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Overlay в предложении (на )

  1. The stone overlay on the.
  2. Likewise, when you overlay.
  3. This serves as an overlay to the.
  4. MA can be employed as an overlay to price.
  5. The cross also serves to overlay the two.
  6. MA normally is shown as an overlay to price.
  7. Overlay the panels as shown (a) and flatten out.
  8. My embryo has never been torpid, nothing could overlay it.
  9. The FDA had always been a complex overlay of multiple agendas.
  10. Shamanism, of course, is but one overlay of the experience of.
  11. Then we overlay each of the pages, one by one, over the first page.
  12. However, instead of the wm_type being text, we have set it to overlay.
  13. The SAR overlay consists of a series of dots under each day's candlestick.
  14. Cieled: To overlay something; to panel a wall; to cover a wall on the inside.
  15. This is our regular overlay and we need to keep the relationships peaceable.
  16. When I overlay page two with page thirty-three, additional names can be read.
  17. This then serves as a purposeful overlay to the Doctrine of Two Spirits outline.
  18. It was satin, with a sheer tulle overlay that lent it a sweet, yet mysterious, air.
  19. These showed signs of various ages, suggested by the overlay of subsequent passers-by.
  20. Finally, we overlay the plot with the regression lines for the 10th and 90th percentiles:.
  21. This is not positive overlay, more filling the dissolved spaces with lighter material.
  22. Next, we overlay the VPD with a chart of the S&P 500 index to make an interesting comparison.
  23. Firstly, it moulded exactly to his shape; its HUD overlay was giving him a bewildering array of information.
  24. On a daily chart, overlay a Bollinger Band with a sampling period of 50 days and bands of 2 standard deviations.
  25. Most charting packages will allow you to overlay a parabolic SAR (stop and reverse) indicator on the price chart.
  26. When do you need it by? asked Stephen, holding the wood block against the cheese, examining how the shapes overlay.
  27. Change the option Hide on overlay click, to Disable, and leave the rest of the options by default and click Save Changes.
  28. How will these calendar spread implied volatilities look if we overlay them on Figure 20-18? This is shown in Figure 20-20.
  29. The physical network is still switched, however; the VLANs exist as an overlay to the switching fabric, as shown in Figure 4-21.
  30. I suspect that, for example, when we overlay page sixteen onto page one that we will then see the entire code for those two pages.
  31. One way to observe this relationship is to overlay the two volatilities and compare this to the action in the underlying instrument.
  32. The nude colored Reem Acra showed off her deep summer tan, but the slik draped tulle overlay strapless dress did nothing to hide her fat.
  33. We have also removed the array item, wm_text, which is now not needed (however, you can keep it if you wish, it'll not interfere with the image overlay).
  34. Physicist Gevin Giorbran says, ‘I used to believe that an overlay of worlds, the totally infinite, would be an infinitely dense and infinitely extended three dimensional plane.
  35. It is ironic (and yet fitting) that this overlay of First Mother attributes would be used to blur the shift from the old, Female Spirit consciousness to our new male spirit consciousness.
  36. From there, he had an excellent view of the town and of the actual abbey beyond it, and he’d constructed a perch for himself and the map on which a gridded overlay had been superimposed.
  37. If historical volatility can be expressed as a percentage, and implied volatility can be expressed in the same context, then an overlay of these two charts, based on their daily changes, can tell us something.
  38. He thought that there might be something when the audience dispersed to stretch and buy tea from Osei’s shop, but there was only the usual chatter, and an overlay of excitement, because the performance was going beautifully.
  39. We have added the config array item, wm_overlay_path, and set it to where we have the overlay image stored (in this case, we have placed the overlay image in the same folder as the uploads; of course, you can move it anywhere on your system, but it's here to keep it simple).
  40. As historical volatility measures the actual price movements of the underlying and implied volatility measures investor predictions of price movement based on option values, then an overlay of the two can show the difference between option trader expectations and the actual historical price swings in the market.
  41. Human beings, by nature, are creatures who have the potential to be misinformed, and ‘pumped’ with their own importance, consequently displaying destructive attitudes of pride, ignorance and arrogance, which often overlay and/or are overlaid with negative feelings and thoughts, such as fear, paranoia and revenge.
