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    1. Shame is predisposed to proper notions of right and wrong whereas the shameless are untroubled by the dictates of Conscience

    2. Therefore, it must necessarily follow that Humankind, at whatever stage of its spiritual development, was already predisposed to its eternal ―meaning‖ although its (ultimate) purpose may not have been critically apparent to most; that is to say, moved by the Word or Holy Spirit, prior to the moment Humankind began giving pause to gods or God in whatever primitive or formal manner

    3. Our perceptions are oftentimes unreliable, predisposed to conditioning and experience that undermines an individual‘s ability to see and think clearly

    4. Although not every citizen, for whatever reason(s), is predisposed to defend his or her nation during a time of war, each should properly support the nation‘s war effort in some (other) manner by lending either moral or financial support to American troops who have selflessly placed themselves in harm‘s way so that others on the home front might live in peace

    5. The snafu of nearly one thousand FBI files accidentally landing in the hands of anyone predisposed to dirty tricks should not have happened

    6. Cromwell was largely responsible for the readmission of the Jews to England, His puritan views, based largely upon the Old Testament, and his tolerant nature predisposed him to regard the Jews with favor

    7. “On the contrary, the whipping Alilia received was an experience she truly dreaded, and she is less inherently predisposed to be sexually aroused by what she endured than most

    8. are predisposed to migraines, the headache they get if they cut out the

    9. ’ The research also implies that some people can be predisposed to religious experience and others are not

    10. Is shyness which mutes his words and preventing him to greet me? Or worse, would his grandparents have predisposed him against me? If the intelligentsia is not reason enough to tempt him to shorten the distance between us, I have to resort to the charms of the Chanel No

    11. preponderance of this disorder among women, who are, 1 suggest, predisposed to it as

    12. Yet was I predisposed to have a poor memory

    13. enthusiastic frenzy so that you’re predisposed to buy whatever it is they’re selling, regardless of

    14. If I predisposed myself to have positive emotions, then maybe I’d need a bigger nudge to slip over to the negative side

    15. certain groups regionally and ethically, were more predisposed to

    16. “Are you certain? Because it is possible the effects of your time as a Melioran have predisposed you to revenge

    17. I find myself wondering which of these in a negotiator’s personality might help effectiveness or might make someone psychologically predisposed to being a good negotiator who would respond well to training and become very good

    18. Although my parents put me in sports and acting classes, I was always more predisposed to read books than to socialize

    19. Therefore, when the spirit stares at God by its vision, it will see His Perfection and there it will adore Him and become fond of Him because it is predisposed on love of perfection

    20. That is because spirit is naturally predisposed on loving beauty and perfection and appreciating the owner of charity

    21. Therefore, when the spirit stares at God with its power of sight, it will see His Perfection and will then adore Him and become fond of Him, because it is predisposed to a love of perfection

    22. That is because the spirit is naturally predisposed toward the love of beauty and perfection and to appreciation of the doer of charity

    23. who have a yeast infection (or are predisposed to such infections), to limit their intake of

    24. predisposed to vaginal Candida infection because they were HIV-positive received either

    25. In its nature, the human spirit is predisposed on appreciating the Perfection, but this appreciation and glorification need an eye for the spirit by which it can see and witness

    26. "predisposed" to having these types of problems, and the vaccines just

    27. All right, maybe I was already predisposed to expect the worst, but his expression was decidedly different from that of the candidates I’d met at Aunt Rachel’s far more modest apartment

    28. However he is predisposed to

    29. within the intertribal union predisposed to a crime

    30. Men can also have tummy tucks when they're genetically predisposed to fat accumulation around their stomach area

    31. These are the hormones that ultimately influence the degree to which these individuals may feel psychologically inclined and predisposed to behave and think in either a feminine or masculine manner and to which gender they may be attracted

    32. "Young lady, going through fire attunement with a personality predisposed towards the water element is not easiest thing in the world

    33. However, most of them are predisposed to neglect job fairs

    34. provokingly predisposed and primed as we were, by all the moving

    35. Wall Street, moreover, is constitutionally predisposed to overdo things

    36. He has practically been blamed for his patient’s mental disturbances, as if there was no chance she might have been genetically predisposed to such problems

    37. Semi-starvation and neglected colds had predisposed most of the pupils to receive infection: forty-five out of the eighty girls lay ill at one time

    38. Being predisposed to pessimism is the same

    39. There was, indeed, so deep a blush over Fanny's face at that moment as might warrant strong suspicion in a predisposed mind

    40. He was perhaps predisposed to mysticism

    41. “I’ve always said she was predisposed to it,” whispered Afanasy Ivanovitch slyly

    42. Perhaps the soil of his susceptible nature was really predisposed to receive a pleasant impression

    43. But since, in the first place, men do not stand still, but incessantly move forward, comprehending the truth more and more, and approaching it with their lives, and, in the second place, all of them, through their age, education, and race, are predisposed to a gradation of men, from those who are most capable to comprehend newly revealed truths in an internal way to those who are least capable to do so, the men who stand nearest to those who have attained the truth in an internal way one after another, at first after long periods of time, and then more and more frequently, pass over to the side of the new truth, and the number of men who recognize the new truth grows larger and larger, and the truth grows all the time more and more comprehensible

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