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    pass around

    1. to pass around your life

    2. Mark let a wave of quiet laughter pass around the room before he continued

    3. “It’ll pass around us

    4. The truck took the I-295 bypass around the city and she kept busy by taking his BP and vitals, his blood pressure was shaky and his heart raced like a trip hammer

    5. I will also pass around to the guards the directive not to salute you when you are in informal civilian clothes

    6. preceding the sermon part, the ushers would pass around collection plates for monetary donations

    7. This proved to be an unsuccessful endeavor, as she couldn’t move very fast on crutches, and there was not enough room in the narrow corridor, for them to pass around her

    8. The story began to pass around that Ol’Zeke was simply paying tribute to his friend and since no other explanation could be found, people believed it

    9. Antonio had then made a pass around his own block to check out the incinerated body 446 KEN MERRELL

    10. He made a quick pass around the kitchen, gathering up a few crumbs left behind

    11. They had used the venom of a rattlesnake to soften the tobacco in the peace pipe that they were going to pass around inside the sweat lodge

    12. around the puddle refuse to let him pass around

    13. Then they began to pass around the dusky, piquant, Arlesian sausages, and lobsters in their dazzling red cuirasses, prawns of large size and brilliant color, the echinus with its prickly outside and dainty morsel within, the clovis, esteemed by the epicures of the South as more than rivalling the exquisite flavor of the oyster,—all the delicacies, in fact, that are cast up by the wash of waters on the sandy beach, and styled by the grateful fishermen "fruits of the sea

    14. They’d invite my aunts and uncles and cousins over on the weekend – I’ve got a ton of relatives in town – and they’d pass around my report card, going on and on about what a good student I was

    15. Coal wives bring pig knuckles and cheese; they pass around Werner’s acceptance letter; the ones who can read, read it aloud to the ones who cannot, and Jutta comes home to a crowded, exhilarated room

    16. They pass around a corner, little velvet cape trailing behind, and are gone

    17. The Mechanics doubled their efforts on the calliope, while Lizzie and I made one more pass around the theater to make sure we had removed every last trace of the Mechanics’ presence

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