  42. Cole, in opposition to this, assured me, "that the gentlemen I should be presented to were, by their rank and taste of things, infinitely superior to the being touched with any glare of dress or ornaments, such slick women rather confound and overlay than set off their beauty with; that these veteran voluptuaries knew better than not to hold them in the highest contempt: they with whom the pure native charms alone could pass current, and who would at any time leave a sallow, washy, painted duchess on her own hands, for a ruddy, healthy firm fleshed country maid; and as for my part, that nature had done enough for me, to set me above owing the least favour to art;" concluding withal, that for the instant occasion, there was no dress like an undress.
  43. So, through the dynamics of FCA, the Formo-Creators of the brain engage the rezonational interrelation with the dynamics of FDR of one of Formo-copies that are already activated in your ODS, and, by a vibrational overlay of the waves of their VVU-Configuration, “copy” from its VVU-Configuration all the VVU-Information necessary at a given moment (its specific emotions and SFUURMM-Forms), then they decode it with the help of biochemical reactions in different systems and regions of the brain (owing to which you become able to visually perceive from “the bioscreen” any changes in the outer reality), and, after your reaction is recorded in the general Configuration of the Formo-system of Worlds, they “dump” (“fold”) again, into the VVU-Configuration of the just involved Formo-copy, a slightly reformatted (by them, that is, by “you”!) VVU-Information (the life Experience which you have just gained).
  1. Overlaying all of them was the im-.
  2. This is also modeled by overlaying the cross and four.
  3. You can do this by overlaying the daily EMAs on a 15-minute chart.
  4. Juliana laid out the image of page four and began overlaying the other pages over it.
  5. Like so many accused men, he wore an expression of superficial defiance overlaying fear.
  6. Yes, you intended to eat lunch, but overlaying this surface intent were more important work related issues.
  7. The overlaying of Bollinger Bands onto a price chart is supported by most charting packages and online price charts.
  8. We can more easily see the value of the call by overlaying the parity graph for the call on our probability distribution.
  9. She helps him wash up the dishes, her mind presenting the parallel activity of another world and making her blink at the overlaying of realities.
  10. Overlaying this in the bottom left hand and stretching out past the metallic strip into the watermark was an orangey/yellow impression of the sun.
  11. CodeIgniter can add watermarks with text as detailed in the preceding recipe, but CodeIgniter can also by overlaying a watermark image on top of a base image.
  12. Then they began the process of overlaying the richly embellished illustrations in the hope of deciphering hidden messages that might have been concealed by Raka.
  13. If we were to look at all the meanders as an ensemble, overlaying one on top of the other like a multiple-exposure photograph, the meander randomness would also become apparent.
  14. Alfred preferred a fairly representational universe where you actually had to move your personification to the instruments rather than just overlaying them on your personal space.
  15. Income Trader: So are you suggesting building an investment portfolio of the best and safest stock investments, and then overlaying that with Covered Calls to enhance the returns?
  16. However, the logic supporting the view of the challengers, that the co-equal parts was a later interpretation overlaying the original teachings, and not original doctrine seemed to have not convinced the majority of the clerics who decided the issue.
  17. But overlaying disharmony and bloodshed, Christian churches have, over the past 2000 years connected in a spiritually memorial and practical fashion, Christ, with people living in the past, present and future, whether conscious or a unaware of this connection.
  18. What occasion’d this Coldness towards Infants I cannot say, for e’en Mothers, having borne in Pain, oft’ assented gladly to the Custom, sending their Offspring to well-known Killing Nurses, who had the Reputation of overlaying Babes or starving ’em at Nurse.
  19. Or when Self looks at their existence through Self’s frame of reference, rather than Self internalizing, projecting and overlaying these personally perceived attitudes, values and judgments onto how Self feels and thinks others should be and exist in relation to Self, can Self look without Self’s judgmental, expectant, preconceived mind’s eye.
