black water

    5. A certain respect and admiration for the man oozes out of me,

    6. Blood oozes out from the tiny split in the bump on my forehead

    7. Blood oozes from my arms now where his claws have pierced my flesh

    8. As the weighted wire cuts into the cold block and causes it to melt, in the manner of the skates upon solid ice, the liquid water oozes around the wire and re-freezes above it where there is no added pressure

    9. Whatever monstrosity oozes down from the north, surely Mandurin will be hit

    10. `Flies is provided by nature with a gluey substance which oozes out of their feet for the purpose of enabling them to walk upside down

    11. Pre-come oozes from the tip so I slide my hand up and catch it with my thumb, massaging the moisture in circles across his skin

    12. She regards me shrewdly while Bob oozes impatience with his hangdog, hungry look

    13. It grows as steadily as the rill oozes out of the ground

    1. Her unintelligible words were still ringing in the ionized air, when I first noticed those pools of an odd, whitish liquid oozing all over the place

    2. Berndt smiles at her, satisfaction oozing out of every pore

    3. Needless to say, Dave is oozing satisfaction at the sight of me sitting here – what a pair of loonies we are!

    4. Many of the smaller chunks resisted gravity's pull, oozing to the floor much slower than the larger bits of flesh

    5. Nestled in the foul padding, an eyeless doll stared outward, her silk stuffing oozing down her face like maggots from a corpse's skull

    6. Haven't you learned?" he replied, the words lubricated by the pus oozing from the sores on his lips

    7. With the walls oozing around him, he waited

    8. An unending thick stream of greasy greed was oozing out of his pores like a voracious army of ants marching out from an anthill on a warm summer day near a crowded picnic area

    9. He had information oozing out his ears and nostrils and a bunch of other places too

    10. ) One day when we were having an erudite-type conversation (he much more than I on the oozing stuff), he suddenly took off on a tangent and blurted out, “You do know that we Homo sapiens evolved from ape-like creatures over the course of millions of years, don’t you?”

    11. For example, most of us react with instant alarm to snakes (I do!) and receive a clear, urgent, internal message of “Get-the-heck-out-of here, now!” This is especially true when confronted with the big ones with long, oozing fangs; wiggly, big-forked tongues; and menacing, beady eyes focused in our succulent body

    12. oozing out of her body remained in his mind

    13. The stinking mud oozing into the captives boots, its odour permeating their leather armour, making them feel grimy and dirty

    14. Saldon leapt across the clamouring, oozing slop and past the armed guard who were taken unawares at his speed

    15. Gasping, blood oozing down his cheek, he stamped his foot on the accelerator, leaning forward into the steering wheel as he urged the car to greater speed

    16. Spitting the lump of phlegm onto the floor and turning away, he missed the thin line of blood lacing its way through the spittle that was now oozing its way into the cool soil

    17. Prodding the boar with another determined poke, Slikit tried to wake him, but only managed to cover his snout with some sticky yellow mucus that was oozing from the boar's mouth

    18. My sneakers squelched with every step, oozing little bubbles of water and my jacket dripped water onto the carpet, leaving a trail behind me as Vera manoeuvred me into a bathroom and told me to wait there

    19. A power radiated from it, an almost palpable, physical thing, that drew him closer– as though the moon, trapped inside, was trying to break out, oozing through the rough, grainy surface in bands of bright, cold light

    20. “Oh?” Lisette asked, her tone oozing with disapproval

    21. Only hours before she had been a diminutive beauty in the bathroom hallway, now sat sobbing into her hands, blood oozing from between fingers

    22. ” She stared down at her breasts, oozing them together and lifting with folded arms

    23. The first hatchings would keep the prey alive as long as possible, the anaesthetic oozing from their skins causing selected muscle paralysis

    24. I looked them all in the eye, oozing confidence

    25. Blood could be seen oozing out of her mouth and splatting blood onto the floor

    26. “FOLLOW THE LITTLE WIZARD AGAIN” my mind thundered, and my blood was oozing not flowing, and I stumbled to my feet and Archmagio was next to me, a hand on my shoulder, his face a gray mass

    27. Abdul Aziz was still clutching the half full glass of orange juice as he sat with his entrails oozing onto the floor

    28. She placed her hands weakly on the cut to stop the oozing blood

    29. She let him go striding back to the Glen, oozing delight and complacency, and she walked slowly up the hill home

    30. oozing over the grated paths

    31. dank sewer walls arced around them, their bricks oozing with

    32. flesh protruding from the oozing wound on his gut

    33. The infectious cold numbness, acquired from the place had robbed much of the sting of the pain caused by the fall, but I could still feel blood oozing out from the wounds and gashes on my hands and hind limbs

    34. Both my brothers found it hard to control their blood oozing through their hands soaking their clothes, I had struck deep, nearly into bone, but I hadn’t intended to kill, I was my father’s daughter in the end, and killing my brothers was unfathomable

    35. The exhibit has since traveled to enlighten the world, though in San Francisco some of its elements began oozing liquid, suggesting the possibility of its early demise

    36. Watching the dancing lobster shaking its fanny at you and oozing bubbling butter sauce is funny,’ she says

    37. ” Indeed, he was excited, some pre-cum oozing out the tip

    38. His once broken, oozing skin was "restored and became clean like that of a young boy" (verse 14b)

    39. warmth was oozing up from under the ground

    40. Stared him in the eyes, and it wasn't love she was oozing

    41. oozing pockets that squeeze out of the void and then

    42. I see scattered, small, white, oozing pockets that squeeze out of the void and

    43. I passed little glass bottles of water standing on solitary plinths with £20 price tags, I trotted down art deco style aisles with red neon lights or just white and sterile, like a hospital ward, passing mannequins and models and beautiful sales assistants wearing the latest clothes, looking the best, oozing richness and wealth and good fashion sense and I honestly didn’t give a shit

    44. The animal sank to the earth, stone paws twitching and blood oozing from its flesh

    45. The scribe cried out as Johan fell to his knees, blood oozing from the wound

    46. spear-points had left a trickle of blood still oozing

    47. there, his face oozing red

    48. Still, it screamed and backed off, oozing purple sludge

    49. Better an arrow in the neck and five minutes oozing out his life on a muddy trail than years of lonely descent into senility

    50. The hole had been oozing red, but something ripped inside her and the blood started gushing

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