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    1. This precept holds true almost one hundred years later: Consider the current administration"s overtures to the Iranian Republic

    2. ” Through this study the Bible is made clear; line upon line, and precept upon precept

    3. Addendum to the above: Although Christ never addressed Abortion, at least not to our knowledge, He specifically stated that ―Thou Shall not Kill,‖ a universal precept that any thoughtful Christian understands by association!

    4. It enjoys the capacity to ―Know Itself‖ which is the highest precept of Wisdom

    5. word of the Lord was to them precept on precept, precept on precept; line on line, line on line; here a little, and there a little; that they

    6. You can help another by precept

    7. 23 This was a central precept of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

    8. Origen believed in the precept of universal salvation, and

    9. Stevenson never accepted the precept of reincarnation, but rather

    10. "This tower" said she "is supported by them according to the precept of the Lord

    11. Moses Thy servant, Thou gavest a precept that

    12. This is a most basic concept, and it is the fundamental precept that was recognized and built into the fabric of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    13. My mission is to teach by example and precept under severe restraint the use of the matchless weapon of Satyāgraha which is a direct corollary of non-violence and truth

    14. On the contrary, the precept of dharma is about trying to limit the limitations of birth and further the possibilities of life, all the while enjoying that engagement

    15. The Master by precept and example taught the value of worshiping the Creator in the midst of the natural surroundings of creation

    16. In 2006, the movie, The End of the Spear, told this story and challenged yet another generation of white missionaries to make the theme, “Go and Preach the Gospel,” the precept they follow as well

    17. “As each member became both student and teacher, the precept of Adopting the Standard of the student’s behavior was incorporated within the Lessons of Choice

    18. At this point, the precept of Adopting the Standard of the student’s behavior was incorporated within the Lessons of Choice

    19. Such claims are turned down after showing the wisdom beyond this divine precept

    20. It seems counter-intuitive, but the precept of this book is that

    21. Hitler's reaction when the crisis occurred in front of Moscow was to adopt Stalin's precept of hanging on doggedly to every position

    22. That grand old Book, which for eighteen centuries has baffled the attacks of unfriendly critics, is not only a storehouse of doctrine, precept, history, poetry, and prophecy

    23. You must recollect, we are all creatures of imitation: precept may teach us, but it is example that draws us

    24. This precept seems especially true in South Africa, where the majority

    25. What an irony, the custom that prescribes alliances between blood relations proscribes sagothra marriages! What’s a gothram, after all? If anything, isn’t it a vague concept at its very best, based as it were on the precept of lineage of all

    26. He gave people a precept of love, this very key to the gateway

    27. But at the same time, this very virtue of definitiveness of Islam precludes any philosophical discourse about life, making it fundamentalist in its precept and practice

    28. Laudable though the Islamic precept is, what motivates the Musalmans to be so moved by it needs our understanding? It is, of course, the Muslim credo that Islam is a body of believers as well as belief, and admittedly, this belief could be sustained only by the collective compulsion of the community to stick to the tenets of its faith

    29. Hence the Upanishadic precept:

    30. 8The guru (noble teacher), teaching not only by precept but by the example of his own life

    31. this precept of mine are liberated from action

    32. render, men who always act in conformity with Krishn’s precept that

    33. followed his precept, free from delusion and with sincere devotion, he

    34. through follow Krishn’s precept

    35. parted this precept to him in regard to the Way of Knowledge: the pre-

    36. The one who sets about thus is versed in the precept of yagya, but he

    37. This precept is found in the Ved, too, and they

    38. Accordingly, it becomes obvious to us that binding up with the Noble Messengers (envoys) then with the righteous men coming after them is right and a requisite precept as long as it be a means serves drawing nearer to Allah

    39. Espronceda follows theHoratian precept of starting his story "in the middle of things

    40. precept ofbeginning the plot in the middle ( in medias res)

    41. When his boy, who was also his youngest child, came of age, he himself, if still alive, would be over ninety--an age for chimney-corners and a stick, rather than for guiding a possibly impetuous young man by precept and example

    42. Grave dislocations had taken place in the joints of his engagements, several with far-reaching results; and all because, he could not help feeling, Ingeborg, in spite of precept and example, did not in her earlier years use her toothbrush with regularity and conscientiousness

    43. precept, a variant phrasing refers to « intoxicants that cloud the mind and cause carelessness, »

    44. valuable precept in moral education than this, as all who have experience know: if we

    45. The word of God hath been to us, precept upon precept, and line upon line; and though we have beheld our natural faces in the glass of it, yet we have gone away, and straitway forgot what manner of men we were

    46. If the legislators hold firm long enough until the simplified Law becomes normalized, so people grudgingly begin to accept its basically fair precept: then you have enough public opinion on your side to resist any special interests who will be certain to keep persistently trying to change that simplified Law so they can enjoy the levels of wealth and corruption they were previously accustomed to

    47. The above outlines (two “tables” of “stone”) are the refinement of the precept from the Dead Sea

    48. their doctrines the precept of men" [Matthew 15:7-9]

    49. he above outlines (two “tables” of “stone”) are the refinement of the precept from the Dead

    50. their doctrines the precept of men" (Matthew 15:7-9)

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