  20. For if there are some masterful spirits who can stand upon the edge of the precipice, observing—without any recoil—the millions falling in one broad unbroken stream into the fiery surges below, there, "Thick as leaves that strew the brooks In Vallombrosa," to remain in torment forever—I was one of those, the majority of Christian spectators— who find repose for their minds alone in the feminine sleights of forgetting or overlaying the daily remembrance of the terrible fact,—that they live in a world, the certain destiny of whose dense unevangelised population—after every deduction for lunatics, idiots, and children dying in infancy—is of a character to fill the creation with everlasting dismay, and to draw from all ranks of being a shout of congratulation for those on whom the blessing of insanity or the hand of the infanticide fell.
  1. The cover was overlaid with.
  2. It was also overlaid with symbols and.
  3. The inside walls were overlaid with gold.
  4. It’s overlaid with extra protection.
  5. A portable wooden chest overlaid with gold.
  6. Doctrine of Two Spirits overlaid by the cross-ankh.
  7. Judah had overlaid, and gave it to the king of Assyria.
  8. It was overlaid with a tracery of flowers and leaves.
  9. The picture of the slaves flashed in her mind, overlaid.
  10. What was vital was overlaid and hidden by what was irrelevant.
  11. Juliana was deep in thought as she overlaid other pages onto page two.
  12. Also, when the Doctrine of Two Spirits is overlaid by both the cross.
  13. Instead, more hieroglyphics appeared before him as an overlaid display.
  14. When the correct core symbol groups are overlaid atop the Doctrine of Two.
  15. The image moved over and turned until it overlaid Talia, hiding her within it.
  16. It is that I think that we have to look at the pages overlaid on each other.
  17. He had to take his staff to take off the overlaid dirt that had cumulated through.
  18. It gets stored, becoming overlaid with a coping strategy of a reaction or response.
  19. A moment of well-being overlaid the background of dread that had become his constant.
  20. In the purposeful model formed by the Doctrine of Two Spirits, overlaid by the cross-ankh (a.
  21. From these numbers, a best-fit normal distribution has been overlaid on the frequency chart.
  22. When they overlaid pages one and twenty-eight Juliana exclaimed, I see something in Aramaic.
  23. A moment of well-being overlaid the background of dread that had become his constant companion.
  24. In the end, he overlaid huge thick leaves from the innumerable plants available all around them.
  25. As always, the joy of forest, fresh air and freedom was overlaid with the melancholy of transience.
  26. Its rays glanced upon a ring about her finger; it glittered like polished gold overlaid with silver.
  27. Vicious and cruel and impatient, like a frantic child, and the whole structure overlaid with amusement.
  28. Although made of wood, it had been overlaid with gold; certainly appropriate for the most powerful man on earth.
  29. It is easier to study these essential qualities when they are not overlaid by so much knowledge of visual realisation.
  30. Overlaid with silver dish covers, various platters had been neatly positioned on the table cloth, and we sat down to eat.
  31. When the chaos ceased, Torbin had a clear view of space, and overlaid symbols and grids denoting sectors and individual stars.
  32. The cunning blackmailer had digitally cut out the images of the two people, and overlaid them on the background of a similar room.
  33. He overlaid also the house, the beams, the posts, and the walls of it, and the doors of it, with gold; and graved cherubims on the walls.
  34. Gems and crystals glittered here and there, but what caught the eye was that the steps and the pillars themselves were overlaid with gold.
  35. The spectrally elongated stars continued to shift their position, the meaningless overlaid symbols changed, but nothing else seemed to be happening.
  36. His voice was oddly pleasant to the ear, the well-modulated voice of a gentleman, resonant and overlaid with the flat slow drawl of the Charlestonian.
  37. The new masonry of the tower foundations had been covered with straw to insulate the new mortar against winter frost, and now the snow overlaid the straw.
  38. By watching the intraday charts with the daily EMAs overlaid, a trader can really keep an eye on when the cross is taking place and where to place the orders.
  39. Because they become compounded and overlaid so many times, that the conscious self, looses all contact with the inner self, eventually being driven by core fears.
  40. It was both realms overlaid against one another, so that you could tell that they were different, but at the same time, you knew that they were one and the same.
  41. Our R program to construct two overlaid histograms makes use of data frames, selection by variable value [hts$sex==b,], and the options of the hist() function.
  42. Bill’s organisation had provided them with a further vast array of secure network services, which overlaid their own systems, to meet their individual business needs.
