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    1. · Oral wills are permitted only in three cases: member of the armed forces in action, a mariner at sea whose ship is going under, and a Muslim

    2. It was under filtered forwarding, only giving Kandhi what Ginger permitted it to

    3. Such things are not permitted

    4. It was his knowledge that made him unable to enjoy this game wasn't it? He cared for Jaseem as a friend but knew he would not understand, even if he was permitted to hear about it

    5. your women keep silence in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are Ch

    6. One of the few occasions I had been permitted to set foot outside the villa and I had been carefully cloaked so as not to reveal anything to anyone watching, I suppose … I’d rebelled at that, argued as only a stroppy teenager can but Wiesse had got his way in the end

    7. The soldier lived well in the city, going out for expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly, spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and even doing a little work for charity when time permitted

    8. The fisherman still caught sea bass when time permitted and he still sold them on, although usually to a higher class of establishment nowadays

    9. The television gardener lived with his lovely wife on his modest but beautifully proportioned estate in the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies permitted

    10. Still, Alan would not be permitted to make much of an investigation

    11. her father if it was permitted for her to meet this young man

    12. I am the only one of my siblings not permitted to

    13. still caught sea bass when time permitted and he still sold them on,

    14. 4) Minors are not permitted to be in the Church nor are they to be members

    15. It is not permitted; my touch could have an effect on you, physically

    16. She was living with her husband after all, and live sex on the beach was not permitted here, while it may have cheering spectators in Kassidor Yakhan

    17. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jameson had secretly observed, when his own training permitted, Titania and Hipolyta as they performed some of their own challenges and tasks

    18. world, and how it was decided what was to be permitted

    19. Inclement weather delays and postponements will be made up at the end of each term, where permitted

    20. The group was permitted to tell its story; haltingly they painted a rich and lively picture of the events surrounding the raid on the farm

    21. And the Phrygian porter -- Nerissa hadn’t learned his name or his offense -- looked like a wraith, because he was permitted only two hours of sleep a night

    22. If the accused is female, for instance, then her kinswomen are permitted to

    23. In countries where interest is permitted, the law in order to prevent the extortion of usury, generally fixes the highest rate which can be taken without incurring a penalty

    24. will be permitted to view them

    25. The importation of live cattle, except from Ireland, is prohibited at all times ; and it is but of late that it was permitted from thence

    26. But though the free importation of them, which was lately permitted only for a limited time, were rendered perpetual, it could have no considerable effect upon the interest of the graziers of Great Britain

    27. The rigour of this law was afterwards softened by several subsequent statutes, which successvely permitted the engrossing of corn when the price of wheat should not exceed 20s

    28. The distress which, in years of scarcity, the strict execution of those laws might have brought upon the people, would probably have been very great ; but, upon such occasions, its execution was generally suspended by temporary statutes, which permitted, for a limited time, the importation of foreign corn

    29. 4, the exportation of corn was permitted whenever the price of wheat did not exceed 40s

    30. Then, seeing that his friend was all wind and thunder, and that the storm was not about to blow itself out, he permitted him to proceed

    31. Sugar was originally an enumerated commodity, which could only be exported to Great Britain; but in 1751, upon a representation of the sugar-planters, its exportation was permitted to all parts of the world

    32. The word “sex” was not permitted in his household

    33. She permitted his movement

    34. She had not permitted him to do it then because she was well aware from past experience that she would be risking his ability to drain his cock for several days

    35. When the pie was all finished, the Owl, as a boon, Was kindly permitted to pocket the spoon:

    36. A year had elapsed since our betrothal, so any date was now permitted for the wedding

    37. “Charging is permitted, but the prices they ask for their meager services is enormous

    38. Mark had barely finished typing when the reply appeared, “Information not permitted

    39. Mark was barely halfway through typing when the reply appeared ‘Information not permitted

    40. ‘Is that not permitted because we are the most advanced race?’ he typed and gave Jirah a thumbs up

    41. There was a momentary pause and then the reply appeared, ‘Information not permitted

    42. ‘I am permitted to give information on the positions, composition and habitat of all the bodies within this galaxy

    43. There was nothing equivalent to the privileges of graduation; and to have attended any of those schools was not necessary, in order to be permitted to practise any particular trade or profession

    44. You will still be permitted to trade with operations on Mars, and to communicate with them, but Jupiter vessels travelling within Martian orbit will be deemed hostile and be treated accordingly

    45. ‘I have limited ability to influence Species 7, but spreading knowledge of the other species and the consequences of failing to prepare is permitted

    46. The first of those remedies is the study of science and philosophy, which the state might render almost universal among all people of middling or more than middling rank and fortune ; not by giving salaries to teachers in order to make them negligent and idle, but by instituting some sort of probation, even in the higher and more difficult sciences, to be undergone by every person before he was permitted to exercise any liberal profession, or before he could be received as a candidate for any honourable office, of trust or profit

    47. firstborn are permitted to wield or wear this metal

    48. Consequently, he permitted all hands to go ashore with their private property

    49. “I want the emperor to live—free of drugs—and be permitted to do the job the people depend on him to do

    50. especially were they fortunate past the lot of children to be permitted

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