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Preempt в предложении (на )

1. Here too, he felt, historically, media failed in its role to preempt and.
2. The next day too Sathyam had to contend with a morose Roopa, and during bedtime, as if to preempt his move, she pretended headache.
3. But beyond that—Wickland held up a hand to preempt a question from Higgins who obediently remained silent—there’s another aspect to this.
4. Samantha wanted to keep the conversation on their side of things, not hers, but before she could preempt them, Chester said, Tell us about your family, Samantha.
5. Sensing trouble, Ranga Reddy, who was sitting beside his inebriated friend, thought it fit to preempt the embarrassment in the offing, and announced thereby, ‘I request Dr.
6. The rapid influx of immigrants without providing them (sufficient) time or opportunity to properly assimilate, appears to be a calculated attempt on the part of universal designs to preempt American Culture.
1. Yes, he said, he was worried that he might be preempting the president.
2. Preempting the Ashura, Indra released some rarely seen ball-lightning, which.
3. The P-38 on the right was the first to fire its guns, preempting the enemy pilots by half a second.
1. Nancy however preempted her question.
2. The latter preempted the nurse before she could speak.
3. She however preempted their questions, speaking in a soft voice.
4. He looked ready to take Charlie’s head off, but Charlie preempted him.
5. Bisley’s answer was preempted by yet another report from the radar officer.
6. I had been about to object to Chantry’s plan myself before she had preempted me though.
7. When it came my time to step forward, the President preempted anything I might have said by greeting me with a stinger.
8. As a culture we preempted a night of extortion by threatened vandalism by offering free gifts to any who came requesting.
9. He was however preempted by the appearance of the two visitors, who were climbing the stairs while being led by a gendarme.
10. The meeting which had been preempted by the Fist of God’s attack on Second Pasquale’s had … clarified his relationship with Clyntahn.
11. Vyyn actually preempted most of those questions by taking a few minutes to tell a stunned Beaudouin about her origin and how the MARCO POLO and its escort fleet had found themselves back in the distant past.
12. Then we have another weird neighbor, who printed a beautiful sign in English and tacked it on the door of his cabin, which we have preempted, warning us to destroy none of his belongings, and signing himself Tarzan of the Apes.
13. Or preempted a seat by her at a musicale or claimed her at a dance, and she presented Scarlett, with overdone gallantry, a box of bonbons he had brought her from was usually so amused by his bland impudence that she laughed and overlooked his past misdeeds until the next occurred.

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