  43. The long sleeves were cream colored lace rosettes and the flowing skirt was white silk, overlaid with side panels of mellow red, embroidered with lavish rose-shaped pearls.
  44. Delanichi’s illusion had now broken; his clever spell had created an overlaid image depicting a scene of the magicians leaving, as Ragnor had simultaneously hidden the group from view.
  45. Natasha’s grief began to be overlaid by the impressions of daily life, it ceased to press so painfully on her heart, it gradually faded into the past, and she began to recover physically.
  46. Natásha’s grief began to be overlaid by the impressions of daily life, it ceased to press so painfully on her heart, it gradually faded into the past, and she began to recover physically.
  47. The first time I noticed it, that I noticed this "detail" -when I compared the world map and overlaid it with the initial expansion area, the area of influence of Christianity- I was in shock.
  48. You can see this in a standard map view, in a 3-D view, in a satellite view, or in a hybrid view, where the street names, points of interest, and establishments are overlaid on the satellite view.
  49. If an infinite number of balls were dropped into the maze, the resulting distribution might be approximated by a normal distribution curve such as the one overlaid on the distribution in Figure 6-2.
  50. The manticore gave a sudden snarl—a deep, throaty snarl overlaid with a thin whining sound, like two separate voices sharing the same space, one angry and savage and the other desperate and helpless.
  51. This structure of abstract lines at the basis of a picture will be more or less overlaid with the truths of nature, and all the rich variety of natural forms, according to the requirements of the subject.
  52. His form was not grotesque in a conventional sense: the exoskeleton had a perfect symmetry, a perfectly integrated system of servos overlaid with chrome plating, a design that bespoke maximum efficiency.
  53. His emotion was only revealed by the immense sighs he drew, as he solemnly spread his large Bible on the table and overlaid it with dirty bank-notes from his pocketbook, the produce of the day's transactions.
  54. The whole bank, which is from twenty to forty feet high, is sometimes overlaid with a mass of this kind of foliage, or sandy rupture, for a quarter of a mile on one or both sides, the produce of one spring day.
  55. It was as yet too early in the year for much colour to appear in the gardens and foliage; the so-called spring was but winter overlaid with a thin coat of greenness, and it was of a parcel with his expectations.
  56. His emotion was only revealed by the immense sighs he drew, as he solemnly spread his large Bible on the table, and overlaid it with dirty bank-notes from his pocket-book, the produce of the day’s transactions.
  57. Myserrah, after registering sudden surprise, lapsed into the same hate-filled glare, which was now overlaid with a surliness that befitted his apparent realization of the new reversed position that he found himself in.
  58. Eisenhower got up from his chair at the conference table and, taking a pointer offered by an aide, approached a large map of Korea that was overlaid by a sheet of clear plastic bearing a number of red and blue symbols.
  59. The top of the substrate would have the output conducting surface overlaid by silicon and then doped, and then sprayed with a conducting surface grid that allowed the passage of light in between lines of the top anode.
  60. It will depend on the nature of the artist and on the nature of his theme how far this underlying unity will dominate the expression in his work; and how far it will be overlaid and hidden behind a rich garment of variety.
  61. The board has a decent memory capacity, about thirty gigs’ worth if we’ve found all the chips, so it may have been designed to replay some previously stored data to the processor system, perhaps overlaid over the real data.
  62. The point is… the undead in all of their undead rotten corruption and defective diseased auras: are negative forms of energy, of evil filth overlaid onto the living organic world which is not diseased and not defective and is not evil.
  63. Although the process is simple, what complicates life and reality for most everyone is that the originally associated experience gets overlaid thousands, upon thousands of times whereby the original event can no longer be consciously remembered.
  64. Once again, however, indifference overlaid that feeling, and I remained so entirely absent-minded and supine that, the very moment after I had been examined (a mere formality for me, as it turned out) I was making a dinner appointment with Baron Z.
  65. And because there are so many of these undead filth overlaid in one area of space which living humans cannot perceive: they become a template of negative energy… which the physical world then unnaturally is warped into… gradually… not noticing it is happening.
  66. On top was an elevation of a treeless waterfront, your typical urban minefield, but overlaid with a transparent dream-city: green meadows studded with retail kiosks, mansarded condos with hanging gardens, two beaming office towers, and that stadium she’d seen a model for at New Year’s.
  67. Human beings, by nature, are creatures who have the potential to be misinformed, and ‘pumped’ with their own importance, consequently displaying destructive attitudes of pride, ignorance and arrogance, which often overlay and/or are overlaid with negative feelings and thoughts, such as fear, paranoia and revenge.
  68. Were the same primitive treatment applied to the later work painted in the oil medium as has been used by Botticelli in his tempera picture, the robustness of the curves would have offended and been too gross for the simple formula; whereas overlaid and hidden under such a rich abundance of natural truth as it is in this gorgeous picture, we are too.
  69. That is also why we obsess and revere old, dead artefacts that were once made, created, and used by humans… because the aura-energy emanating from these artefacts have been permanently changed with the overlaid aura-energy of their most recent past into a personal history of its creators-makers-users… and we sense that lost history of these forgotten people and try to resurrect their memory.
  70. At the same time, specific Information of all other files is overlaid on the Configuration of each of the files (copied into “the folder”) that belong to temporal ethereal constituents of different “users”: particular situations, motivations, some characteristics of objects, psychological states of Forms that participate to one extent or another in the process of the Information exchange and experience this moment in their own fashion.
  71. The poorest undead ghoul in Bosnia hiding inside Gabriel Princep’s body, merging with the most spoiled rotten the most powerful ghoul hiding inside in Kaiser Wilhelm’s body: creating an intense persona or overlaid charisma which everyone who comes in close contact with Hitler feels, resulting in the personality cult of Hitler as a demi-god, a superhuman personality… when it is the hidden poison of two opposite undead turds which makes his eyes shine with a baleful glare of intense power and evil.
  72. Not even Edgar Rice Burroughs went this far back into a regressive devolution and dehumanization of life… This Coke commercial has so many overlaid messages of pure death and dying, the macabre celebration of death… this commercial is so anti-Life it is unbelievable… the obvious message of dying and death clumsily painted over by actors pretending to be happy; dancing in a funeral procession: the idea of the happiest moment of your life is not while you are alive, but after you die as they happily march your dead corpse down to the seaside to throw it into the ocean as a useless piece of worthless garbage… this commercial is so unspeakably evil, so negative, so revoltingly disgusting: it is beyond words.
  1. Even the caring poles will have overlays.
  2. We're going to make a few code changes to it to help us with watermark overlays.
  3. Therefore, to alleviate the sub-unconscious self begins a process of positive overlays.
  4. I do get the sense of dishonesty and sneakiness, of something hidden and dark, but there are so many overlays.
  5. So many of the macro overlays you hear today talk about Europe having trouble restructuring its debt and the U.
  6. More often than not, the general feedback is a series of overlays leading to a distorted take of staff motivators.
  7. If it is productive then the human system of dynamics moves on, yet if perceived as destructive, then inner dynamics get to work with a series of productive overlays.
  8. It is our suggestion that Gordon’s fears project into his life and reality because these are unprocessed core fears that have thousands, upon thousands of overlays which are bleeding through into his reality.
  9. Of course initially Tony would only ever connect this ‘good feeling’ to Uncle Fred, though like the overlays in the photo, and with the passage of time, anything and everything that reminds him of the event will inspire him.
  10. People trying to live close enough to benefit from the rich overlays of the silty loam, and sometimes being surprised by higher than usual amounts of water, would of necessity looked for quick escape routes that could take them up and away faster than the water could rise to engulf them.
  11. It says that the film available today is a copy of the original with the deletion of frames, blurring of frames, use of traveling mattes to offset the foreground (limo party) from the background (with possible artistic overlays), and reconstitution through the use of an optical printer to provide a seamless copy with dubious content.
  12. Timing overlays on volatility selling could include simple rules that have been effective in the past—say, do not sell volatility if current implied volatility is well below the normal (past average) implied, recent realized, or predicted volatility, where predicted volatility is based on a GARCH-type model or other forecasting model.
  13. Though this world overlays the natural world, and becomes a part of it,.

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